The Jan. 9th episode is titled “Spilt Milk”, and we see a few characters leave Briarcliff under different circumstances. Kit sees someone from his past, and Lana’s plan for revenge gets into motion. Things get worse for Jude.

Watch my review, or read it below. Here we go!

It’s Johnny, the son of Bloody Face! He’s a druggie. A woman named Pandora comes into his home. She’s been saving her breast milk for him. He pays her and then sucks her breasts. YUCK, you FREAK

*burp* I'm full.

*burp* I’m full.

Kit is passed out in a room. Dr. Thredson arrives to take him to see his child in the common area.

Grace is in the common area with the baby. Pepper serves as bodyguard and keeps the other patients away. She tells Dr. Thredson that she’s onto him and his schemes, and he better stay away. He sends Pepper to the hydrotherapy room.

Pepper is not having it!

Pepper is not having it!

Grace tells Kit that the aliens are not cruel, and they gave her a baby. She saw Alma’s dead body.

Kit is overwhelmed and he proposes to Grace. She accepts, and they both laugh and giggle like this is all normal stuff.

Monsignor Timothy arrives with a lady from the Home of Lost Children, and she takes the baby away from Grace.

Mother Claudia offers to help Lana get out of Briarcliff. She gives Lana her file with all of the horrible things that happened to her since she arrived. Mother Claudia also wants the asylum to be shut down, and she tells Lana that a cab is waiting for her.

Lana makes a pit stop at Jude, who is still fried. She thanks Jude for getting her out.

Dr. Thredson tells Kit to give up the tapes or Kit and Grace will never see their child again. As the two men are talking, Lana is coming down the stairs. She’s all dressed up and she has the tapes in her purse. Kit distracts Dr. Thredson long enough for Lana to walk out of Briarcliff. He follows her outside though, and as Lana’s cab drives away she presses the tapes against the cab window and gives Thredson the finger!!

I win again, bitch.

I win again, bitch.

Dr. Thredson runs home and finds Lana sitting in the dark. She’s pointing a gun at him and she tells him the police already have the tapes and they’re on their way.

Cut to Johnny and his milk-drinking activities. He finishes, and Pandora asks him about his mommy issues.

Cut back to Thredson and Lana. She wants to know about Wendy’s body, and he tells Lana that he had sex with it. He also says that Wendy’s body is cut up and spread out in the lonely waters.

Cut to Johnny, and he’s knocking over tables and screaming about what his mother did to him. He starts choking Pandora.

Back to Thredson and Lana. The cops have arrived but Thredson is not worried. He reaches for a gun that he stashed and Lana shoots him in the back of the head and kills him.

I’m not sure how much time has passed, but now Lana has a place in some building where she can visit Wendy’s ashes (well, she hopes it’s her ashes). Lana tells her friends that she has a few things to tidy up and then she’ll move to New York.

Jude is acting up in the common area. Everyone is lining up to take their pills, and Jude knocks the pills to the floor. “They turn your brains to mush!”, she yells.

Monsignor Timothy is reading all of the articles resulting from Lana’s breaking story about Bloody Face and the horrible conditions of Briarcliff. Then he meets Jude in the common area. She asks him how it feels to lose his virtue to the devil instead of losing it to a loving woman (her). Jude reveals how she is disgusted by him, because he has not rescued her from Briarcliff even though she would have done anything for him.

Kit is in his room when he is presented with release papers. Lana’s story helped set him free. He asks to see the Monsignor.

Kit demands that Monsignor Timothy free Grace and return their child to them. He says Grace has a death certificate, so she can leave and live a new life. Timothy succumbs to Kit’s demands, and Kit, Grace, and their baby Thomas leave Briarcliff and go to Kit’s old home with Alma. The threesome walks inside and Kit hears a noise from one of the bedrooms. He goes to investigate and finds Alma sitting on a bed with a baby in her arms!!



Lana meets with some doctor lady, and says that she cannot have the baby. Lana prepares to have an abortion in the woman’s bedroom but she stops at the last second. She says ‘no more death.’

Lana is worried about the patients who have mysteriously disappeared from the asylum. She asks the detectives to get her inside Briarcliff but they are very flippant with her. One detective remarks ‘You’re one tough cookie, you know that?” And she replies, “I am tough. But I’m no cookie.” Yes, Lana, yes!

Lana gets into Briarcliff with the detectives, and they speak to Timothy. She wants to see Jude, but he tells her that Jude hung herself and she has died. Lana doesn’t believe him, and she believes his actions lead to her death.

Turns out Lana was right to not believe Timothy, because Jude is hidden away in a super secret back room. She looks like she hasn’t showered in months. Gross.

Sorry, girlie.

Sorry, girlie.

Lana gives birth and she doesn’t want to touch the baby. The baby is allergic to formula and a nurse begs Lana to breastfeed- she reluctantly does so.



Episode 9 of AHS: Asylum is named ‘The Coat Hanger’. Take a wild guess of what it means -_-

Quick note: AHS Asylum is now on hiatus until early January. Episode 10 airs Jan. 2nd, and at the end of this post you can find a TV promo!

Quick summary: A present-day killer reveals himself. Sister Jude joins the rank of ‘patient’ at the asylum, Kit and Dr. Arden execute a plan to bring the alien creatures back to Briarcliff, Lana gets a confession from Dr. Thredson, and fan favorite Pepper has been hiding with someone who has been brought back to life.

Here we go!

The opening started off with a bang!

We’re in present day, 2012. Dylan McDermott (from Season 1) is back as a character named Johnny, and he’s sitting in a therapist’s office. He says as a child he killed and skinned animals, and as an adult he was jailed for armed robbery. He keeps saying that he couldn’t live up to his father, and now the urge to skin women is taking over him and he needs the therapist’s help. He reveals that his name is Thredson, and he’s the son of Bloody Face. We see that Johnny is also the present day Bloody Face and he attacked the Lovers and tried to skin Teresa.

Johnny American Horror Story Asylum

Johnny has a special connection to Dr. Thredson….

Back to 1964, Lana sits in Sister Mary Eunice’s office, and she finds out she is pregnant (remember Thredson raped her in the previous episode). Lana faints.

Sister Jude is restrained in a bed after she slit Leigh’s throat last week. Monsignor Timothy tells her that she’s being restrained for her safety and the safety of others. He also tells her that she will remain a patient in Briarcliff as Judy Martin…she is no longer Sister Jude.

Sister Mary Eunice, Dr. Arden, and Leigh report that Sister Jude killed the security guard Frank and that she was obsessed with conspiracies like Dr. Arden being a Nazi and Sister Mary being possessed by the devil.

Lord…Lana finds a coat hanger and sneaks it into her room.

Jude now understands the horror of being a patient at the asylum. She pleads with Monsignor Timothy to let her free. Instead Timothy brings in Leigh. Leigh tells Jude that he forgives her.

Lana sneaks into the infirmary and tells Kit that they need to kill Thredson. Kit says he’ll be freed if Thredson confesses to being Bloody Face, so killing him is not an option.

Lana goes to the hiding place where she stashed Thredson. She tells him that she is pregnant but she’s getting rid of the baby. Thredson begs her to keep the baby and he will be a good father.

Lana repeats the names of some women that he killed and asks he killed them. He gives various reasons, such as liking their skin. Kit appears with a tape recorder, and he’s recorded Thredson’s confessions. She tells him that she’s already used the coat hanger to get rid of the baby. She’s planning to kill Thredson next.

Dr. Arden catches Kit hiding something in the bathroom. He invites Kit to his office for a drink. Dr. Arden tells Kit that he also saw the creatures, and they took Grace’s body. Arden makes the connection that the creatures want Kit for some reason, and he suggests that taking Kit to the brink of death will bring the creatures back. Kit’s stupid ass agrees to it, if it’ll bring Alma back to him.

Lana tries to steal a knife from the kitchen but she’s stopped by a guard who takes the knife from her.

Leigh tells Monsignor Timothy that he repents for his sins, and Timothy baptizes him. After it’s over Leigh says he feels like a new man, and then he pushes Timothy’s head under the water.

Leigh and Monsignor Timothy American Horror Story Asylum

Is Leigh truly a new man?

Lana goes to her room and grabs the coat hanger. She starts stabbing her pillow in preparation for killing Thredson. She goes to the hiding place and sees that he escaped. Lana starts looking for him and she runs into Sister Mary Eunice. Sister Mary grabs the coat hanger and feels Lana’s stomach. She tells Lana that the abortion was not successful, and she’s going to have a boy.

Fast forward to 2012, and the therapist’s office is trashed. One of her friends walks into the office and notice the therapist has been killed. The friend turns to walk out and she is stopped by Johnny.

Back in 1964, Jude walks into the asylum’s common area. The other patients recognize her, but they don’t realize that she’s one of them now. Jude sits down with Lana and apologizes for the horrible things that she did. Lana is NOT trying to hear it.

Kit is in Dr. Arden’s surgical room, and he’s following up with this ridiculous idea to die under the hand of Dr. Arden, who will then bring him back to life by restarting his heart. Dr. Arden does his work, and sure enough here come the alien creatures. Arden starts following the bright lights and….

Pepper American Horror Story Asylum

Pepper is back, and she has a surprise with her…

Pepper is here! She’s watching over a pregnant and ALIVE Grace. Pepper tells Dr. Arden that the baby is full term.

Leigh has subdued Monsignor Timothy and placed him on a cross, Jesus-style. The Angel of Death appears and walks over Monsignor. He says ‘Help me’, and she replies ‘I’m here.’


Very good episode, and I’m so glad to see Dylan McDermott! I think he’s great and I hope he signs on for Season 3.

My, how the tables have turned on Jude! She spent years wreaking havoc and now she’s a lowly patient. I hope nothing bad happens to her though.

Lana and the coat hanger- ugh. *shivers*

It seems the alien storyline will finally start to pick up speed. I’m hoping the possessed Sister Mary Eunice storyline will move along as well.

Lastly, how gullible is Monsignor Timothy? Geez, there’s no way most people would’ve bought Leigh’s ‘I’m so sorry’ act. And how the hell did Leigh crucify him anyways?

I guess we’ll get some answers on the Jan. 2nd episode. Here is a preview:


Season 2 Episode 7 of American Horror Story: Asylum is named “Dark Cousin”, and we see The Angel of Death offer her services to the long-suffering main characters of the show. Lana escapes from Dr. Thredson, Kit attempts to free Grace, and Sister Jude speaks to the family of the young girl that she hit years ago.

The Angel of Death is Frances Conroy, who played the character Moira in Season 1.

Just a quick sidenote: Where is Pepper? I know she wasn’t considered a main character, but she disappeared back in Episode 3 and hasn’t been seen since then. The AHS writers did a great job of tying up loose ends in the first season so let’s hope they don’t forget about Pepper in this second season.

Here we go!

The episode opens with nuns checking on Grace after her ‘sterilization’ aka alien attack that happened in Episode 6. She is suffering from excessive bleeding.

The Angel of Death appears next to Grace. She is wearing a chic black outfit and hat with a veil, she has some huge black wings and she’s wearing a FIERCE red lip. Werk! The Angel attempts to kiss Grace and end her pain, but the nuns revive her in time and Grace is sad.

Sister Mary Eunice confronts Dr. Arden about the botch sterilization, and he tells her that he didn’t perform the procedure. He slaps Sister Mary Eunice and she unleashes the devil on him by telepathically throwing him up against the wall.

Now we’re in the kitchen where a nun is slicing meat and a patient named Miles is letting the voices in his head get the better of him. He takes over the meat slicing duties and puts his wrists against the blades. He uses his blood to write the name of The Angel of Death and summons her. Sister Mary Eunice freaks out. Miles is placed in isolation, and when the Angel appears in his room Sister Mary Eunice walks in and tells the Angel to leave.

Dr. Arden visits Grace, and he tells her that he can save her life with meds and constant care. He’s only doing it because he doesn’t want to be responsible for death.

Kit is in custody and is about to go down for the confession that he gave Dr. Thredson. He escapes custody and heads to asylum to pick up Grace.

The Angel of Death appears to Lana. Lana wants to die at first but she decides to fight back. Dr. Thredson tells her that he wants to kill her now, but he wants it to be painless. He thinks it will be better if she’s unconscious and he approaches her with a syringe. Lana smacks him upside the head with a picture frame and kicks his ass. She releases her chains and runs out of the house.

Lana starts running down the street and jumps into a car with a man. When she looks in the backseat she sees The Angel of Death. Turns out the driver is a crazy mofo whose wife just cheated on him. He pulls out a gun, shoots himself, and the car is wrecked. Lana wakes up and finds out she’s back at Briarcliff. Damn!

Now we’re at the hotel room where Sister Jude has found the body of the Nazi hunter who was killed in Episode 6 by Sister Mary Eunice. Before he dies he tells her that Sister Mary Eunice attacked him.

Sister Jude goes to a diner where she sits down with The Angel of Death. It’s clear that the Angel has visited Sister Jude many times before, and each time Sister Jude’s life was spared. This time Jude seems like she wants to end her life for good, but first she wants to speak to the family of the girl that she hit in her car years ago.

Sister Jude visits the family and finds the mother and father to be very upbeat and happy. Surprise, surprise when Missy walks into the family home after a long shift at the hospital! The mother reveals that Missy survived the accident, and the father gave Sister Jude the stink eye.

Lana cries to Sister Mary Eunice about Kit being innocent and Dr. Thredson being the real Bloody Face.

Kit breaks into Briarcliff and finds Grace. He attempts to run out with her but one of Dr. Arden’s unfortunate patients runs out and attacks. Basically it looks like Shelly but it has legs. Kit and Grace fight back, one of the guards hears the commotion, and the guard comes in and points the gun at Kit. Once the shot is fired, we see Grace jump in front of Kit and she takes the bullet instead. The Angel of Death kisses Grace, and she dies.


I loved The Angel of Death in this episode. I was a bit bored with Sister Jude, because I feel like this episode only rehashed some things that we already knew about her. It was surprising to see that the girl she hit is still alive, so I wonder if Sister Jude will decide to make her way back to Briarcliff…

What did you think about this episode?


Season 2 Episode 5 of American Horror Story is called ‘I am Anne Frank Pt. 2’ and several things happen- we found out the identity of Bloody Face, Lana escapes, Sister Jude feels defeated by a defiant Dr. Arden, and Anne Frank is confronted by her husband.

I will say this: this episode was a hard one to watch and it involved a lot of violence and suppression towards most of the female characters on the show. I guess for a show set in the 1950s this is an accurate depiction of how women were treated.

Let’s go!

Sister Jude leaves Briarcliff to meet with a Dr. Goodman who can tell her if Dr. Arden is a former Nazi.

Anne forces an injured Dr. Arden into Sister Jude’s office by gunpoint. Sister Mary Eunice was already in there snooping through Sister Jude’s papers. She runs out and leaves. A guard steps in and holds a gun to Anne’s head with an order to let Dr. Arden go.

Anne wakes up in a straight jacket in a bed, with Sister Jude standing in a corner. Sister Jude said Dr. Arden’s surgery room was searched and they didn’t find a disfigured person like Anne claimed. Seems like Dr. Arden (or Sister Mary Eunice) disposed of Shelly before she was discovered by anyone else.

Sister Jude meets with a man in her office who claims that Anne Frank is his wife. Her real name is Charlotte Brown, and when she was 8 months pregnant she went to see an Anne Frank play. After the baby was born she began to withdraw and immerse herself in the history of Anne Frank, Auschwitz, etc.

Dr. Threadson appears and says Anne/Charlotte is suffering from postpartum psychosis. He says it would be dangerous for Anne to go back home, but Sister Jude ignores him and lets her leave with her husband. At first she resists, but when she sees a picture of herself holding a baby she seems confused but agrees to go.

Dr. Threadson tells Sister Jude she made a mistake and he expresses his disapproval of the sterilizations.

Kit and Grace are still held in separate cells but they declare their undying love for each other. Sister Jude interrupts the love fest and tells Kit that he is free from solitary confinement and he will not be sterilized. Grace is still scheduled to have her sterilization the next day.

Kit is back in Dr. Threadson’s office. Dr. Threadson wants to record Kit’s confession to the murder, so Kit leans forward and says ‘I’m Kit Walker, and I murdered my wife.’

Grace is in her confined room when a bright light appears under the door. She stares at it and then finds herself lying nude on a table. It appears an alien has grabbed her and plans to perform a procedure on her. Alma walks up to the table and she looks like she is pregnant. She tells Grace to relax, and then Grace’s lower abdomen is slashed.

Sister Jude leaves a message for Dr. Goodman saying she gave him the wrong information. Dr. Arden overhears her and demands to know what she is talking about. She tries to brush it off, but Dr. Arden is pissed. He threatens to sue her for negligence and he also says he’ll go to the Monsignor and have her removed.

Dr. Arden goes to his office. Sister Mary Eunice appears and apologizes for flirting with him. He thanks her for dragging Shelly to the woods before the guards and police could find her.

A group of children are at school preparing to get on the school bus when a little girl wanders over to a flight of stairs. She looks down and sees Shelly crawling up the stairs. Sister Mary Eunice dropped Shelly at a school instead of taking her to the woods.

Anne’s husband brings her back to the asylum and she is kept in a confined room. Dr. Arden walks into her room and closes the door. According to the husband, Anne tried to smother the baby when she came back home and he’s afraid to go to work and leave her alone with the baby. Sister Jude sends for Dr. Threadson, but he refuses to help because he’s busy helping Lana escape.

Dr. Arden decides to get his revenge on Anne by performing a lobotomy on her.

Dr. Threadson brings Lana to his apartment, and the asylum has already discovered that she’s escaped. Lana immediately feels uncomfortable being alone with Dr. Threadson, and she excuses herself to go to the restroom. She tries to find a way out but she stumbles into a room with lots of sharp knives and other unflattering objects. Dr. Threadson tells her that he makes lamps, and when she asks what material he uses he says ‘Skin’ and then flips a lever that opens a hole in the floor. Lana falls through.

In the room that Lana falls into, she finds Wendy lying dead on the floor. Dr. Threadson walks in and puts on the Bloody Face mask. He shows Lana that he removed Wendy’s teeth and placed it onto the mask.

Kit is arrested for the murders that he confessed to while in Dr. Threadson’s care. Threadson had been playing mind games with Kit, and now that Kit has confessed he has solidified his identity as Bloody Face, which means Threadson is free to continue his murders.

Sister Jude wakes up in a strange man’s bed. She was out drinking the previous evening with her flirty dress and red lips.

The episode ends with Charlotte at home with her husband. The lobotomy has turned her into an obedient and vacant ’50s housewife, complete with the makeup, hair pinned up into a cute bun, and a sweet housedress.


The week we got another awesome episode of American Horror Story: Asylum. This episode is called Tricks and Treats and we see an exorcism, an escape attempt, two murders, and a glimpse into Sister Jude’s past.

Here’s my recap, and it goes in order as it happened in the show:

Present Day:

Bloody Face chases Teresa, and she tries to drag Leo through the asylum to safety. Leo is stabbed to death and it looks like Teresa will be next.

Back to 1964:

Wendy, Lana’s girlfriend, is at home with two friends. She cries and pledges to get Lana out of the asylum. After her friends leave she takes a shower, and once she finishes dressing she is stabbed and killed by Bloody Face.

Sister Jude inspects the inmates’ cells. Pepper was hiding food and the nymphomaniac Shelly shares her adventure with a cucumber. Sister Jude confronts Lana about hiding paper in her pillowcase. The papers document everything she’s been through since being committed to the asylum. Sister Jude asks her great enemy, Dr. Arden, to perform electroshock therapy on Lana so her memory will be wiped. Of course, Dr. Arden is happy to oblige.

Actor Anthony Quinto appears as Dr. Oliver Threadson and he meets with Kit. Dr. Threadson is a psychiatrist, and he diagnoses Kit with acute clinical insanity after he hears Kit’s story about aliens abducting his wife Alma.

Dr. Arden follows Sister Mary Eunice out to a wooded area. He’s asked her to feed whatever is living out there and she goes there daily to carry out her task. Shelly watches the two walk back into the asylum.

Lana experiences some mild symptoms resulting from her electroshock therapy. She overhears Kit and Grace discussing a way to escape the asylum.

Dr. Threadson talks to Sister Jude about things that he’s witnessed, such as physical abuse and the electroshock therapy. He tells her that he expected to see psychiatric therapy and humane treatment. Sister Jude tells him to scram and focus on diagnosing Kit. He barges into her meeting with a mother and father who are concerned about their son being possessed and killing their animals.

Dr. Threadson and Sister Jude meet with the son, named Jed, and something is clearly wrong with him. He has his body twisted in a strange position and he starts speaking in a demonic voice. Sister Jude recommends an exorcism.

Lana tells Grace that she knows a way out, but Grace isn’t buying it. Lana tells her that Kit cannot go with them.

Shelly comes onto Dr. Arden but he is disgusted and pushes her away. Shelly reveals her husband had her committed after he found in her bed with two men.

Dr. Threadson is appalled that Monsignor Howard wants him to be present for the exorcism. Jed is tied down and the demon takes over his body again. The exorcism begins.

Dr. Arden has paid a naughty call girl to have a romantic dinner with him. She looks a lot like Sister Mary Eunice.

We go back to the exorcism and it’s not going well. The possessed Jed throws the priest across the room, and that causes the room to clear out. Sister Jude goes in alone, and the demon inside Jed brings up Sister Jude’s past- while drunk driving she hit and killed a young girl. We also see that Sister Jude was a sexy, flirtatious, and promiscuous woman.

Lana and Grace attempt to escape but Kit tags along. Grace says she won’t leave without Kit, so Lana screams and alerts the staff that Kit is trying to escape. Kit is beaten to the ground and Grace is carried away.

It appears Jed has been rid of the demon but his body is lifeless. Sister Mary Eunice falls to the ground inside of the room.

Dr. Arden has the call girl dress as a nun. In his bedroom she discovers photos of girls tied up and possibly dead. He angrily tells her that she isn’t going anywhere, and orders her to lie on the bed. She bites Dr. Arden and escapes.

Back at the asylum, Dr. Arden asks Sister Mary Eunice about her fainting spell after the exorcism. She is lying on a cot and she isn’t wearing her habit. Her hair is loose and she’s wearing a simple white nightdress. Dr. Arden seems to have some lustful feelings towards her. She stares him down as he walks away, and it appears that she may be possessed now.

Sister Jude has a meeting with Lana. Kit and Grace are then brought into the room to receive their punishment. Kit takes all of the blame, along with all of the lashes meant for Grace. The episode ends.

– – – –

Wow! That’s alot of action packed into 45 minutes, and I enjoyed watching all of it.  I’m really interested to see what happens next week with Sister Mary Eunice. It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s able to seduce Dr. Arden and wreak havoc in the asylum. I’m also hoping we’ll find out what is in the forest, and why Sister Mary Eunice has to feed it every day. On a lesser note, if Teresa dies in the next episode what storyline will the show create so we can continue to see the asylum and Bloody Face in the present day?

What are your thoughts about Episode 2?