Running time: 1 hour, 31 minutes
Cast:  Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas
Director: Fede Alvarez

When this remake of 1981’s The Evil Dead was first announced, diehard fans flocked online and went smooth OFF. They couldn’t believe that someone dared to remake a classic horror film, and even Bruce Campbell (one of the remake’s producers) had to do some early press to help calm down the fans.

I was skeptical too, because re-makes and reboots of classics don’t turn out well – remember Jackie Earle Haley’s A Nightmare on Elm Street? Yea.

Let’s get to the point here. I really enjoyed this movie. It’s gory, bloody, and just tons of fun. But is it a QUALITY movie? Ehhh…

Evil Dead 2013

Alot of scenes in this remake paid homage to the original movie, but it deviated once we arrived at the final, bloody act. A group of 5 friends meet at a cabin in a heavily wooded area. Mia (Levy) becomes possessed after a deeply cringe-worthy experience in the woods, and when she arrives back at the cabin she unleashes hell upon geeky Lou (Pucci), strict Olivia (Lucas), quiet Natalie (Blackmore), and her brother David (Fernandez). From this point forward the movie is nothing more than an excess of torture, pain, and blood.

There were some things that disappointed me, like the character Natalie. Occasionally she spoke or was spoken to, but she was pretty much invisible until it was her turn to experience hell. Once that happened I found that I just didn’t care about her. Another character, Olivia, was way too unlikeable. She was the ultimate hard-ass and I was happy to see her go. Then I wondered why the other characters would be friends with someone like her. I mention ‘character likeability’ because in horror movies you always need someone to root for. But if you hate everyone on-screen then what’s the point?

I also didn’t like this silly sub story about the friends gathering at the cabin because Mia was on drugs and needed to detox. I thought it was unnecessary and contributed to the fact that some of the characters were not useful. Mia is important because she has to detox. David is her brother, and Olivia is the one who orchestrated the whole thing. But where does that leave Natalie and Lou? This should’ve been a story about friends going on vacation so everyone would have something to contribute once they arrived at the cabin.

Overall, I’d say the remake is definitely worth seeing. I think Jane Levy did a great job as the main character Mia, and I’m a huge horror fan so I enjoyed the gritty nature of the movie. I was disappointed with some parts of the storyline and some of the characters were a huge annoyance to me so I can’t honestly say that Evil Dead is a top tier horror movie, although it definitely tried to be.

Did you enjoy this remake? Let me know!



Meredith Vieira having a televised sit down with Robert and Sofia. They discuss Audrey, Vivian, and the Lyritrol case. Beverly and Joanna are listening nearby. Beverly wants to leave with Joanna, but Joanna wants to stay and find out who really killed Vivian.

Edward, Mia, and Julian are at the hospital with Samantha. She’s on life support and basically brain dead, but Edward is not ready to pull the plug yet. Julian calls Joanna and asks her to move in with him. She’ll think about it.

Joanna meets Will. Now that he’s pinned Audrey for Vivian’s murder and closed a high profile case, he has a new huge office and later that evening he’s going to a dinner in his honor. She tells Will that Audrey didn’t do it, and they need to look at Haverstock. He tells her to fill out her exit paperwork and head back to San Francisco.

Joanna then meets with Haverstock and asks for his alibi for the night Vivian died. He tells Joanna that he knows she is a cop. He knew that Vivian wanted to leave with Ben, but he also knew that eventually she would come back. He said he was meeting with the President of the U.S. when Vivian died.

Sofia and Mia go grocery shopping and Wyatt shows up. Sofia gets riled up and starts throwing fruit at him.

Robert goes to the hospital to see Edward. He wants to bury the hatchet and move forward, but Edward is pretty much done with him. He says, “I’m the bad guy, and you are whoever you think you are.”

Joanna meets the heroin guy that Mia met last week. Turns out he has a nice job and a wife and kids, but his side activities include getting stringed out at dingy motels. He says he gave heroin to Vivian at the motel and then she left. Joanna thinks Vivian was killed elsewhere and then her body was dumped at the motel.

Will is listening to the audio from Julian’s wire. Seems like he is listening for a confession from Audrey before she died. Will puts together a line up for Edward to identify the guy who shot Samantha. Edward sees the guy in the line up but he lies and says he doesn’t see him.

Wyatt and Sofia are brought in for their fruit fight at the grocery store. Will questions Wyatt, who implies that Sofia killed her father. Will then questions Sofia and she threatens to lawyer up after he asks her if Vivian knew about Wyatt. Not sure what this has to do with anything though…

Beverly is frantically flipping through a Bowers photo album. She mistakes Julian for Robert and says Katherine died before she got into the car and died from a ‘car crash.’

Edward meets with a different mob group. Not sure if they’re Italian, Irish, or what. He asks them to find the guy who killed his wife and he’ll give them $200,000.

Will goes to Haverstock: Did Vivian know about Wyatt and Sofia? The answer is yes, and Haverstock says that he gave that information to Vivian. Will won’t answer if the Vivian case is really closed.

The Bowers family shows up at Will’s dinner. Julian and Joanna mingle, and then Julian introduces Will and “my girlfriend” Joanna. Joanna is wearing the bracelet that she found in the wine cellar, and Julian says the bracelet looks like the one that Vivian was wearing on the night she died.

Edward and Sofia are in the hospital cafeteria. She gently tells him that he needs to let Samantha go and move forward, and be present with his daughters. Then Kyle shows up and reunites with Mia.

Haverstock shows up at the dinner and threatens to harm Sofia if it’s proven that she was involved with Vivian’s death.

Joanna, Will, and Gabe escape for a secret meeting where Joanna reveals that Vivian was likely murdered at the Bowers home and then her body was transported in a suitcase and dumped at the motel.

Some homeless dude near the hotel has an expensive suitcase and Gabe and Joanna buy it from him. Gabe says he’ll take it to forensics.

Edward finally takes Samantha off life support. He returns to the Bowers mansion to make peace with Robert.

At the dinner, Julian asks Robert about his mother’s (Katherine’s) death. Robert is saved by a phone call and he leaves without answering Julian’s questions.

The rival mobsters have found the Russian guy, and Edward orders them to cut off his hands and then do what they wish with him.

Robert and Gabe meet. Gabe says the FBI will reopen Vivian’s case with Sofia as the lead suspect, but Gabe says he thinks Robert killed Vivian. Gabe mentions the suitcase, but now he has to get rid of it because if he turns Robert in then Robert will expose him as a dirty cop. So Gabe gets rid of the suitcase and tells Will that he lost it.

Haverstock meets with Gabe, Joanna, and Will. He says he’s going to be appointed as the new Attorney General, which means he’ll be Will’s boss. He tells Joanna to stay in the Bowers mansion and they’re going to work as a team to bring down Robert.

At the Bowers mansion, Mia goes outside and takes a phone call from Kyle. Wyatt emerges from the bushes and kidnaps her.

Robert talks to Joanna and says he thought she was working for the competition. He says that he always wins when people come after him. Joanna says, “So far.”


Joanna and Will and Julian

Joanna and Julian wake up and start kissing and snuggling. Nicole calls, and says Audrey bought a one way plane ticket to Morocco. Joanna and her mom meet in the wine cellar. Joanna wants her mom to avoid Robert for the next few hours. Mom loses a contact and Joanna finds it, along with a random necklace.

Will and Edward catch Julian up to speed about Audrey and her antics. Oh, and NOW Will wants Julian’s help, after giving him shit all season. Will has Julian wear a wire and see if he can find the burner phone that Audrey used to call the Russians.

Joanna tells Will that she slept with Julian. Will tells her that his feelings are hurt, she jeopardized the case, and she’s fired!

Audrey, what’s wrong?

Robert meets with Frank about the merger. Robert is very dismissive and he then asks Frank if he’s ever met Joanna before. Frank says no and walks off to meet with Audrey. She tells Frank that she needs him to deposit money in her account so she can get away.

Flashback of Audrey meeting with the Russians about killing Remy.

Mia investigates, and Sofia meets with Wyatt

Mia is meeting with Vivian’s therapist. He doesn’t offer up any info about Vivian.

Mia and Sofia have lunch, and Wyatt walks by the table. Sofia meets him in the men’s restroom and he asks her if she planted the drugs on him. Haverstock pulled some strings to get him out. They have sex in the stall, and when Sofia returns to her table, Mia is gone.

Some woman brings Mia to a dingy hotel room and says it’s where Vivian died. Some guy invites Mia to party at a room next door and she snorts heroin.

Sofia confronts Haverstock and he is not apologetic.

Sofia meets Wyatt AGAIN. She tells him they are never never ever getting back together again, and she tearfully offers him $3 million to go away.

Joanna to the rescue

Julian stops by the office for some kiss time with Joanna. She gets a phone call from Mia and immediately heads out to get her.

Mia tells Joanna and Vivian’s therapist, and Joanna confronts the therapist. She demands that he hand over the DVD recordings of Vivian’s sessions.

Robert does some talking…

Robert confronts Joanna’s mom and tells her she can still go to jail for her part in Katherine’s death. He wants her to tell him what Joanna is doing here.

Robert shows up at the FBI office and asks to speak to Will. Will isn’t available but Gabe is, and the two men have a secret conversation.

Edward confesses

Edward tells Robert about the new developments regarding Audrey. Robert says ‘Do you really think I’d let you back into the family?’ and Edward says ‘No I knew you’d be a dick about it.’ Robert hands Edward the golf club and calls him a murderer.

Will tells Edward, ‘Can you call before coming by?’ Edward has shown up with the golf club and tells him about Kimberly Yeager. Will arrests him.

Edward is being booked and placed into a cell, and Julian is being fitted with the wire.

It’s time for Julian to deliver

Nicole visits Audrey and identifies herself as a writer and colleague of Remy. She wants to ask Audrey some questions about Frank, and Audrey agrees. She secretly locks the front door while Nicole is seating herself.

Julian gets to Audrey’s apartment and she tells him that she wants him to go to Morocco with her. Will and Gabe are listening. Julian sees drops of blood on the floor and he looks in a closet and finds Nicole’s body. Audrey stabs him in the back when he checks to see if Nicole is breathing. Will and Gabe burst into the apartment and Audrey says ‘No one was supposed to die!’ Then Gabe shoots Audrey dead. He says he thought Audrey was reaching for a gun, but Will looks and says there is no gun.

Haverstock wins, and then he loses

Mia goes to Haverstock’s office and tells him that she’ll donate her bone marrow. She’s only doing it because she knows it can help save a life, but oh yea she did heroin so she has to wait a few days first.

Will tells Edward that he had the golf club tested, and it’s animal blood on the club, not Kimberly’s blood.

Edward goes to Haverstock and tells him that he turned himself in so he could pay for his crime. Haverstock admitted that he used the club to blackmail the Bowers so they wouldn’t expose his inappropriate sexual relationship with a 16 year old Vivian.

Joanna thinks about Haverstock…

Joanna watches Vivian’s tapes, and in one tape Vivian says she thinks Haverstock will kill her before he lets her go. She wants to break up with him but she’s afraid to do it.

Joanna calls Will and tells him about the tapes. Will says that Audrey already confessed but Joanna says ‘Did she specifically say that she killed Vivian?’ Will hangs up on her.

Bye Samantha, Hello Gabe

The guy following Edward broke into his home and waited for Edward to come home. He heard someone exiting the elevator and shoots, thinking it’s Edward. In fact, he has just killed Samantha.

Robert pays Gabe for killing Audrey. Gabe says if his daughter were killed he’d want revenge too.



Here’s my recap for Episode 9, enjoy!

Rayburn the creeper

Joanna is in the kitchen at the Bowers home and Rayburn sneaks up behind her and “accidentally” scares her. He makes a comment to her about being safe and not stepping on glass.

Will Barges In Again

Will goes to Edward’s apartment to discuss Lyritrol. Edward says he’s on his way to California to be with his wife and children. Will says he found Lyritrol files on a zip drive that belonged to a hit man who was hired by Robert to kill Vivian and take the files from her. Whew, did you catch all of that?

Oh, hey Audrey…

Edward goes to Julian’s apartment and he finds Audrey there. She mentions the Lyritrol deaths have been hard on Julian, especially knowing 24 children died from it. Edward asks how she knew about the children. She says she must have heard it in the news, but Edward says he never released that information. Then she says ‘Oh Julian must have told me.’ Well played, Audrey *rolls eyes* Julian confirms that he never told Audrey about the children. Uh oh!

Get it together Joanna

Robert finds out someone used his access card to get into the server room and download the Lyritrol payoff info, and he immediately suspects Joanna. He has a sit down with her and starts to quickly throw questions at her regarding her past work history and marriage. She stumbles at first but answers. Later she texts Will: ‘I think Robert is onto me.’ Uh, duh!

This time, Edward tracks down Will

Edward is freaked because Audrey knows about the kids who died. He tells Will that Audrey works for a Lyritrol competitor, but he can’t explain what he thinks Audrey is up to. Will tells him that maybe an extra copy of the Lyritrol results is floating around, and he suggest that Edward goes home, takes a shower, and lays off the booze.

Testing, testing

Mia undergoes tests to see if she’s a match for Haverstock’s bone marrow transplant.

Nicole pops up

Joanna leaves Bowers Pharmaceuticals and is approached by Nicole, who shares three things: 1) Haverstock has cancer, 2) she believes Robert Bowers had Remy killed, and 3) Audrey slept with all of her professors when she attended Cornell.

Joanna meets with Will, and she makes the connection that Ben also attended Cornell. Will shares that Audrey knows about the children who died in the Lyritrol tests. Joanna wants to investigate Audrey, but Will says their focus is on Robert Bowers. He implies the only reason Joanna wants to look into Audrey is because she is jealous that Audrey is dating Julian now. Joanna storms off.

Yay, we’re a match

Haverstock calls Robert and says Mia is a match. Robert says ‘Die bitch! I have the golf club AND Mia’s bone marrow. And you aren’t getting either one.’ What a double crosser.

Dinner for two, plus one

Audrey is at dinner with her boss, Frank. She tells Frank that she really likes Julian, and she says that she broke Julian and now she can fix him. Hm. Edward crashes the dinner. How did he know they were there? Anyways, Edward accuses Frank of sabotaging Lyritrol so he can buy Bowers Pharmaceutical. Then he walks off and Frank tells Audrey that Edward better not find out what she’s done, so she better clean up her mess.

Paying a visit

Joanna tells Robert that she has a dentist appointment and she’ll be out all afternoon. She visits Ben’s sister and pretends to be a Cornell alumni. The sister shows Joanna a picture of Ben in college, and next to him is Audrey Cruz. She leaves the building, and we see Robert has Rayburn following her.

Tread carefully, Sofia

Haverstock meets with Sofia and says if she’s doesn’t give him Mia’s bone marrow he’s going to make sure Dwight is out on parole just in time for the anniversary party for her and Robert. Sofia goes home and tells Mia that she can donate her bone marrow, but don’t tell her father.

Audrey and Joanna show down

Audrey is a territorial bitch! Joanna pops up at Julian’s place, and Audrey comes over and tells her to know her role and don’t sabotage his new relationship. Joanna asks ‘Why weren’t you at Ben Preswick’s funeral?’ and Audrey plays dumb.

Kyle to the rescue

Mia is about give up her marrow until Kyle runs to her and confesses to working as a mole for Haverstock so he can stay out of jail. Mia feels betrayed and tells Haverstock to bug off, and then she runs home to Sofia.

More Will and Edward time

Edward is outside, minding his business and he notices a weird guy following him. The guy reaches into his jacket to pull something out, and Edward hops into a taxi and drives off.

Edward meets with Will again. He’s convinced that Frank has someone out to kill him. Will thinks maybe Robert wants to kill him. Edward has changed his mind, and he’s not going to California.

Mommy’s here!

Joanna comes home and surprise: it’s Mommy, and she’s here for Robert and Sofia’s anniversary party! Mom has Alzheimer’s and is in assisted living.

Joanna tells her mother that she is undercover to investigate the Bowers. She asks her mom to not say that she’s a cop, and to please remember her undercover story. Mom says she’ll try, but her memory is failing her.

Sofia and Wyatt

Sofia has a conjugal visit in prison with Wyatt. She slips some drugs into the pocket of his jumpsuit, and he goes down for it. Then Sofia goes to the anniversary party, and during a moment alone Joanna confesses her true feelings to Julian. Audrey comes by and retrieves Julian for dinner.

Happy Anniversary

Everyone except Edward gathers for the anniversary party. They all look miserable, except for Robert and Sofia who exchange kind words about each other. Everyone heads to the dinner table except for Julian and Joanna. She confesses her true feelings for him but Audrey comes along and whisks him away before he can respond.

Will calls Joanna and says the pay phone outside of the bakery was used to repeatedly call one phone number. He says the phone is in the Bowers mansion and he’s going to call it now. Guess whose cell phone rings? AUDREY’S!

Haverstock confronts Robert. It’s a bit vague here. Robert’s wife died in a car accident, but Haverstock makes it seem like there was more to her death, and perhaps Robert was involved. Haverstock also mention the huge windfall of money that Robert received after Katherine’s death.

Joanna’s mom tells her that Julian was bad news when she was 16 years old and he’s even worse now. She warns Joanna to stay away.

Edward realizes what’s happened

Will tells Edward about Audrey, and they conclude that Audrey cooked up some fake test results about Lyritrol being a bad drug, Vivian fell for it, and Edward dealt the final blow with his press conference. It was all part of Audrey’s plan.

Bow chicka wow wow

Julian knocks on Joanna’s bedroom door. She opens it, they kiss, and then collapse onto her bed.



Edward holds a press conference, and the entire Bowers family receive phone calls and text messages about it. He reveals over 100 people in 5 different countries died in the drug trials, and the results were faked to help push Lyritrol to market.

Will tells Vivian to find a connection between Robert and the dead Russian guy that he shot and killed last week. Will says he’ll work with Gabe to investigate the Russian mob angle.

Audrey’s boss calls her and tells her to leave Julian alone now, because the mission is accomplished. Something is wrong with Audrey though.

Robert wants to know if someone at Bowers Pharmaceutical blew the lid on Lyritrol. He sets up a company wide polygraph test. Meanwhile, the Lyritrol stock is tanking. There’s pressure on Robert to make Edward shut up and to make Julian smile in front of the press and say everything is fine.

Mia meets Haverstock at his office. He tells her that he is dying of leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. He says Mia is his best chance. If she agrees to the transplant, he’ll handle getting her parents to approve it.

Robert confronts Edward and tells him to shut up and stop talking to the press. Edward says “No.”

Joanna goes to the parking garage at Bowers Pharmaceutical. She needs to run an errand for Robert. She notices a dead security guard near her car, and then someone comes up from behind and shoves her into a car and forces her to drive. She tells the guy that she’s a cop and he’ll regret this.

Edward and Julian meet up. Julian admits that he bribed an FDA guy to help get Lyritrol pushed through. Edward tells him that some of the people who died were actually children. Julian begins to feel incredible guilt, because he feels that he must’ve overlooked the signs and didn’t realize that Lyritrol was a bad drug.

Will and Gabe search the car of “The Dead Russian”. They find a flash drive in a secret compartment.

Someone found Teo and brings him in! Will starts the interrogation. Teo says Sophia gave him money to buy protection for Wyatt Scott in jail.

Haverstock goes to Robert’s office. Haverstock agrees to hand over the golf club when Robert allows Mia to participate in a bone marrow transplant.

Now Will thinks Robert paid the Russians to kill Vivian and take the Lyritrol files away from her.

Joanna deliberately causes a car accident in hopes of killing her abductor, or at the very least, injuring him. She runs off and he chases her with a gun.

Flashback: Audrey approaches Ben about a job that will earn him lots of money and make him an ‘equal’ to Vivian. Apparently she got him the job with the Bowers.

Joanna runs into an abandoned building and fights with her attacker. She grabs a piece of glass and slits his throat.

Will visits her in a hospital. Joanna freaks out because she doesn’t know what happened to the half million dollars that she was supposed to deliver. Will is angry that Robert let her walk around with that amount of cash.

Haverstock meets Kyle in his office. He tells Kyle that he needs to convince Mia to agree to the transplant or he’ll go back to jail.

Will shows up at the Bowers home and speaks to Robert. He doesn’t have much to say, he just shows up to taunt Robert. Robert threatens to harm Will’s mother if he doesn’t back off.

Seems like Julian and Edward are getting along better now that Julian accepts the truth about Lyritrol, but he tells Edward that Robert is not a monster.

Joanna calls Robert from the hospital and tells him that she lost the money. He does not sound upset and he tells Joanna to come home when she is ready.

Turns out Joanna failed the polygraph. Robert is also curious because she lost the money. He tells one of his guys to keep an eye on her. Also, Robert has received the golf club from Haverstock.

Julian picks up Joanna from the hospital.

Robert goes up to Sophia and says, “Who is Wyatt?” In a flashback we see Sophia telling Wyatt about Robert, and she says she’ll sock away money so they can have a future together when he gets out. She lies and tells Robert that Wyatt was one of Vivian’s drug dealers, and he wanted money in exchange for pictures that he had of Vivian. Does Robert believe her?

Julian is thinking about going to Thailand and trying to figure out what happened. He drops off Joanna at the Bowers family home and then he leaves. Robert welcomes Joanna into the house.