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Norma receives an automated call that Ms. Blair Watson has died. Norma asks Norman about Ms. Watson offering to drive him home. He doesn’t remember anything. Later, we see him crying at the funeral. He has her pearl necklace.

Bradley drives to a bridge and jumps into the water.

Skip 4 months later. (HAIM’s music is playing! The song is called “The Wire”)

The motel is very successful and Emma is still working there at the front desk. Meanwhile, Norman spends a lot of time in the basement with a dead beaver that he is preparing to stuff.

Bradley is in a mental hospital and Norman writes to her, but his letters are sent back to him, unopened. Bradley leaves the hospital but she seems angry and possibly medicated.

Norma is teaching Norman how to drive and he gets frustrated when she criticizes his driving. He stops at a cemetery to visit Ms. Watson’s grave and Norma accuses him of being ‘morbid.’ On their way home from the cemetery Norma sees a construction crew starting work on the new bypass. She vows to talk to the city council about it.

Bradley talks to Gil (her father’s boss) about the death of her father, Jerry. She wants to know who did it, and Gil claims he doesn’t know but then he menacingly asks Bradley if she wants to come inside his home and talk about it. She leaves and goes home, and then Norman stops by. He tells Bradley that he will always be around if she needs him, but she doesn’t respond and he leaves.

Norman goes to the cemetery again and sees a stranger looking at Ms. Watson’s grave. Norman takes a picture of the man and runs away from him.

At work, Gil tells Dylan to let him know if Bradley comes around. According to Remo, Gil and Ms. Watson were dating and then Gil found out she was sleeping with Jerry. Also, Ms. Watson was the daughter of the local weed family.

Norman tells Romero about the stranger he saw by Ms. Watson’s grave. He shows a picture of the man to Romero, who appears to know him. Then Romero questions Norman about Ms. Watson and his whereabouts on the night she died. It appears Romero suspects Norman was involved in her death.

Norma goes to her city council meeting and gets shut down by the president when she protests the bypass. She calls him a dick and blasts the town for their illegal activity that keeps it running. Everyone just stares at her and the meeting is adjourned.

Bradley and Dylan meet in secret. He tells her what he found out about Gil, Jerry, and Ms. Watson. He tells her to stop asking questions and move on. Bradley is also upset because Dylan doesn’t respond to her emails, and he tells her that Norman likes her and there are lines that you don’t cross.

Romero tells Norma about his earlier chat with Norman. She storms home and tells Norman that he is obsessed with Ms. Watson’s death and she doesn’t understand why. Norman tells her what really happened that night: He went to Ms. Watson’s home, she seemed attracted to him and she undressed in front of him. Then he blacked out and all he remembers is running home. Norman believes someone broke into the home and killed Ms. Watson while he was unconscious. Norma comforts him.

Bradley goes to Gil’s house and she begins to seduce him while asking questions about Ms. Watson’s relationship with Jerry. Then Bradley pulls a gun from her purse and shoots Gil in the head. Later she sneaks into Norman’s room and begs him to help her.





Norman tries to help his mother.

Norman returns home after spending the night with Bradley. Dylan tells him Norma is in jail.

Dylan and Norman go to the jail to visit her. She screams at them to leave and says she doesn’t need their help. Later Shelby brings her food but doesn’t speak to her.

Norman is at home going through papers and Emma stops by. He finds the deed to the hotel and he’s planning to use it for bail money. Meanwhile, Dylan goes to work and wonders about getting an advance for a few thousand dollars.

Emma and Freddie wait outside of a bail bondsman’s office and he tells her that Shelby is holding a woman in his basement. Emma wants to go to the police or at least find the woman, but Norman asks her to wait until he fixes the problem with Norma. Emma kisses him.

Norman still has Bradley on his mind and he sends her a sweet text. Then he receives a text from the bail bondsman who says Norma will be released at 9am the next morning.

Norma screams, then gets some help.

Norman and Norma visit a defense attorney who wants to create a ‘self defense’ case. Norma is adamant that she did not commit the murder and she walks out. In the car she yells at Norman for getting laid while she was at home crying her eyes out before getting arrested. She’s also upset that he told Dylan everything. Norman says she’s scary and she needs help; Norma kicks him out of the car and drives off. Then Dylan picks him up on his motorcycle.

At home, Dylan says he’s getting his own place and he wants Norman to move in with him, no matter if Norma goes to jail or not. Norman says she needs someone to be with her, but Dylan tells him to cut the umbilical cord.

Dylan’s friend loans him the $5000 that he needs. They’re sitting in a truck and some guy comes up to the window and shoots the friend in the neck. Dylan drops him off at a hospital and leaves. Dylan tracks down the guy who shot his friend and runs him over with the truck.

Norma secretly meets with Shelby. He tells her it’s not safe for them to see each other anymore. Norma gets upset but Shelby says that he loves her and it hurt him to see her in jail. He says he’ll think of something, and then he goes to the evidence room at the jail and steals the watch.

Thinking about Bradley….and Shelby’s sex slave.

Norma receives a phone call from her attorney. The attorney wanted the watch so she could do her own testing with the carpet fiber. The police can’t find the watch though, and without that they have no case, so the case against Norma is dropped.

Norman is still trying to contact Bradley but she hasn’t been responding to his text messages or phone calls. He gets upset when Norma tells him that her case has been dropped because the watch is missing, and she believes Shelby is behind it. Norman says, ‘That’s great, what’s he gonna make you do for that?’ Emma comes by and picks him up.

Emma is trying to talk to Norman about the girl in Shelby’s basement but Norman is distracted. He tells her that he’s with Bradley now but Emma doesn’t seem fazed, and she just calls it a ‘hook-up.’ She thinks Shelby and Keith were probably working together in the sex slave business, and she suspects Shelby is now hiding his woman on Keith’s boat.

Emma and Norman find the woman on Keith’s boat and they bring her to a room at the Bates Motel. Norma bursts into the room and demands to know what’s going on. Norman says he and Emma have found the woman that Shelby was hiding, and the woman confirms this to Norma.



Dylan watches Norman go inside Shelby’s home. Shelby arrives, and Norman is still in the basement with the young Chinese lady. Dylan rings the door bell and asks for the nearest gas station. Norman escapes through a basement window and runs home. Dylan confronts him about being in Shelby’s home but Norman doesn’t want to talk about it.

The next morning Norman goes to Emma’s house to walk with her to school. Her father says she has the flu and will be out of school for at least a week. He tells Norman that Emma has a crush on him.

Shelby and Norma have sex in one of the rooms at the Bates Motel. Dylan catches them coming out of the room, and he makes eye contact with Shelby. Later, Dylan tells Norma that he doesn’t trust Shelby.

Bradley’s father has died. She goes to the site of the crash, which is right outside of Norman’s home. He goes outside to console her.

Norman is walking home in the evening and Shelby calls out to him. Norman starts running but Shelby catches up to him and gets creepy. He tells Norman that they are going fishing soon, and Shelby warns him, ‘The next time I say hi to you out here on the street, don’t run away.’

Norman warns his mother that Shelby has a young woman locked in his basement. He then tells her about the journal that he found, and he tells her the sex slave story. He repeats the conversation that he had with her about getting the belt, and of course Norma doesn’t remember. She tells him that sometimes he sees and hears things that aren’t real.

Norma spends the night at Shelby’s home. She goes to the basement while Shelby is asleep but she doesn’t see the girl. The next day Norman confronts her about Shelby AGAIN. He claims that he’s not jealous, but he is worried because Shelby has a freaking girl in his basement! Norma tells him to get ready to go fishing, and stop talking about a girl in the basement because she looked and didn’t see anyone.

Norman and Shelby are fishing, and Shelby says he’s putting his neck on the line to protect Norma. He tells Norman that he’s going to be in his life, and he needs to know that he can trust Norman and vice versa.

Shelby gets called out to a boat. Romero has found Keith’s hand with a watch still around it.

Bradley and Norman meet for ice cream sundaes. She is still dealing with her father’s death, and Norman consoles her again. Then she mentions the hand that was found in a fisherman’s net. Norman runs home and tells Norma, and then Shelby knocks on the door. He wants her to come down to the sheriff’s office and speak to Romero.

Romero tells her that carpet fibers were found under the watch on Keith’s hand. He’s going to match those fibers with the carpet that Norma was pulling up on the night that Keith disappeared. He admits that he doesn’t actually have the carpet and he wants Norma to tell him where she dumped it. She doesn’t tell him.

Norma and Norman go to the trash dumpster where she put the carpet but it’s gone. They figure out the dump that it went to but it’s locked, and Norma loses it. She cries all night about it.

Norman tells Dylan about what happened on the night that Keith Summers died. He also discusses the belt that Shelby is holding, and the woman that Shelby keeps in his basement. Dylan says he will help.

Bradley texts Norman late at night and asks him to come over. They go up to Bradley’s room and she says she’s tired of being sad. She says she wants to feel something else for awhile. She kisses Norman and they get under the covers…naked!

Norma doesn’t find Norman in his bedroom and she finds out from Dylan that he went to a girl’s house. Dylan says he knows enough about Norma to have Norman taken away from her. The doorbell rings, and Romero and Shelby have arrived to arrest Norma for the murder of Keith Summers.


Dylan leaves the house to go to his new job.

At school, Emma is freaked out and talks to Norman. She says she only wanted to hang out with Norman and that’s why she suggested looking for the dead woman’s grave. But now that she’s seen the shed, she is afraid. Norman tells her to stop hanging onto the journal because it’s pornographic and he gets defensive when she says that she found it in his room. He says he was going to throw it away.

During a test in class Norman seems unresponsive. He keeps imagining the haunting images from the journal, and he also imagines his teacher being tied and bound. He passes out and ends up in the hospital.

Dylan and his new co-worker head out the hidden pot field that Norman and Emma discovered in episode 2. There’s $5 million worth of weed in the field, and Dylan will be paid $300 a day to help protect it.

Norma is at the hospital with Norman, but she has to leave to handle the new carpet installation at the motel. As she walks out of the room Bradley arrives. She climbs into the bed with him to keep him company, and she says that her father is a medically induced coma.

Sheriff Romero has arrived at Norma’s house with a search warrant. Norma runs back to the hospital and brings him home against the doctor’s orders.

Norman tearfully confesses to Norma that he kept Keith’s belt hidden under his bed, and now that the police have left he sees that it is missing.

Emma arrives at Norman’s house and insists that they keep searching for the dead woman’s grave. He shows her room 4 at the motel, where he found the journal. In the bathroom, under the sink, there’s Chinese characters and Emma concludes the woman was chained to that exact sink as depicted in the journal.

Norma meets with Deputy Shelby and starts a pity party about Romero barging into her home. She tries to get information from him to see if the police found anything, but he doesn’t answer. Instead he invites her to dinner at his home.

Norma arrives at Shelby’s home and she asks again about the search warrant. Shelby reveals that he found Keith’s belt and took it. He didn’t tell Romero or the other officers that he found it. He says Keith was a bully, and he asks if what happened to Keith was an accident. He asks if Norman killed Keith and she says no. Shelby says he’s going to take care of her and she doesn’t need to worry. They start making out.

Dylan comes home and finds Norman on the couch. Norman is worried because Norma has been out for hours and she hasn’t answered his text messages or phone calls. Dylan says Norma is smothering him and he needs to get out more and experience life. They share a laugh about how screwed up their family is, and they both apologize for trying to kill each other in the previous episode.

Norma comes home and tells him that Shelby wants to help them. Norman doesn’t trust Shelby and he thinks the deputy will try to make Norma do things that she doesn’t want to do. Norman apologizes again for keeping the belt, and he said that he wanted to keep it as a memento. She snuggles against Norman and he seems happy again.

At school Norman tries to have a conversation with Bradley but Emma takes him to the side and tells him that the Chinese characters mean ‘Beautiful.’ Norman snaps at her when she says that she’s going to call the police and have them look at room 4 in the motel.

Norman is at home, in bed, and Norma walks in. She says he’s right that Shelby may make her do things she doesn’t want to do in exchange for holding onto the belt. She says that’s exactly what happened with Norman’s father. She tells Norman that he knows what he must do- get the belt back. Then it’s shown that Norma is not actually in the room, and Norman is just imagining that’s speaking with her.

Norman goes to Shelby’s house in the middle of the night. He starts searching for the belt and Shelby’s crazy, angry dog starts attacking him. He locks the dog in one of the bedrooms and heads down to the basement, where he finds a young Chinese woman lying on the floor. She is weak and has bruises on her arms like she’s been injected with a needle multiple times. She asks Norman to help her, and then Shelby pulls up outside. He walks into his house and the dog is still barking.


Dylan tracks down Norma and stops by the house. He’s still bitter because Norma moved out of state without telling him. She doesn’t want him to stay at the house, even though he’s lost his job.

Norman goes to the bus stop and meets with Bradley. She sees her dad’s car driving erratically down the road and it crashes. Everyone runs to the car and her dad is severely burned. Officers suspect the dad was burned at the warehouse he owns.

Norma tells Dylan to start pulling his weight. She sends him to pick up linen for the hotel.

Keith’s car is found in a wooded area near Norma’s home. She lies to the officers and says she doesn’t know where he is or why his car is parked there.

Norman shows up at the hospital with flowers to see Bradley and her father. He’s cockblocked by a jealous guy who also likes Bradley.

Dylan is at a stripclub and he talks to a guy who is crying. Guy says his boss is in a coma after getting into an accident. This guy is carrying a ton of cash.

Dylan comes home late at night with the linen, and he argues with Norma. Dylan and Norman have different fathers, and Dylan thinks Norma cheated on his father with Sam, who fathered Norman. She says she is close with Norman because he likes her, and when Dylan asks her where she got the money to buy a hotel and a new car, she says that Sam’s insurance money covered it.

Norma and Norman are vigorously cleaning the kitchen where Keith was killed. Norman’s classmate Emma stops by to study. Norma grills her about her illness (cystic fibrosis) and her life expectancy. Emma finds the book that Norman has been hiding and she asks to borrow it.

Sheriff Romero and Deputy Shelby stop by Norma’s house again to ask about Keith. She tells them they’ll need a search warrant if they want to look inside her house, and she sends them on their way.

The next day Norma catches Deputy Shelby alone and she flirts with him over coffee. Shelby says Romero and Keith were childhood friends. They make plans to meet at a local community event. Later she tells Norman, and he doesn’t want her to go. She changes her shirt in front of him, revealing a sexy bustier and he seems uncomfortable. She says ‘Norman, I’m your mother. It’s not like it’s weird or anything.’

Dylan and Norman fight because Dylan has Norma listed as ‘The Whore’ in his cellphone. Norman says ‘She’s not a bad person, she’s just not perfect.’ Norman attacks him with a meat hammer but Dylan lays him out with a few punches.

Norma meets up with Shelby, and he makes a strange observation about the folks who live in White Pine Bay. The residents seem to have low paying, farm-type jobs but they all live in fancy homes. He says the residents live by an ‘eye for an eye’ code.

Norman receives an urgent message from Emma and he heads to the shop that her father owns. She’s cracked the story behind the book: four Chinese women were brought to White Pine Bay illegally to work as maids and earn citizenship. Once they arrive they are forced to work as prostitutes and one woman dies from an overdoes. She’s buried by the other three women outside of a shed in a forest. Emma wants to find the grave. She kisses Norman.

Dylan meets with the guy he met at the strip club, and this guy introduces him to someone else. The second guy says ‘Do you know how to use a gun?’ It appears Dylan has found out how the people in this town make so much money.

Norman and Emma head to the forest to look for the shed. They come across a huge field of pot, and two guys chase them with guns. Norman and Emma run past the shed they were looking for, but instead of stopping they jump into Emma’s car and drive away.

At home, Norma tells Dylan that he needs to leave in the morning. He said he spoke to some insurance people who helped him locate Norma. The people talked about what a great husband and father Sam was, and Dylan said ‘What if I told them what life with Sam was really like?’ Norma smiles, and she knows that Dylan is on to her.

Later Norma is driving through town and sees Shelby directing traffic away from a burning body that is hanging from a boat mast. Maybe this is the ‘eye for an eye’ justice for Bradley’s father who was burned earlier in the episode.