Norman tries to help his mother.

Norman returns home after spending the night with Bradley. Dylan tells him Norma is in jail.

Dylan and Norman go to the jail to visit her. She screams at them to leave and says she doesn’t need their help. Later Shelby brings her food but doesn’t speak to her.

Norman is at home going through papers and Emma stops by. He finds the deed to the hotel and he’s planning to use it for bail money. Meanwhile, Dylan goes to work and wonders about getting an advance for a few thousand dollars.

Emma and Freddie wait outside of a bail bondsman’s office and he tells her that Shelby is holding a woman in his basement. Emma wants to go to the police or at least find the woman, but Norman asks her to wait until he fixes the problem with Norma. Emma kisses him.

Norman still has Bradley on his mind and he sends her a sweet text. Then he receives a text from the bail bondsman who says Norma will be released at 9am the next morning.

Norma screams, then gets some help.

Norman and Norma visit a defense attorney who wants to create a ‘self defense’ case. Norma is adamant that she did not commit the murder and she walks out. In the car she yells at Norman for getting laid while she was at home crying her eyes out before getting arrested. She’s also upset that he told Dylan everything. Norman says she’s scary and she needs help; Norma kicks him out of the car and drives off. Then Dylan picks him up on his motorcycle.

At home, Dylan says he’s getting his own place and he wants Norman to move in with him, no matter if Norma goes to jail or not. Norman says she needs someone to be with her, but Dylan tells him to cut the umbilical cord.

Dylan’s friend loans him the $5000 that he needs. They’re sitting in a truck and some guy comes up to the window and shoots the friend in the neck. Dylan drops him off at a hospital and leaves. Dylan tracks down the guy who shot his friend and runs him over with the truck.

Norma secretly meets with Shelby. He tells her it’s not safe for them to see each other anymore. Norma gets upset but Shelby says that he loves her and it hurt him to see her in jail. He says he’ll think of something, and then he goes to the evidence room at the jail and steals the watch.

Thinking about Bradley….and Shelby’s sex slave.

Norma receives a phone call from her attorney. The attorney wanted the watch so she could do her own testing with the carpet fiber. The police can’t find the watch though, and without that they have no case, so the case against Norma is dropped.

Norman is still trying to contact Bradley but she hasn’t been responding to his text messages or phone calls. He gets upset when Norma tells him that her case has been dropped because the watch is missing, and she believes Shelby is behind it. Norman says, ‘That’s great, what’s he gonna make you do for that?’ Emma comes by and picks him up.

Emma is trying to talk to Norman about the girl in Shelby’s basement but Norman is distracted. He tells her that he’s with Bradley now but Emma doesn’t seem fazed, and she just calls it a ‘hook-up.’ She thinks Shelby and Keith were probably working together in the sex slave business, and she suspects Shelby is now hiding his woman on Keith’s boat.

Emma and Norman find the woman on Keith’s boat and they bring her to a room at the Bates Motel. Norma bursts into the room and demands to know what’s going on. Norman says he and Emma have found the woman that Shelby was hiding, and the woman confirms this to Norma.




Jacob, Paul, and Emma are now sharing a bed and doing naughty stuff together. Welp, okay. Joey steals the hidden cell phone and calls his mom with it. He gives her a description of the farm house: white, two story house with black shutters. Paul catches him and takes the phone, and Emma tries to console him.

Ryan sees Joe’s attorney enter the detention center. He’s afraid Joe knows that they’re closing to finding Joey. Weston is trying to pinpoint Joey’s location in Dutchess County.

Jacob is freaked by the threesome from the night before. He tells Paul that he is not gay. Paul ignores him and tells him that he must kill Megan.

Joe meets with his attorney, Olivia. She is clearly afraid of him. He tells Olivia that he wants to know what’s going on in the media and he wants to know what information the FBI has collected. Flasback to 2010 – he loses his appeal and Olivia resigns as his counsel. This case gave her a high profile and helped boost her career.

Olivia meets with reporters and quotes from Poe’s “The Mask of the Red Death”. There’s two new guys who we haven’t seen before. One guy calls the other and says “It’s time.”

Parker deputizes Ryan and he heads out to Dutchess County. First he stops at Claire’s and gives him the game plan, which is they’ll search the area by foot.

Olivia goes to Claire’s house with a set of instructions from Joe. She needs to meet a certain street corner at 3pm sharp, alone and she cannot tell anyone about it.

Jacob goes downstairs with Megan for a long time, then comes back upstairs. He still hasn’t killed Megan. Emma calls Joey downstairs for lunch but she can’t find him in the house. Meanwhile Joey is in a wooded area running like hell. He trips and falls, and a neighbor finds him and takes him to his home. Emma runs up to the house and grabs Joey, then takes him back to the farm house where they are hiding. The neighbor and his wife call the police but they are interrupted by Paul, who has arrived at their home with a shovel in his hand.

The Dutchess County police were looking into the disappearance of Megan, and they found surveillance video that shows Paul at the small grocery store where she worked. Now Ryan and Weston have confirmed that Paul is in the area. Ryan finds out about the phone call and he heads out with a police officer.

Some guy shows up at the farm house and tells Emma “Roderick sent me, he says we need to go.”

Claire meets up with a friend at a restaurant, and the FBI tails her. She’s trying to figure out a way to dodge them for her secret 3pm appointment.

Ryan and the police officer go to the home of the couple who called about spotting Joey. Both are dead. Ryan and the officer run to the next house, and it matches the description that Joey gave his mom earlier. The officer calls for backup and Ryan sees Jacob and Paul enter the farm house.

Jacob and Paul see Emma and the guy sent by Roderick. His name is Hank. He tells them they have 10 minutes to get out.

Claire heads to the restrooms, but she escapes from the restaurant by running through a side door.

Hank calls Roderick and asks if Claire has shown up yet and Roderick says she’s late. Hank sees the police officer hiding in the trees, and Hank confronts him, steals his gun and then shoots him. He’s about to fire a final shot, but Ryan appears just in time to shoot him. The officer dies from his wound.

Jacob, Paul, and Emma head outside after hearing the gunshots. They are armed too.

Olivia tells Joe that the FBI have located Joey but they haven’t picked him up yet. She tells him that she delivered the messages to the media and to Claire. She demands to know the code behind the poem that she read.

2010 flashback, Olivia meets with Hank. He snips off two of her fingers on her left hand as retaliation for dropping Joe as a client after he lost his appeal.

Claire gets into Roderick’s car and they drive off. Joey has been locked in his room this whole time- he breaks out.

Ryan has found his way into the basement, and he tries to get information from Megan but she is too hysterical to talk. He goes up to the main floor and finds Joey, but Paul sneaks up behind Ryan and puts a gun to his head.



Will shows up at Edward’s house. He saw security tapes that shows Edward was at the street where Ben was killed by a bus. Will asks questions but Edward doesn’t give up any information. He does say ‘Do you really think those people died because of a drug?’ Will leaves.

Flashback, Edward asks Robert about the people who died in Thailand. Robert blows him off.

Breakfast time at the Bowers family table. Joanna keeps asking questions about Mia’s situation and Sophia gets very upset; she says it’s ‘family business’. Joanna asks if Haverstock is Mia’s father, and is that the reason why Robert won’t speak to him. Robert’s silence confirms the truth.

Flashback, Joanna remembers seeing Haverstock with a fancy lighter that he eventually gave to Vivian.

Julian tells Joanna that before Vivian died they fought about Mia. Vivian wanted to take Mia away. He’s not sure if Sophia knew that, but he says Sophia would’ve went ballistic.

**Joanna finds a picture of Kyle and has Gabe run the license plate number. She follows Sophia to the master bedroom and sees Sophia putting wads of cash in a black bag. Sophia lies and tells Robert that she’s heading to a spin class and she leaves. Joanna follows her.

Julian is UPSET and he tells Edward that Haverstock is Mia’s father. Haverstock was in his 40s and Vivian was only 16. Julian says he’s going to confront Haverstock. Edward tells Robert about Julian’s plans.

Haverstock tells Julian that he deeply loved Vivian, and he was hurt when Robert confronted him about their relationship. He says he ‘tidied’ up the messy Kimberly Yeager situation by hiding the murder weapon- a golf club that had Edward’s fingerprints on it. Julian stills vows to get revenge.

At the same time, Robert tells Edward about the murder weapon that Haverstock is holding, which he’ll release if Robert ever comes after him about sleeping with Vivian. Edward is stunned to learn that he really did kill Kimberly Yeager.

Joanna walks directly behind Sophia and follows her into a dingy building. Sophia meets with a guy named Teo but their conversation isn’t shown, and Joanna is hiding in a stairwell. Sophia walks out of the building and Joanna pretends to be a tenant looking for a pet ferret. Joanna convinces Teo to let her look around in his apartment and she steals his mail. Will delays Sophia when she goes back to the building, and he warns Joanna. When Sophia arrives again, Joanna runs down the stairwell. Sophia is looking down the stairs but it’s not clear if she knows that it’s Joanna.

Kyle and Mia have spent the whole episode hiding out some fancy house. They go to a local store and buy groceries, and on the way out Mia steals a bottle of wine. Bad news for Kyle since he has a lengthy record.

Gabe calls Joanna and says they’ve tracked down Kyle and Mia. Joanna is heading out the door but Julian stops her. She tells him where Kyle and Mia are and he offers to drive out with her. Will calls Joanna and says Teo has a drug history that landed him in jail during the time when Vivian was murdered. He asks Joanna to keep an eye on Sophia but she tells him that she’s going out of town with Julian.

Julian and Joanna find Kyle and Mia. Julian takes Mia home with him, and Kyle is about to get arrested until Haverstock happens to drive by and convinces the officer to let Kyle go. Kyle drives off with Haverstock.

Joanna goes home and finds a boozy Sophia in the house. She tells Joanna to get her things and leave.

Edward tells Samantha to pack up the girls and go to California. He tells her that he killed Kimberly Yeager and Robert had it covered up.

Joanna moves into Julian’s apartment.