The Andy and Mellie / Fitz and Olivia Situation

Liv and Fitz are having a huge argument and Jake is outside the door listening with Secret Service. They are arguing about Jake being compromised because he likes Liv, they are pretend dating, and it could cause Jake to go against Fitz. Liv says she has goals and ambitions but she can’t do anything if she’s known as Fitz’ whore.

14 years ago – flashback with Mellie and Fitz arguing while Andy is listening. Fitz doesn’t understand why Mellie won’t let him touch her, and why she avoids her father.

Carla Steele has a tip about Oxy pill abuse in Fitz’ administration during his time as California governor. Andy takes the blame. He says that he hurt his back and instead of going to a doctor he decided to find his own Oxy pills.

Olivia threatens to revoke Carla’s press pass and her access to the president but Carla insists that she has proof to back up the story.

Liv eliminates Leo as the source of Carla’s story. She calls Jake because she suspects her father is behind it. Jake is hesitant at first but he tells her he’ll find out what her father is up to.

Flashback: Mellie tried to overdoes on Oxy pills but Andy found her in time and forced her to throw up the pills. Now, Andy tells Mellie that he will take the fall because someone needs to protect her, not even her husband.

Liv meets Eli for dinner and tries to get him to confess to the Nichols drug story. He blows her off, and on her way out of the restaurant she sees Quinn spying on her. She tries to convince Quinn to come back to the office but Quinn points a gun at Liv and tells her to go away.

Jake goes to Liv’s apartment and tells her that she can’t ask him questions about classified information, she can’t keep asking him to run errands related to her father, and she needs to stock her fridge with beer and real food.

Harrison and Abby meet with the doctor who provided the drugs 14 years ago. The doctor lets it slip that a woman wanted the drugs, not a man.

Flashback: Andy asks Mellie why she tried to commit suicide and she tells him that she was raped by Fitz’ father and she doesn’t know if Jerry, Jr. is Fitz’ child or Big Jerry’s child.

At the last second Carla’s interview with the doctor gets canceled because it looks like someone paid him to tell this story about the drugs. Liv correctly guesses that Andy was planning to take the fall for Mellie. Liv tells Mellie, “Whatever is going on between you and Andy needs to stop. Trust me, I know how hard it is but we have an election to win.” Mellie says that nothing has ever happened between her and Andy, and she tells Liv, “You and I are NOT the same.”

After a fundraising dinner Mellie and Andy have a moment alone in a room full of the First Lady portraits. He makes a remark about Mellie not liking Olivia, although it appears Fitz likes her very much. Mellie and Andy share a passionate kiss and then she breaks away and leaves the room.

Fitz asks Liv if she has feelings for Jake. She says she doesn’t know. Jake overhears this because he’s watching a live feed of Fitz’ office.
Adnan makes her move

Harrison and Adnan are getting dressed and she has a briefcase full of money that she wants Harrison to take care of. He refuses and then Adnan asks if Liv knows about Clearwater, or does Liv only know about the insider trading?

Harrison calls the Grant campaign and says he would like to make a donation.
James is safe- for now

James freaks out during the entire episode because he’s afraid that Cyrus has learned he is Publius. David suggests sending the NSA tape to the journalist Vanessa Chandler and let her write about it. James sends her the video and now she wants to meet him so she can verify the source. James freaks out and David offers to go in his place.

Charlie was able to copy Vanessa’s SIM card and he shows Cyrus the text from Publius (to Vanessa) with a meeting place and time.

At the fundraising dinner Cyrus tells James that someone is meeting Vanessa to find out who her source is. James tries to call David and warn him, but he’s too late and someone has already found David and stuffed him in the truck of a car. It turns out Abby and Huck saved him!

Charlie is watching Vanessa and he sees that the source never showed up. Cyrus is frustrated.

Adnan introduces herself to Cyrus and tells him she can provide unlimited funds to help the Grant campaign. Then Adnan goes back to her hotel room and tells Mama Pope that everything is okay: “We’re in.”
Howdy, Hollis!

Hollis! He meets with Sally and Leo to discuss a pick for Energy Secretary. Hollis will cut Sally a check if she picks someone who will let Hollis drill in the North Pole. Meanwhile Sally is stricken by her memories of Daniel’s dead body.

Hollis meets with Cyrus and says he’ll be at the donor dinner, and he also asks Cyrus about the Energy secretary position.

Fitz sees Hollis at the dinner and he tells Cyrus the Grant campaign will not take any money from Hollis, and Cyrus needs to send Hollis a refund for whatever he has paid so far.
Some loose ends:
Jake receives a briefcase full of highly classified documents. He has the highest security clearance of any officer. He has briefings on all B6-13 operations worldwide, plus he has a special agent within Secret Service: Tom!

Quinn and Jake have a meeting and he encourages her to go back to Olivia. Quinn shows him pictures of Leo and Eli talking, and she tells him to find her when he needs her again.

Huck keeps bringing Olivia a cup of coffee even though he knows she doesn’t drink coffee. He apologizes for what he did to Quinn and Liv says he went too far. He tells Liv that SHE went too far, because she knows what kind of person he is but she still gave Quinn to him and encouraged him to groom her.



Running time: 2 hours, 18 minutes
Cast: Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner
Director: David O. Russell

It’s easy to understand why American Hustle has received so much praise and Oscar buzz: The main cast shares great chemistry and they deliver strong individual performances. The whole movie is a mix of drama, comedy, madness, and horrific hair don’ts, and it’s fun to watch.

When I first heard about Hustle I assumed it would be a strict drama about ABSCAM, the FBI sting operation from the late 1970s and early 1980s that brought down several public officials. After the opening credits we saw this one title card that read:

“Some of this actually happened.”

I saw that as a warning to not take this movie too seriously, and I’m glad I didn’t. Yes, it’s hard to know what is real and what is fictional, but overall this movie is pretty solid and I enjoyed watching the actors ham it up for the camera.

American Hustle 2013 poster

Picture it.

1978. New York. Irving Rosenfeld (Bale) and Sydney Prosser (Adams) are lovers and con artists, and they are eventually caught by an intense FBI agent named Richie DiMasio (Cooper). Richie enlists the duo to help him take down corrupt public officials, and the do-gooder mayor of Camden, NJ, Carmine Polito (Renner), gets caught up in the fray. And I must mention Irving’s young wife Rosalyn (Lawrence) who is drinker and a stay-at-home mom, and probably needs her own adult supervision.

Louis C.K. makes a hilarious appearance as Richie’s boss, and he’s bewildered at the nonsense that is approved to help the sting operation become a success. An uncredited Robert De Niro appears as a mob boss (what else?).

Lawrence or Cooper?

Together Bale and Adams share the most screen time, but there’s talk about Jennifer Lawrence stealing the movie. She is definitely electrifying in all of her scenes, and she does a great job of playing a young wife who is so sure of herself even when she’s dead wrong. Mixed in with the funny moments are some serious scenes where Rosalyn hurts because her husband keeps a mistress and shuts her out of all areas of his life.

Bradley Cooper in American Hustle

Ultimately I’d give the scene-stealer award to Bradley Cooper’s Richie DiMasio character. He’s lively, energetic, crazed, and a little bit wackier than Rosalyn. The funniest part is that Richie doesn’t realize he’s the dumbest person in the room. He’s working with con artists to take down corrupt officials, and it never occurs to him that a con artist or a corrupt official would lie to him or give him false information.

Some of his stand-out scenes are with his boss Stoddard, played perfectly by comedian Louis C.K. Stoddard knows very well that in the blink of an eye Richie can go from an semi-obedient FBI agent to a disgruntled employee swinging a heavy telephone.

Final thoughts

I can easily see Amy Adams scoring an Academy Award nomination for Best Actress. She is incredibly smart, seductive, and emotional, and Adams takes us on a wild ride as her Sydney adopts different personalities as needed to help protect herself during the sting. Also, her back, legs, and breasts are frequently on display so she’s nice to look at too.

I enjoyed watching these A-list actors completely transform into their characters and the 2 hour running time seemed to fly by. American Hustle will be a good addition to anyone’s movie collection and I also recommend seeing it at the movie theater before it’s run is over.

Let me know what you thought about American Hustle. Did it live up to the hype?


Scandal Season 2, Episode 18 ‘Molly, You in Danger Girl’

Fitz holds a press conference to tell the American public that Osborne was the mole and breached confidential security information.

Huckleberry Quinn arrive at Olivia’s apartment for a monthly sweep. Jake knows about the sweep, so he takes the cameras down before they arrive, and then he puts them back afterwards.

With Osborne dead, Olivia sends Molly and David home.

Cyrus talks to Mellie and Fitz about an upcoming interview. It’ll be their first interview since the assassination attempt and the birth of the baby. Fitz says ‘Cyrus, we’ve been doing this circus act for 20 years, we’ll be fine.”

Cyrus goes home. He’s been spending the past month or so in a hotel room because James doesn’t trust him anymore. Cyrus wants to come back but James says he needs time.

Susan Osborne storms into Olivia’s office. She insists that someone murdered her husband, Graydon, because in the suicide note he called her ‘Susan’. She says he never called her that, and he would call her Susie instead. She thinks someone forced him to write the note. Olivia takes the case.

The team concludes Osborne’s death is too perfect. Olivia talks to the head of Osborne’s security detail, who was with him 24/7. The guy says Osborne was a patriot with a gambling problem, and the guy at the cleaners was his bookie.

Fitz talks to Cyrus and tells him to not give up on James.

The team decides to speak with Molly again. Abby goes to Molly’s home and the place is cleaned out. Huck finds out Molly just received a $100,000 payment, so the real mole paid Molly to frame Osborne. Abby runs to get David since he is no longer safe.

Liv calls Cyrus and tells him Osborne wasn’t the mole. Cyrus is not interested in the news and he still believes it’s Osborne. He thinks Liv is trying to sabotage the White House. Meanwhile, Jake is watching Liv make the phone call and he knows that she doesn’t think Osborne was the mole.

Jake meets with Random Black Guy from last week. RBG tells Jake to take care of it. (kill her? nooo)

Olivia tells her team that the White House doesn’t believe them, so they all need to gather more proof. She tells Huck to trace the money source, and David jumps in and offers to contact his buddies at Homeland Security and have Molly placed on a no-fly list. Huck finds a storage unit connected to the account that paid Molly.

Jake calls Liv and offers to come over and cook for her. He says “I’ll cook for you in that kitchen that you never use.” She laughs and asks how does he know that, and he says ‘Just a hunch.”

On TV, Mellie and Fitz are doing their live interview. They are laughing and faking their way through it. Fitz says he met her at a bar, it was love at first sight, and here they are.

Huck heads to the storage unit and makes Quinn stay in the car. Inside the unit he finds a large empty crate. Someone comes up from behind, hits Huck repeatedly and locks him in the crate.

Liv unexpectedly shows up at Jake’s apartment, and he hide a bag with a gun and duct tape and covers the surveillance cameras on TV before she comes in. It’s date night! He also shuts off her phone when she’s not looking.

Quinn goes to the storage units to look for Huck, but there’s 10 floors and she doesn’t know where to start.

Liv and Jake get naked and have sex!

Molly is being detained at the Dulles airport, and Abby, David, and Harrison go to see her.

Cyrus comes back home and fights with James. Cy says ‘Defiance is who I am.’ and James is upset because he perjured himself and he didn’t have the option to do otherwise. Cy tells him that instead of choosing justice and bringing down the White House, instead James chose love. It seems James is more angry with himself then with Cyrus.

Molly says she didn’t finger Osborne as the mole because she wanted the money. She said if she didn’t do it she would’ve ended up dead.

Fitz and Mellie have a surprisingly calm discussion about their sham of a marriage. Fitz recalls going out to dinner with Big Jerry and a client, and that client happened to bring along Mellie. Mellie came from old money and Big Jerry wanted her to marry Fitz. Fitz said ‘It wasn’t a blind date, it was a merger.’ Mellie says every marriage is based on pretend.

David tells Abby that she must still have feelings for him. Abby says she likes sleeping with him and maaaybe she still has feelings for him. Then he asks why she can’t admit to stealing the Cytron card and ruining his life. He says he can’t forgive someone he can’t trust.

Quinn looks at the security cameras and finds that one camera was turned in a different direction so the person who attacked Huck wouldn’t be seen. Quinn finds the unit and the crate with Huck in it.

Olivia wakes up and heads into Jake’s living room. She hits a button to turn on the TV and instead she finds Jake’s secret surveillance camera wall. She finds out Jake has been watching her! She struggles to get away from him, and when he pushes her to the floor she hits her head and starts bleeding. On the cameras we see a hit man has arrived at Olivia’s apartment. Jake takes her to the hospital.

Fitz calls Cyrus and tells him that he killed Verna. Fitz says “Would she forgive me if she knew?” I assume he’s referring to Liv. Cyrus says there’s some things they have to keep to themselves.

Huck is in the fetal position and shaking. David says this is worse than when Huck was water boarded. Quinn is concerned.

Molly is dead. She was hit by a car.

Quinn shows the security tapes to the rest of the team and they see a guy in a baseball cap enter and leave the storage units empty handed. They suspect he killed Wendy and Molly, and hurt Huck. The guy in the baseball cap is Charlie, who calls Cyrus about some ‘new developments.’

At the hospital, Jake tells Liv to say that she doesn’t know him, and that she was attacked in her apartment and Jake came in and saved her. Then Fitz walks in!! He hugs her. Jake sees this, and he puts the pieces together about Liv and Fitz.




Cyrus has Charlie, his hitman, search Jake’s background. Meanwhile, Fitz wants to know who leaked the hostage information but Jake isn’t offering up any names.

David Rosen goes home and his apartment is trashed. He hides while the person in his apartment walks out. He starts sleeping at Liv’s office.

Quinn and Huck are trailing Osborne. He hasn’t made a drop in a whole week, and they’ve been made. Osborne goes to Liv’s apartment to confront her about being followed. Jake was watching but his feed cut off.

Client of the Week: Hollis Doyle and his ex-wife Debra. Their daughter Maybelle has been kidnapped. They watch a ransom video where Maybelle holds up a sign with banking routing information. Her captors want $20 million, but Hollis won’t pay because he thinks Maybelle is scheming to get millions of dollars from him.

Huck and Quinn are studying the ransom video and Quinn picks up some clues: sun coming in from the west, possibly a warehouse turned residential home, it’s near the Metro, etc.

Mellie is freaking out about Jake Ballard and Cyrus says he’s looking into it but he doesn’t know anything yet. He says, “Like a friend of mine likes to say, ‘It’s handled!'”

Jake watches the exchange between Osborne and Liv that he missed earlier. He sees her hide a notepad, and then she hides a USB drive in a vase.

At Pope Headquarters, Hollis’ assistant arrives with lunch and a package. Inside the package is a severed ear. Hollis keeps eating. He doesn’t believe it belongs to Maybelle until a picture shows up that confirms her ear is gone. He cries and agrees to send the ransom money.

Mellie goes to Fitz’s secretary and has her un-clear his weekend schedule.

Jake calls Olivia to see if she wants to grab lunch. She says no because she’s at work, and he knows it’s safe to break into her apartment. He takes some files from the USB drive that she hid, and then he fixes the signal to the surveillance cameras that he planted in her apartment.

Jake goes to Fitz with information about Osborne being the mole. He says he saw Osborne threaten his source and Fitz believes him.

Cyrus meets Charlie, who tells him how Jake and Fitz know each other. Then Cyrus confronts Fitz in his office. He finds out something happened in Iran when Fitz was still in the Navy. Cyrus makes the point that they both did things that were wrong, but they did it to protect the “republic”. This gets him back into the inner circle and Fitz talks to him about Osborne. Mellie is eavesdropping.

Quinn is listening to Hollis cry and talk about his love for his daughter. Maybelle calls with a location of where to meet, and Olivia, Quinn, and Huck go pick her up and take her to the hospital. Maybelle says her ex-boyfriend Justin kidnapped her and took the money.

Cyrus calls Olivia with plans to meet up for glasses of wine and she declines because she has a date with Jake. She starts thinking about Fitz and decides to cancel the date. When Jake arrives she tells him that she’s not over her ex and she needs time. He kisses her.

Huck starts analyzing the ear and he notices the incision is weird. He said it’s jagged, like she cut her own ear off. Harrison says Justin has been in a Thai jail and could not have kidnapped her.

Maybelle comes clean about faking her kidnapping and cutting off her ear to collect $20 million. Hollis says she can stay with the family and they’ll work out their issues or she can take the money and run. She’d rather have the money and Hollis says he’ll wire it to her.

Huck overhears Quinn leaving a voicemail on her father’s phone. She wants to re-unite with him.

Osborne is very upset because his office and home are being searched. He visits Cyrus and insists he’s not the mole.

Fitz yells at Mellie when he finds out she canceled their children’s visit to the White House. She says the kids didn’t want to come because Fitz has changed and he’s been mean to them. Also, he reeks of liquor. She says it’s not Defiance that he’s truly upset about. She says ‘You found your previous Olivia doesn’t have the secrets of the universe tucked between her magical thighs.’ She tells him that he’s turned into his father, Big Jerry.

Olivia and the team find out Osborne is dead from an apparent suicide (gunshot to the head). Jake and some guy are sitting down on a bench, and the guy compliments Jake for the following: framing Osborne as the mole and making Osborne’s death look like a homicide.



This week’s Scandal: Sara Stanner and Murray Randall

Paparazzi arrive at home of Sara Stanner, who is accused of having an affair 15 years ago with Murray Randall. He’s Fitz’s Supreme Court nominee. Sara’s attorney has brought in Olivia!

Olivia, Abby, and Harrison head to Sara’s house. Sara confesses that everything is true- during the time Randall was her law professor, both were married and they had an affair.

Olivia sets up a press conference for Sara, and she publicly comes clean about the affair. She does this to put the heat on Randall. Cyrus sees the conference and he is livid. Olivia says Sara is her client, not Randall, and if his career tanks that is not her problem.

Cyrus leads a witch hunt against Sara, and Randall confesses the affair to Fitz. Sara almost gets fired from her CEO job for breaching her morality contract, but Harrison fights back and saves it.

Cyrus is celebrating because Randall has enough votes to secure his nomination. Mellie confronts him because she finds out Fitz is having secret, late night meetings.

It’s revealed that Sara and Randall continued their affair two years after it ended. Her husband wonders if he’s the biological father of their daughter, and now her job is in danger again.

Sara is depressed because she has to do a paternity test, and she said the affair wasn’t the biggest mistake. The biggest mistake was letting her husband believe a lie. Olivia knows the feeling, because she let Fitz believe a lie about how he became president.

Abby and Harrison talk. She says people betray others and are betrayed themselves and then they get over it. She says she understands now that Harrison is a gladiator first and a person second. Then she gets an idea to go around Sara’s morality clause. Although she has no evidence against any one on the board of directors, she pretends she does, and threatens to expose them. The board falls for the trap because they have their own indiscretions to hide, and Sara’s job is saved.

Olivia hands the paternity test results to Sara and her husband, but they refuse to read them. The media has now moved onto the hostage situation…

– – – – –

Hostage situation solved…

Olivia’s at Jake’s office. She has to cancel their date, but she asks him about the Kashfari hostage situation. She hands him some information but says ‘Don’t tell anyone it came from me.’

Fitz is having a quiet meeting with Jake, but Jake exits through a side door when Cyrus and Mellie and the baby arrive. Cyrus goes in first and tells Fitz about the Randall scandal, and an annoyed Fitz tells him to fix it. Then Mellie tries to come in, but Fitz takes the baby and closes the door in her face.

Jake meets Olivia about the paperwork she gave him – dossiers on the people who were taken as hostages, which were prepared two weeks before they were taken. He wants to know where she got it, and is it legit. she tells him to trust her. A reporter snaps a picture of the two of them together.

Fitz finds out Olivia is representing Sara and tanking Randall’s career. Randall is losing support and will decline the nomination votes. Fitz calls Olivia and says she ruined him because she didn’t believe in him.

Jake goes to Fitz with intelligence of the hostages’ whereabouts. A team is waiting for his go signal. Mellie sees Jake leave Fitz’ office.

Fitz gives the go-ahead for the raid and the three hostages are found and rescued. Osborne (the mole) is stunned!

Jake sneaks into the home of the photographer who took pictures of him and Olivia earlier. He is masked, beats up the photographer, and deletes the images.

Jake goes to Olivia’s apartment and tells her the hostages are free.

Mellie goes up to Cyrus and says “Fitz isn’t cheating on me, he’s cheating on you.” And she hands him a photograph of Jake.

– – – – –

Huckleberry Quinn & Osborne…

Huck and Quinn are following Osbourne to see if they can determine when he makes his drops as a mole.

Huck teaches Quinn a lesson. She follows Osbourne to a dry cleaners, and someone assists her. She has to give up her shirt so she won’t get made. Huck tells her she always needs to have the right props.

Huck takes Quinn back to the dry cleaners and she picks up Osbourne’s clothing. She finds $20,000 hidden in one of the pockets of his suits. She returns the clothing by pretending that she picked up the wrong clothes by mistake.

The guy who works at the dry cleaners sends a photo of Quinn to Osbourne.



The Dec. 13th episode is titled ‘Blown Away’. Quick note, episode  10 airs on January 10th. At the end of this post you’ll find a promo for that episode! It looks like a doozy.

Here we go!

Hucks tells Harrison that he shot Fitz. Harrison gets panicked and demands that Olivia comes back to the office.

At the office, Huck says Becky called him and she was crying. She asked him to meet her at a hotel room. When he walks in, he sees a remote controlled sniper rifle next to a window. It starts shooting the shots that hit Fitz. Huck dismantled the rifle and brought it to the office. Huck believes someone forced Becky to set him up and now he wants to find her.

President Langston kicked Cyrus out of his office so now he’s working from home. He receives a phone call from James’ mom, and he finds out that James lied when he recently told Cyrus that he was spending a weekend with his parents.

Hollis has a private meeting with President Langston, and he gives her a folder to look at. Hollis is one sneaky, folksy bastard.

Back at the Pope office, the team is trying to get a copy of the security tapes at the hotel. No luck so far. Quinn rolls up on Huck and gets aggressive. She wants to know who is behind her kidnapping and why it happened. He tells her that he didn’t ask questions and he just did what he was told.

Abby calls David for a favor. He hand delivers the security feed from the hotel!

The team looks at the tapes, checks Becky’s bank accounts and investigates the past three months that she’s spent with Huck. All signs point to Becky acting alone to set up Huck.

Huck doesn’t believe it and he storms out of the office to look for Becky. He breaks into her apartment and finds out she’s been studying him. She has surveillance photos, blueprints of the hotel and other spy like stuff.

Langston’s evil ass visits Verna in the hospital. She tells Verna to step down from the Supreme Court or she will tell the media that Verna lied about having terminal cancer so she could get a seat on the bench. Langston promised she would make the last months of Verna’s life a complete hell.

President Langston, Scandal

Langston couldn’t even wait for Verna to put on her wig.

James and Cyrus are having lunch. Cyrus asks James ‘How is your father doing?’ and James brushes him off and walks to the kitchen. Cyrus grabs James’s phone and notices there are multiple calls to and from the same number. Uh oh!

During a briefing Olivia finds out the security tapes show the back of Huck’s head, but it also shows a woman dropping her cell phone and Huck picking it up for her. Now there’s a hunt for the woman and her cell phone. Olivia secretly calls Abby and gives her the information.

Huck is sitting in his car, across the street from a family that he secretly watches. He enjoys looking at their happy home life. He falls asleep but wakes up and realizes Becky is in the backseat and has a gun pointed at his head. She admits to shooting Fitz and she tells him that she did set him up, but if she really wanted to be a bitch she would’ve left evidence that could be traced back to him. She didn’t do that because she likes him. Then she disappears.

Cyrus visits Olivia at her home with a bottle of wine and a suspicion that James is cheating on him. Cyrus has a private investigator looking into the phone number on James’ phone.

Olivia vista Verna and tells her the only thing she can do is step down from the bench. Verna says she’s seen the hotel picture of the guy in a red hoodie, and she thinks it looks like Huck. Olivia plays dumb and Verna says ‘Karma is a funny thing.’ Verna feels everyone involved in the Cytron scandal is getting their just due, one way or another.

I guess being spied on and set up is a huge turnon, because Huck goes to Becky’s home and has sex with her. He tells Becky that he’ll run away with her, because they are the same.

Cyrus meets with his private investigator. He finds out James has been meeting with David Rosen, and David has been recently dumped by a red-head. Cyrus also finds out that James went to Defiance, Ohio.

The FBI has just picked up the woman who dropped her cell phone in the elevator. Yikes!

Olivia meets Huck. He tells her he’s going away with Becky, and Olivia tries to talk him out of it but she’s unsuccessful. Turns out Huck is setting up Becky. He calls Harrison and says Becky will be leaving within an hour, and Harrison needs to go in and plant the gun once she leaves.

Cyrus organized a romantic dinner for him and James. He also tells James that they’re at the front of the adoption line and in one week they’ll have a little girl. James is too excited, and he agrees to quit his job and be a full time daddy.

Becky is late meeting Huck at their usual spying spot. Huck can’t reach her on her cell, and he walks into the house of the family that he spies on. The entire family was shot and killed throughout the house. Huck realizes that Becky knew what he was planning to do.

Olivia runs into Hollis’s shady ass. He admits that he took down Verna as revenge for Olivia and Verna saving Lindsay Dwyer and giving her a new life as Quinn.

James meets with David at a baby store, and reveals that Cyrus knows James is onto something. That’s why he tried to distract James with a baby. James hands David the memory card that he stole from the voting machine in Defiance.

Once again, desperate Abby has snuck into David’s apartment. She slaps him twice, has sex with him and then quietly leaves. Okay…

Verna is desperate also. She tells Langston to choose between her resignation from the bench OR the name of the man in the red hoodie.

Bye, Huck. Keep your head up.

Bye, Huck. Keep your head up.

Back at the office Olivia is attempting to console Huck. The FBI swarms in and arrests Huck under the Patriot Act.


I’m speechless and I can’t wait to see how this season wraps up in its final episodes. It seems everyone involved in the Cytron scandal is turning on each other, and if Olivia isn’t careful she could go down too.

Here’s a sneak peek into the Jan. 10th episode:


(warning, spoilers are below. all photos are from Scandal’s official website:

Episode 6 is titled ‘Spies Like Us’. We learn even more about Huck’s past and the people he used to work with, and with Olivia’s help he fights to keep his identity a secret. Olivia asks Harrison to break Abby and David apart, and Cyrus’ husband James writes an inflammatory newspaper article about Hollis Doyle.

Ready? Let’s go!

The Scandal of the Week surrounds Huck’s past- he used to work as a spy for B6-13, a top secret group funded by the CIA. Crosby, the guy who ran the group, stuck a package addressed to Olivia in a mailbox and then shot himself in the head. Once the package arrives, Olivia opens it and sees a coded sheet of music. Huck cracks the code and realizes he and the other 5 spies are in danger- a hacker named Nigel is threatening to expose them. Olivia knows Nigel doesn’t have the names yet or he would go ahead and release them. She suspects one of the spies is the leak, and she tells Huck to bring all of them into the office.

All of the spies have active, normal lifestyles. They are a teacher, mom, spouse, doctor, etc. but in their core they are still spies, and they quickly determine that there’s a rat in the room. They all pull guns on each other while waiting for someone to confess. Meanwhile, Olivia talks to Nigel’s attorney. He tells her Nigel has transferred money to a Swiss bank account and he’s waiting for the spy to receive the money and send the names.

Huck reveals the bank account number to the spies, and they all remember earlier when the Doctor Spy was on the phone earlier and he gave a ‘prescription number’ which exactly matches the bank account number. Immediately all of the spies turn their guns on the Doctor, and finally the Mom Spy pulls the fatal shot. The spies work together to clean up the crime scene and get rid of the body. Harrison intercepts the package with the spies’ names in it, and once again Olivia and the team have saved the day.

It’s been a long day for Huck, but at least his identity is still protected. Credit: ABC/Vivian Zink.

David and Abby are still going strong at the beginning of the episode and Olivia is still listening to their conversations in David’s apartment. Turns out I was wrong and he really does care for Abby- he offered to clear out a drawer for her to use. Aw!

Harrison confronts Olivia about the weird stuff going on in the office, like Abby dating David Rosen, Quinn’s dual identities and Huck’s spy problem. He says Olivia is trying to tackle too much on her own, and he wants to help. She asks Harrison to break up Abby and David, and she tells him that Abby was physically abused by her ex-husband.

Harrison runs into an ex of David’s, and he pays her to meet with Abby and tell her that David used to abuse her. After the two women meet, Abby finds out that David knows about her past abuse because he did a background check on her. She breaks up with him, and then confesses to Olivia about their relationship.

Harrison is fed up with the weird stuff going on at the office. He tells Olivia that he will help her with whatever she needs. Credit: ABC/Vivian Zink.

James, Cyrus’ husband, writes a mean article about Hollis Doyle, where he basically accuses Doyle of being a liar and a cheat, and everything else except a child of God. Cyrus angrily tells James that he can’t write about a ‘source’ who feeds him information because everyone will think that source is Cyrus.

Hollis Doyle shows up at Cyrus’ office and tells him to silence his ‘wife’. Olivia tells Cyrus that eventually James’ life will be in danger if he keeps snooping around and gathering info on Hollis. Cyrus turns on the fake tears and tells James that the article has put his job in jeopardy. James falls for it, apologizes for almost getting Cyrus fired and promises to stop writing about Doyle. Cyrus breathes a sigh of relief after James leaves the room.

Throughout the episode Senator Davis made repeated attempts to get together with Olivia again. Well, mostly he wants her goodies. Towards the end of the episode he shows up at her apartment and Olivia starts to break down because of her recent actions that required lying, breaking people apart, and spying just to keep secrets intact and to keep people safe. It’s more than she can bear. In a moment of weakness she passionately kisses Davis and he goes into her apartment and closes the door.

In my opinion this episode didn’t measure up to the drama of the previous ones. The Huck situation was very entertaining because it’s always great to see into Huck’s past. I also think it’s sweet to see how much Becky means to him. Even though Olivia and Fitz have separated and Abby and David are broken up, I suspect both couples will try to work it out at some point this season. What do you think?