Dylan watches Norman go inside Shelby’s home. Shelby arrives, and Norman is still in the basement with the young Chinese lady. Dylan rings the door bell and asks for the nearest gas station. Norman escapes through a basement window and runs home. Dylan confronts him about being in Shelby’s home but Norman doesn’t want to talk about it.

The next morning Norman goes to Emma’s house to walk with her to school. Her father says she has the flu and will be out of school for at least a week. He tells Norman that Emma has a crush on him.

Shelby and Norma have sex in one of the rooms at the Bates Motel. Dylan catches them coming out of the room, and he makes eye contact with Shelby. Later, Dylan tells Norma that he doesn’t trust Shelby.

Bradley’s father has died. She goes to the site of the crash, which is right outside of Norman’s home. He goes outside to console her.

Norman is walking home in the evening and Shelby calls out to him. Norman starts running but Shelby catches up to him and gets creepy. He tells Norman that they are going fishing soon, and Shelby warns him, ‘The next time I say hi to you out here on the street, don’t run away.’

Norman warns his mother that Shelby has a young woman locked in his basement. He then tells her about the journal that he found, and he tells her the sex slave story. He repeats the conversation that he had with her about getting the belt, and of course Norma doesn’t remember. She tells him that sometimes he sees and hears things that aren’t real.

Norma spends the night at Shelby’s home. She goes to the basement while Shelby is asleep but she doesn’t see the girl. The next day Norman confronts her about Shelby AGAIN. He claims that he’s not jealous, but he is worried because Shelby has a freaking girl in his basement! Norma tells him to get ready to go fishing, and stop talking about a girl in the basement because she looked and didn’t see anyone.

Norman and Shelby are fishing, and Shelby says he’s putting his neck on the line to protect Norma. He tells Norman that he’s going to be in his life, and he needs to know that he can trust Norman and vice versa.

Shelby gets called out to a boat. Romero has found Keith’s hand with a watch still around it.

Bradley and Norman meet for ice cream sundaes. She is still dealing with her father’s death, and Norman consoles her again. Then she mentions the hand that was found in a fisherman’s net. Norman runs home and tells Norma, and then Shelby knocks on the door. He wants her to come down to the sheriff’s office and speak to Romero.

Romero tells her that carpet fibers were found under the watch on Keith’s hand. He’s going to match those fibers with the carpet that Norma was pulling up on the night that Keith disappeared. He admits that he doesn’t actually have the carpet and he wants Norma to tell him where she dumped it. She doesn’t tell him.

Norma and Norman go to the trash dumpster where she put the carpet but it’s gone. They figure out the dump that it went to but it’s locked, and Norma loses it. She cries all night about it.

Norman tells Dylan about what happened on the night that Keith Summers died. He also discusses the belt that Shelby is holding, and the woman that Shelby keeps in his basement. Dylan says he will help.

Bradley texts Norman late at night and asks him to come over. They go up to Bradley’s room and she says she’s tired of being sad. She says she wants to feel something else for awhile. She kisses Norman and they get under the covers…naked!

Norma doesn’t find Norman in his bedroom and she finds out from Dylan that he went to a girl’s house. Dylan says he knows enough about Norma to have Norman taken away from her. The doorbell rings, and Romero and Shelby have arrived to arrest Norma for the murder of Keith Summers.


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