Dylan leaves the house to go to his new job.

At school, Emma is freaked out and talks to Norman. She says she only wanted to hang out with Norman and that’s why she suggested looking for the dead woman’s grave. But now that she’s seen the shed, she is afraid. Norman tells her to stop hanging onto the journal because it’s pornographic and he gets defensive when she says that she found it in his room. He says he was going to throw it away.

During a test in class Norman seems unresponsive. He keeps imagining the haunting images from the journal, and he also imagines his teacher being tied and bound. He passes out and ends up in the hospital.

Dylan and his new co-worker head out the hidden pot field that Norman and Emma discovered in episode 2. There’s $5 million worth of weed in the field, and Dylan will be paid $300 a day to help protect it.

Norma is at the hospital with Norman, but she has to leave to handle the new carpet installation at the motel. As she walks out of the room Bradley arrives. She climbs into the bed with him to keep him company, and she says that her father is a medically induced coma.

Sheriff Romero has arrived at Norma’s house with a search warrant. Norma runs back to the hospital and brings him home against the doctor’s orders.

Norman tearfully confesses to Norma that he kept Keith’s belt hidden under his bed, and now that the police have left he sees that it is missing.

Emma arrives at Norman’s house and insists that they keep searching for the dead woman’s grave. He shows her room 4 at the motel, where he found the journal. In the bathroom, under the sink, there’s Chinese characters and Emma concludes the woman was chained to that exact sink as depicted in the journal.

Norma meets with Deputy Shelby and starts a pity party about Romero barging into her home. She tries to get information from him to see if the police found anything, but he doesn’t answer. Instead he invites her to dinner at his home.

Norma arrives at Shelby’s home and she asks again about the search warrant. Shelby reveals that he found Keith’s belt and took it. He didn’t tell Romero or the other officers that he found it. He says Keith was a bully, and he asks if what happened to Keith was an accident. He asks if Norman killed Keith and she says no. Shelby says he’s going to take care of her and she doesn’t need to worry. They start making out.

Dylan comes home and finds Norman on the couch. Norman is worried because Norma has been out for hours and she hasn’t answered his text messages or phone calls. Dylan says Norma is smothering him and he needs to get out more and experience life. They share a laugh about how screwed up their family is, and they both apologize for trying to kill each other in the previous episode.

Norma comes home and tells him that Shelby wants to help them. Norman doesn’t trust Shelby and he thinks the deputy will try to make Norma do things that she doesn’t want to do. Norman apologizes again for keeping the belt, and he said that he wanted to keep it as a memento. She snuggles against Norman and he seems happy again.

At school Norman tries to have a conversation with Bradley but Emma takes him to the side and tells him that the Chinese characters mean ‘Beautiful.’ Norman snaps at her when she says that she’s going to call the police and have them look at room 4 in the motel.

Norman is at home, in bed, and Norma walks in. She says he’s right that Shelby may make her do things she doesn’t want to do in exchange for holding onto the belt. She says that’s exactly what happened with Norman’s father. She tells Norman that he knows what he must do- get the belt back. Then it’s shown that Norma is not actually in the room, and Norman is just imagining that’s speaking with her.

Norman goes to Shelby’s house in the middle of the night. He starts searching for the belt and Shelby’s crazy, angry dog starts attacking him. He locks the dog in one of the bedrooms and heads down to the basement, where he finds a young Chinese woman lying on the floor. She is weak and has bruises on her arms like she’s been injected with a needle multiple times. She asks Norman to help her, and then Shelby pulls up outside. He walks into his house and the dog is still barking.


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