Claire tries to escape with Joey. She arrives at the locked gate and she’s confronted by Roderick and the rest of the followers. He brings them back inside the house and fits Claire with an ankle monitor.

Mike Weston is back on the job and he’s at the armory with the rest of the team. Weston has a sketch of Roderick.

Parker analyzes some drawings on the walls of the armory. She comes up with ‘Carrollism’ to describe the religion that Carroll is using on his followers.

Carroll calls Ryan and asks ‘What motivates you? Who are you?’ Ryan asks if Carroll is upset that the FBI has found the armory, and Carroll hangs up on him.

1983 flashback – a teenage Ryan sits in the car while his father goes into a convenience store.

FBI finds a connection to Daniel Monroe, a black market arms dealer who’s been on the FBI radar for years due to his involvement with a militia group called Freedom 13. They suspect Carroll reached out to him to develop a heavy militant presence in his following.

Vince tells Carroll that the FBI will find everything they need in the armory, and they can trace the weapons to Daniel and possibly find the Crazy House, which Daniel helped them acquire. On the other hand, Roderick is convinced that the FBI won’t find Daniel or the Crazy House. Carroll decides he’ll kill Daniel, and he’s bringing Vince and Jacob as backup.

Mike is getting restless and snippy with Ryan. He jumps on a lead to Maryland, where a member of Freedom 13 lives. He arrives at the home with Parker and Ryan, and he breaks in and then attacks Bryan Fuller. Ryan continues to look around and he finds Daniel Monroe.

Parker handcuffs Bryan and leaves the room to make a call. Jacob slits Bryan’s throat and then he knocks Parker upside the head when she comes back into the room.

Emma tries to talk Claire about…something. She says Joey was safe in her care. Claire and Emma slap each other and then Claire starts choking Emma. Roderick breaks it up.

At the Fuller house, Ryan and Weston are questioning Daniel in a small room. Ryan leaves to check a noise and he ends up running into Vince and killing him. He goes back to the small room and the door is shut and locked with Carroll and Weston inside. Weston is tied up and Carroll starts hitting him and choking him.

Parker comes to her senses and finds herself tied up. Jacob tells her she’s going to die.

Carroll demands that Ryan repeats the story of how his father died.

1983 flashback – teenage Ryan hears gunshots inside the convenience store. He gets out of the car and sees the gunman, who stares at him and then runs away. Ryan runs into the store and watches his father die. He says a few days later the police found the gunman’s body after he overdosed.

Carroll tells Ryan, “Death motivates me, and it fuels me.” Jacob brings Parker to the small room, throws her at Ryan, and then he quickly runs off with Carroll. Ryan chases them but he can’t catch them.

Carroll is back at the Crazy House and he talks to Claire. She tells him that his shenanigans and his book are things he will have to pay for.

Jacob is watching TV and he sees his face plastered all over TV. He calls his dad to say ‘hello’ but then he hangs up.

Carroll and Emma start making out in the kitchen, and he apologizes for ignoring her.

We find out that Ryan held his father’s killer at gunpoint and forced the man to overdose.

Parker and Ryan meet with the local sherrif, and they tell him that they believe Carroll is in the area. The sheriff is – Roderick!



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