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Huck gets into elevator right before it closes. He tells Hollis that a hitman has been hired to kill him. If Hollis keeps his mouth shut, Huck will protect him. But, if he talks then Huck will allow the hitman to do his job.

Fitz and Mellie are showing their new baby to the media. They laugh and smile in front of the camera, and Fitz wants to name the baby ‘Wallace’ but Mellie says no. When the cameras leave, Mellie says she will fight the divorce. Fitz gets in her face and says ‘Do not get in my way.’ YIKES!

Liv is furious with Cyrus because he hired someone to kill Hollis. Cyrus apologizes and says he let his power get to his head. Fitz walks in, and Cyrus leaves. Liv and Fitz kiss, and he asks her to wait until the divorce is finalized. She says she’ll try.

Liv goes to see Verna in the hospital, and she gives an update on the Hollis situation. She says that Hollis did not pay Becky to shoot Fitz, and Verna asks ‘Then who paid her?’ Liv says ‘You did.’ Then there’s flashbacks of Verna and Becky exchanging a phone and discussing the shooting. Also, Verna saw one of the make out sessions between Liv and Fitz.

Verna calls David Rosen, but he gets blocked at the hospital when he tries to see her. Turns out Fitz has arrived to see her.

Liv gets her team to find out what David Rosen knows. They also listen to conversations that were recorded at David’s home via a bobble head that Huck planted in David’s apartment.

Verna dies from cancer!

Mellie talks to Cyrus, says she will bury Fitz and leave him penniless, and then she’ll run for office.

The team finds out the David knows about the voting machines being rigged. James, Cyrus’ husband, is subpoenaed, and he confronts Cyrus about it. Either Cyrus or James will go to jail.

Cyrus gives a stirring dialogue about why he rigged the election. His ambition is to be president, but he sleeps with men and he knows he will never be elected. He says Chief of Staff is the highest he can ever go, and when he saw the election slipping away from Fitz he decided to take action.

James is upset, and he simply tells Cyrus ‘I have to do what needs to be done.’

Abby confronts Liv, and asks her if she paid a woman to say David hit her. Liv says ‘yes’ and she reveals that Harrison set it up. Abby confronts Harrison and he told her that her relationship with David was a problem, and as gladiators they are required to fix problems. He tells her there is no room for emotion because they owe Liv and she needs them. Harrison says they need the Cytron chip, which David has.

Liv talks to Cyrus, and tells him that David has the rigging software. He says James is on his way to see a grand jury. Liv feels she has run out of time, but Cyrus says he hasn’t played his last card yet. He calls his hit man and says he has a job for him.

Abby immediately runs to David’s home and starts kissing on him. He leaves for work and she looks around his apartment.

Quinn tells Huck that she has $5,000 and she wants him to kill Hollis. She is still upset that Hollis helped ruin her life. Huck says if he does it, she has to leave Pope & Associates and live as Lindsay Dwyer. Otherwise, she can remain Quinn Perkins and move on with her life.

Turns out Cyrus hired a hit man to kill James, but at the last possible second Cyrus calls off the hit. Then he calls Liv and says ‘Now it’s over.’

James testifies and says that he did go to Defiance, Ohio but he didn’t find any evidence of election rigging on voting machines. David goes OFF in court.

Abby goes back to the office and she’s trailed by David. He accuses her of stealing the Cytron card, ruining his career, and lying about loving him. She denies it all and he breaks up with her and leaves. Abby pulls the Cytron card out of her shirt and gives it to Liv.

Edison knocks on Liv’s door! Usually he just walks right in. He asks her if she needs a ride to Verna’s funeral, and she returns the engagement ring. She tells Edison that she wants painful, complicated love (referring to Fitz) and Edison tells her that love isn’t supposed to hurt.


Liv arrives at the funeral and speaks to Fitz. He says he changed his mind, and she shouldn’t wait for him. She’s good to screw, but not good to marry, and he’s disappointed with her role in the election rigging.

How the hell does he know about it?


Verna, on her deathbed, told Fitz that she hired someone to assassinate him. She also reveals the voting machine cover-up. This conversation is shown throughout the eulogy that Fitz delivers.

She says she’ll confess. Fitz tells her that he will make sure her legacy remains intact, and his legacy will be untarnished as well. He holds down her hands and then removes her oxygen mask. She dies. Damn!

After the funeral, Fitz and Mellie reunite.

Episode 14 promo:



The Dec. 13th episode is titled ‘Blown Away’. Quick note, episode  10 airs on January 10th. At the end of this post you’ll find a promo for that episode! It looks like a doozy.

Here we go!

Hucks tells Harrison that he shot Fitz. Harrison gets panicked and demands that Olivia comes back to the office.

At the office, Huck says Becky called him and she was crying. She asked him to meet her at a hotel room. When he walks in, he sees a remote controlled sniper rifle next to a window. It starts shooting the shots that hit Fitz. Huck dismantled the rifle and brought it to the office. Huck believes someone forced Becky to set him up and now he wants to find her.

President Langston kicked Cyrus out of his office so now he’s working from home. He receives a phone call from James’ mom, and he finds out that James lied when he recently told Cyrus that he was spending a weekend with his parents.

Hollis has a private meeting with President Langston, and he gives her a folder to look at. Hollis is one sneaky, folksy bastard.

Back at the Pope office, the team is trying to get a copy of the security tapes at the hotel. No luck so far. Quinn rolls up on Huck and gets aggressive. She wants to know who is behind her kidnapping and why it happened. He tells her that he didn’t ask questions and he just did what he was told.

Abby calls David for a favor. He hand delivers the security feed from the hotel!

The team looks at the tapes, checks Becky’s bank accounts and investigates the past three months that she’s spent with Huck. All signs point to Becky acting alone to set up Huck.

Huck doesn’t believe it and he storms out of the office to look for Becky. He breaks into her apartment and finds out she’s been studying him. She has surveillance photos, blueprints of the hotel and other spy like stuff.

Langston’s evil ass visits Verna in the hospital. She tells Verna to step down from the Supreme Court or she will tell the media that Verna lied about having terminal cancer so she could get a seat on the bench. Langston promised she would make the last months of Verna’s life a complete hell.

President Langston, Scandal

Langston couldn’t even wait for Verna to put on her wig.

James and Cyrus are having lunch. Cyrus asks James ‘How is your father doing?’ and James brushes him off and walks to the kitchen. Cyrus grabs James’s phone and notices there are multiple calls to and from the same number. Uh oh!

During a briefing Olivia finds out the security tapes show the back of Huck’s head, but it also shows a woman dropping her cell phone and Huck picking it up for her. Now there’s a hunt for the woman and her cell phone. Olivia secretly calls Abby and gives her the information.

Huck is sitting in his car, across the street from a family that he secretly watches. He enjoys looking at their happy home life. He falls asleep but wakes up and realizes Becky is in the backseat and has a gun pointed at his head. She admits to shooting Fitz and she tells him that she did set him up, but if she really wanted to be a bitch she would’ve left evidence that could be traced back to him. She didn’t do that because she likes him. Then she disappears.

Cyrus visits Olivia at her home with a bottle of wine and a suspicion that James is cheating on him. Cyrus has a private investigator looking into the phone number on James’ phone.

Olivia vista Verna and tells her the only thing she can do is step down from the bench. Verna says she’s seen the hotel picture of the guy in a red hoodie, and she thinks it looks like Huck. Olivia plays dumb and Verna says ‘Karma is a funny thing.’ Verna feels everyone involved in the Cytron scandal is getting their just due, one way or another.

I guess being spied on and set up is a huge turnon, because Huck goes to Becky’s home and has sex with her. He tells Becky that he’ll run away with her, because they are the same.

Cyrus meets with his private investigator. He finds out James has been meeting with David Rosen, and David has been recently dumped by a red-head. Cyrus also finds out that James went to Defiance, Ohio.

The FBI has just picked up the woman who dropped her cell phone in the elevator. Yikes!

Olivia meets Huck. He tells her he’s going away with Becky, and Olivia tries to talk him out of it but she’s unsuccessful. Turns out Huck is setting up Becky. He calls Harrison and says Becky will be leaving within an hour, and Harrison needs to go in and plant the gun once she leaves.

Cyrus organized a romantic dinner for him and James. He also tells James that they’re at the front of the adoption line and in one week they’ll have a little girl. James is too excited, and he agrees to quit his job and be a full time daddy.

Becky is late meeting Huck at their usual spying spot. Huck can’t reach her on her cell, and he walks into the house of the family that he spies on. The entire family was shot and killed throughout the house. Huck realizes that Becky knew what he was planning to do.

Olivia runs into Hollis’s shady ass. He admits that he took down Verna as revenge for Olivia and Verna saving Lindsay Dwyer and giving her a new life as Quinn.

James meets with David at a baby store, and reveals that Cyrus knows James is onto something. That’s why he tried to distract James with a baby. James hands David the memory card that he stole from the voting machine in Defiance.

Once again, desperate Abby has snuck into David’s apartment. She slaps him twice, has sex with him and then quietly leaves. Okay…

Verna is desperate also. She tells Langston to choose between her resignation from the bench OR the name of the man in the red hoodie.

Bye, Huck. Keep your head up.

Bye, Huck. Keep your head up.

Back at the office Olivia is attempting to console Huck. The FBI swarms in and arrests Huck under the Patriot Act.


I’m speechless and I can’t wait to see how this season wraps up in its final episodes. It seems everyone involved in the Cytron scandal is turning on each other, and if Olivia isn’t careful she could go down too.

Here’s a sneak peek into the Jan. 10th episode:


(warning, spoilers are below. all photos are from Scandal’s official website:

Episode 6 is titled ‘Spies Like Us’. We learn even more about Huck’s past and the people he used to work with, and with Olivia’s help he fights to keep his identity a secret. Olivia asks Harrison to break Abby and David apart, and Cyrus’ husband James writes an inflammatory newspaper article about Hollis Doyle.

Ready? Let’s go!

The Scandal of the Week surrounds Huck’s past- he used to work as a spy for B6-13, a top secret group funded by the CIA. Crosby, the guy who ran the group, stuck a package addressed to Olivia in a mailbox and then shot himself in the head. Once the package arrives, Olivia opens it and sees a coded sheet of music. Huck cracks the code and realizes he and the other 5 spies are in danger- a hacker named Nigel is threatening to expose them. Olivia knows Nigel doesn’t have the names yet or he would go ahead and release them. She suspects one of the spies is the leak, and she tells Huck to bring all of them into the office.

All of the spies have active, normal lifestyles. They are a teacher, mom, spouse, doctor, etc. but in their core they are still spies, and they quickly determine that there’s a rat in the room. They all pull guns on each other while waiting for someone to confess. Meanwhile, Olivia talks to Nigel’s attorney. He tells her Nigel has transferred money to a Swiss bank account and he’s waiting for the spy to receive the money and send the names.

Huck reveals the bank account number to the spies, and they all remember earlier when the Doctor Spy was on the phone earlier and he gave a ‘prescription number’ which exactly matches the bank account number. Immediately all of the spies turn their guns on the Doctor, and finally the Mom Spy pulls the fatal shot. The spies work together to clean up the crime scene and get rid of the body. Harrison intercepts the package with the spies’ names in it, and once again Olivia and the team have saved the day.

It’s been a long day for Huck, but at least his identity is still protected. Credit: ABC/Vivian Zink.

David and Abby are still going strong at the beginning of the episode and Olivia is still listening to their conversations in David’s apartment. Turns out I was wrong and he really does care for Abby- he offered to clear out a drawer for her to use. Aw!

Harrison confronts Olivia about the weird stuff going on in the office, like Abby dating David Rosen, Quinn’s dual identities and Huck’s spy problem. He says Olivia is trying to tackle too much on her own, and he wants to help. She asks Harrison to break up Abby and David, and she tells him that Abby was physically abused by her ex-husband.

Harrison runs into an ex of David’s, and he pays her to meet with Abby and tell her that David used to abuse her. After the two women meet, Abby finds out that David knows about her past abuse because he did a background check on her. She breaks up with him, and then confesses to Olivia about their relationship.

Harrison is fed up with the weird stuff going on at the office. He tells Olivia that he will help her with whatever she needs. Credit: ABC/Vivian Zink.

James, Cyrus’ husband, writes a mean article about Hollis Doyle, where he basically accuses Doyle of being a liar and a cheat, and everything else except a child of God. Cyrus angrily tells James that he can’t write about a ‘source’ who feeds him information because everyone will think that source is Cyrus.

Hollis Doyle shows up at Cyrus’ office and tells him to silence his ‘wife’. Olivia tells Cyrus that eventually James’ life will be in danger if he keeps snooping around and gathering info on Hollis. Cyrus turns on the fake tears and tells James that the article has put his job in jeopardy. James falls for it, apologizes for almost getting Cyrus fired and promises to stop writing about Doyle. Cyrus breathes a sigh of relief after James leaves the room.

Throughout the episode Senator Davis made repeated attempts to get together with Olivia again. Well, mostly he wants her goodies. Towards the end of the episode he shows up at her apartment and Olivia starts to break down because of her recent actions that required lying, breaking people apart, and spying just to keep secrets intact and to keep people safe. It’s more than she can bear. In a moment of weakness she passionately kisses Davis and he goes into her apartment and closes the door.

In my opinion this episode didn’t measure up to the drama of the previous ones. The Huck situation was very entertaining because it’s always great to see into Huck’s past. I also think it’s sweet to see how much Becky means to him. Even though Olivia and Fitz have separated and Abby and David are broken up, I suspect both couples will try to work it out at some point this season. What do you think?


Hi folks! Episode 4 of Scandal season 2 is named Beltway Unbuckled and it’s a doozy! We have a young college student who disappeared and was later found dead, and a foreign diplomat appears to be responsible.

Olivia and Fitz have a serious discussion about their relationship that leaves both of them in tears.

Huck has some serious problems. Yikes.

David inches closer to figuring out the Quinn conspiracy, and the folks behind the conspiracy are not happy.

Ready for the recap! Let’s go!

Scandal Beltway Unbuckled Episode 4 Season 2


Fitz is sleeping in the nursery instead of sleeping in the bed with Mellie. The level of disgust between the spouses is thick!!

Huck is at his AA meeting, which he attends to help his addiction to killing people. Huck has some serious problems.

Abby and David have finished another romp in the bed. I really, really don’t want to see these two in bed. Yuck. David’s phone rings and he pretends it’s Mommy calling him, so he asks Abby to leave the room. Turns out it’s his assistant asking if he’s dragged out any information from Abby about Quinn’s case. He says “Not yet.”

This week’s case: Jenny Nystrom has gone missing. She’s a sophomore in college and an every day, sweet girl. Senator Davis brings the parents to Olivia and she helps them grab the attention of the national media.

Meanwhile Harrison does a weekly check of a blog that he follows, named Beltway Unbuckled. It’s updated anonymously by a young woman who sleeps with politicians and then blogs about the sexual trysts. Turns out she hasn’t updated her blog in a week, and Harrison determines the innocent Jenny is actually the Beltway Unbuckled girl.

Olivia’s team tracks Jenny’s steps leading up to her disappearance. Olivia takes a mysterious phone call and heads to a crime scene where she identifies the body as Jenny’s. Olivia orders her team to continue looking into Jenny’s disappearance.

Mellie gets puked on by a young boy during her PSA about immunizations. She goes OFF on Cyrus and President Fitz, and demands to sit at the ‘grown up’ table and get involved in more serious issues. She’s tired of doing the First Lady duties. Cyrus and Fitz blow her off. Fitz has been very hostile to her.

Jenny was last seen at a State Department dinner. Then she was involved in a car accident, dragged from the car and left alive in a ditch where she slowly died 5 hours later.

Alex Lavich was at the State Department dinner. The pieces of the windshield found in Jenny’s head matches the type of windshield used in the car that Lavich drives. Turns out he’s a foreign diplomat from Kurkistan and he has immunity unless the President forces their hand.

Olivia goes to the White House and asks Cyrus for help, and of course President Fitz walks in. He coldly tells Olivia that he will not have the diplomat’s immunity revoked. Olivia quietly walks out and Fitz looks like he regrets talking to her so harshly.

Senator Davis offers to get involved and Olivia reminds him that he’s being investigated for discussing intel with her.

Abby keeps trying to set up a date with David but he’s blowing her off. She breaks into his apartment and find his Quinn/Olivia collage on the wall.

In a surprising move, Mellie and Olivia team up to get Lavich’s immunity revoked. Mellie joins a protest on the White House lawn, and even though she doesn’t say anything, her presence is enough to show that she supports bringing charges against Lavich. Fitz laughs that the two women in his life have teamed up against him.

Olivia goes to dinner expecting to eat with Cyrus, and Fitz shows up. He wants to spend more time with Olivia and she tells him that they have no future. Fitz reluctantly agrees and decides to let her go. He walks out and Olivia cries.

Fitz tells the nation that he will not pursue the Nystrom case, which upsets Jenny’s parents.

Quinn tells Harrison that she wants to know how Olivia saved her. Harrison reveals that Olivia saved him from going to jail for insider trading, and in fact she had his record wiped entirely. Because she saved him and allowed him to work for her, he will always be loyal to her and he’ll never ask her how she was able to keep him out of jail.

Jenny’s parents find out on the news the Lavich died at his home from a ‘freak heart attack’. Then we immediately are cut to Huck’s AA meeting, where he says that he’s started drinking whiskey again. He means he’s started killing again, and I’m assuming he killed Lavich to avenge Jenny’s death.

The last scene shows that Cyrus, Mellie, Olivia, and a couple of other people were somehow involved in the Quinn conspiracy. They get together to determine how they can keep David Rosen from figuring out what happened.

The End!