Hi folks, I have some sad news for the #RenewDeception fans: It’s been canceled. Huffington Post has the details. Seems like the declining ratings really hurt the show, even though the writing and the acting were pretty solid in the second half of the season.

Deception NBC


I understand why this show was canceled but trust me, I don’t like it. This show started off very slowly and a little shaky. The storyline was tough to get into in the first couple episodes, and the characters were very cliche to me. I’m sure lots of people stopped watching at this point.

However, as we headed into mid-season the show hit a really strong groove. The storyline seemed to even out and gave us an awesome conspiracy surrounding the death of Vivian Bowers, and each character developed their own interesting storylines.

I especially loved episode 9 titled ‘Good Luck With Your Death’. The writing was excellent,  the characters threw some incredibly nasty insults at each other, and we saw some of the best scenes of the entire series, including the following:

Meagan Good and Wes Brown gave the viewers something to root for as their characters Joanna and Julian tried to navigate through their complicated relationship. They are affectionately referred to as ‘Jolian’ by the Deception fandom but unfortunately we won’t see new Jolian moments in a season 2.

If you watched Deception, are you sad to see it go or do you think the cancellation is justified?



  1. hah says:

    This show was never good.

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