Yes, this a recap which means – spoilers!

Weston sees Roderick

In Maryland, Ryan and Parker are talking to Roderick about finding Carroll. They are coming up with a ‘game plan.’

Weston is walking around the sheriff’s office and he recognizes Roderick as one of the followers who orchestrated his beating. Weston pulls out a gun but he’s taken down by other officers while Roderick calmly walks out.

Roderick’s real name is Tim Nelson. Parker pulls up his entire history and she figures out Carroll was his advisor in school.

The media arrives and Ryan holds an unauthorized press conference. He says any follower who gives up the Crazy House location while receive full immunity for their crimes. He says it’s first come, first serve.

What’s the game plan, Carroll?

Roderick runs to the Crazy House and tells Carroll the bad news. Roderick thinks Carroll is hiding a plan from him, and he says he’s on the front lines every day protecting the following while Carroll writes a book and pines after an ex-wife who doesn’t want him anymore.

Carroll starts choking him but lets go, and Roderick wonders if Carroll will actually kill him one day. After Carroll and the followers watch Ryan’s press conference, Roderick kidnaps Joey and leaves the Crazy House.

The Followers are too late…

Carroll sends Jacob, Michael, and Ethan to find and KILL Roderick, and bring Joey home safely. Claire begs Jacob to find Joey and keep him far away from the Crazy House.

Weston gets a report that Roderick was seen getting into a waitress’ car. The car gets pulled over and Roderick shoots the two officers. He’s about to kill the waitress but he gets surrounded by the FBI and they take him into custody.

Time for negotiations

Of course Roderick wants to make a deal with Ryan, and he says that he kidnapped Joey Matthews as collateral, so he won’t be killed by Carroll. Ryan uses Roderick’s phone to call Carroll, and Carroll says he’ll personally peel the skin from Roderick’s body if Joey is hurt.

Roderick says he’ll hand over Joey to the FBI if they let him go free. Nick Donovan says ‘hell no’ to that and the FBI will find a different way to find Joey.

Roderick makes good on his part of the deal

Ryan sneaks Roderick out of the FBI office! The deal is Roderick leads Ryan to Joey, and then he can go free. Ryan dumps his weapons and his cell phone behind (as requested by Roderick) before driving away from the facility. Jacob and his crew discreetly follow Ryan’s police car.

Ryan and Roderick go into a house and Ryan pulls Joey out of a closet. Weston was hiding in the trunk the whole time and he calls Nick and Parker and then heads inside just in time to see Roderick pull a gun on Ryan. Roderick is shot and killed, but Weston didn’t pull the trigger…

Emma faces Carroll’s wrath

Emma starts freaking out and asks Carroll about their safety. She tries to snuggle up to him and he reminds her that all they have is sex, and nothing more. He accuses her of being neglectful and allowing Joey out of her eyesight. He slaps her when she talks back.

Ryan to the rescue

Jacob and his crew head closer to the house and eventually they come inside and start fighting with Ryan and Weston. Michael and Ethan are killed while Jacob tries to run off with Joey, but he’s stopped by Ryan. Jacob runs away and leaves Joey behind.

Carroll’s day goes from bad to worse

Emma and Jacob talk. He says they are going to die soon. Claire talks to Carroll and says she’ll stay and she’ll do whatever he wants, under one condition – don’t try to bring Joey back into the Crazy House. She said she will love him again but it will take time. They start to kiss and Claire stabs him in the abdomen before she’s dragged away by some followers.

A drunken and injured Carroll calls Ryan and says that it’s time for Claire to die.

A woman named Melissa arrives at the FBI office. She’s a follower and wants to take Ryan’s deal. Nick attempts to take her to a holding room but she stabs him in the eye with her hair ornament, and then she is shot dead by the surrounding officers.




Claire tries to escape with Joey. She arrives at the locked gate and she’s confronted by Roderick and the rest of the followers. He brings them back inside the house and fits Claire with an ankle monitor.

Mike Weston is back on the job and he’s at the armory with the rest of the team. Weston has a sketch of Roderick.

Parker analyzes some drawings on the walls of the armory. She comes up with ‘Carrollism’ to describe the religion that Carroll is using on his followers.

Carroll calls Ryan and asks ‘What motivates you? Who are you?’ Ryan asks if Carroll is upset that the FBI has found the armory, and Carroll hangs up on him.

1983 flashback – a teenage Ryan sits in the car while his father goes into a convenience store.

FBI finds a connection to Daniel Monroe, a black market arms dealer who’s been on the FBI radar for years due to his involvement with a militia group called Freedom 13. They suspect Carroll reached out to him to develop a heavy militant presence in his following.

Vince tells Carroll that the FBI will find everything they need in the armory, and they can trace the weapons to Daniel and possibly find the Crazy House, which Daniel helped them acquire. On the other hand, Roderick is convinced that the FBI won’t find Daniel or the Crazy House. Carroll decides he’ll kill Daniel, and he’s bringing Vince and Jacob as backup.

Mike is getting restless and snippy with Ryan. He jumps on a lead to Maryland, where a member of Freedom 13 lives. He arrives at the home with Parker and Ryan, and he breaks in and then attacks Bryan Fuller. Ryan continues to look around and he finds Daniel Monroe.

Parker handcuffs Bryan and leaves the room to make a call. Jacob slits Bryan’s throat and then he knocks Parker upside the head when she comes back into the room.

Emma tries to talk Claire about…something. She says Joey was safe in her care. Claire and Emma slap each other and then Claire starts choking Emma. Roderick breaks it up.

At the Fuller house, Ryan and Weston are questioning Daniel in a small room. Ryan leaves to check a noise and he ends up running into Vince and killing him. He goes back to the small room and the door is shut and locked with Carroll and Weston inside. Weston is tied up and Carroll starts hitting him and choking him.

Parker comes to her senses and finds herself tied up. Jacob tells her she’s going to die.

Carroll demands that Ryan repeats the story of how his father died.

1983 flashback – teenage Ryan hears gunshots inside the convenience store. He gets out of the car and sees the gunman, who stares at him and then runs away. Ryan runs into the store and watches his father die. He says a few days later the police found the gunman’s body after he overdosed.

Carroll tells Ryan, “Death motivates me, and it fuels me.” Jacob brings Parker to the small room, throws her at Ryan, and then he quickly runs off with Carroll. Ryan chases them but he can’t catch them.

Carroll is back at the Crazy House and he talks to Claire. She tells him that his shenanigans and his book are things he will have to pay for.

Jacob is watching TV and he sees his face plastered all over TV. He calls his dad to say ‘hello’ but then he hangs up.

Carroll and Emma start making out in the kitchen, and he apologizes for ignoring her.

We find out that Ryan held his father’s killer at gunpoint and forced the man to overdose.

Parker and Ryan meet with the local sherrif, and they tell him that they believe Carroll is in the area. The sheriff is – Roderick!



After a morning run Carroll calls Ryan with taunts about him losing Claire. He tells Ryan that he’s going to enjoy spending time with his reunited family.

Claire arrives at the Crazy House and she’s greeted by Jacob who escorts her to her room. She asks to see Joey but it’s not time yet and she’s locked in her room.

2009 flashback. Molly meets Carroll in prison. She’s an RN and she’s killed a lot of people in the terminal ward. Carroll asks her to follow Ryan Hardy.

Present day. Carroll and Molly are talking. She’s brought him papers and files that documents everything she picked up on Ryan Hardy. They broke up awhile ago but occasionally have sex.

Roderick confronts Carroll about ‘getting started.’ Apparently Joe said once he’s reunited with his family the followers can move forward with their plans but now he wants to delay the movement.

Parker stops by Ryan’s home and tells him that he can’t keep disappearing. She shows him the online recruiting site, and asks Ryan to continue helping the FBI.

FBI track the bandwidth for the site that holds the recruiting video. They are looking for Haley Mercury at a night club. Inside, Parker and Ryan comes across rooms with people tied up, BDSM style. They find a lady who is trying to delete the computer files.

* * * * *

Parker and Ryan talk to Haley and she gives them the scoop on Vince. She promises to deliver Vince if she can avoid a long jail sentence. Haley emails Vince and asks him to stop by. Ryan and Parker find some of his bomb materials.

Vince tells Roderick that he’s going out to make a drop. He tries to pat Roderick on the back and Roderick pulls a gun on him. Vince pulls out his gun and apologizes, then leaves. Roderick starts laughing and then he elbows a follower who is in the room with him.

Jacob brings some fancy clothes for Claire to wear. She tries to escape from her room and he throws her to the ground. He says Carroll has given permission to hurt her if needed.

Emma is still trying to convince Jacob that she loves him. He tells her ‘The Jacob that you love isn’t here.’

* * * * *

Claire is all dressed up and she finally meets with Carroll.

Vince stops by the fetish club to pick up his package and Haley is wearing a wire. She helps him to his car, and he forces her into his car by gunpoint. He says the FBI will be there soon to pick her up. Parker and Ryan fight about whether to take Vince down now, or follow him– they decide to follow him.

* * * * *

Vince takes Haley to an old military armory. He says it’s used to condition people and teach them how to kill. Parker calls SWAT to swoop in and secure the perimeter. Vince has found the wire and starts beating her. Ryan and Parker run inside, and of course they are alone. They find Haley but Vince has fled.

* * * * *

Haley is very upset because she kept saying the rescue word ‘Red’ and the FBI never came to help her. She could’ve died and Parker says ‘But you didn’t.’

SWAT and FBI have arrived at the armory and they have opened one of the cages to free some people. Parker and Ryan warn them to not open any cages because they hold cult members, but it’s too late and some people have been freed. Ryan finds a few of them and shoots them down.

Dinner between Carroll and Claire isn’t going well. She wants to know why he’s bringing her and Joey into this madness, and Carroll says it will take time but she will love him again. He won’t let her see Joey.

* * * * *

Carroll tells Roderick that the FBI have found the training camp in New York. He suspects Vince, but Roderick says Vince was just making a drop. Carroll punches Roderick in the nose and tells him that he will no longer have the authority to make decisions.

Carroll allows Joey to see Claire. She is overjoyed. Meanwhile he watches a video of Ryan and Molly having breakup sex.

Ryan goes home and finds Molly in the kitchen. She sees that he is stressed and she consoles him.

2009 flashback. Molly tells Carroll that when it’s time to kill Ryan she wants to be the person to do it.