*spoilers below*

The FBI moves in, and Carroll starts the escape plan

With Joey Matthews in the FBI’s custody, he has given them a detailed description of the Crazy House. The FBI starts house hunting.

Carroll is still suffering from his deep stab wound and he is becoming very erratic in his thoughts and behavior. With Roderick gone he tries to lean on Emma’s support. She is still wary of him after he slapped her recently.

Carroll decides to enact his getaway plan and he enlists the help of Emma, Jacob and a couple other followers. Jacob doesn’t seem too confident of Carroll’s ability to lead the followers but he goes with the plan anyways.

The FBI finds the dead body of a follower hanging inside the empty Crazy House. Meanwhile, Jacob, Emma, Carroll, and Claire have invaded the home of Vicki Gray and her husband in Havenport, Maryland.

Crazy finds the FBI

The FBI searches the empty house and Ryan finds a note: Dear Ryan, the final chapter has begun.

Back at the Gray’s residence, Carroll and the team are hiding out until nightfall. Jacob says he feels uncomfortable and when he joined the cult he thought it would just be him and Emma.

Outside the FBI headquarters a couple followers have arrived and joined the crowd of news reporters. Ryan goes outside because he thinks they might be there but he can’t identify them. One follower starts doing an interview with a local news reporter and starts quoting ‘The Masque of the Red Death’, then the follower stabs the reporter and gets taken down by Ryan.

Dinner with the Grays

Ryan talks to ‘Annabelle Lee’ and demands to know where Claire is. He flips a table and puts a gun to the woman’s head. She says Claire has to die so Ryan can be reborn.

Carroll has cooked a pasta dinner for everyone. Claire asks Carroll to spare the Grays’ lives and have them deliver a message to Ryan. Carroll said a message is already being delivered.

Emma apologizes to Jacob and says she wishes she could make things right. Jacob kisses and holds her and says everything will be okay.

Claire hurts Carroll again

Two police officers are checking out the neighborhood and they arrive at the Grays’ residence. Emma answers the door, and one of the officers hesitates after he realizes she doesn’t live in the home. She shoots the officers. In the dining room, Carroll untied Claire so she could pour some wine. When he gets distracted by Emma’s gunshots, she hits him over the head, stabs him in his wound with a knife, frees the Grays and runs off with them.

Ryan, Parker and Weston are trying to figure out why The Masque of the Red Death is so prominent with Carroll and his followers. Weston concludes the followers are planning a mass death at a place where people may seek refuge – the local evacuation center. Some of them may be followers so the FBI goes in to do a sweep.

The plan is set into motion.

Mayhem breaks out. Ryan makes eye contact with a guy he saw earlier outside of the FBI center. The guy gives a signal and the followers start attacking everyone nearby. The FBI shoots down some followers while Ryan chases down the guy he recognized. Parker gets trapped by two followers.

Claire and the Grays are running but they are tracked down by Jacob and Emma. They capture Claire and let the other two run free.

Goodbye Jacob

With the FBI distracted at the evacuation center, Carroll arrives at a boat with Claire, Emma, and Jacob. He boards with Claire and heads to sea, while Emma and Jacob get back into the car. He tells Emma that they should escape, instead of sticking around and eventually dying for Carroll. Emma says ‘I love you, and I love Joe, but I don’t know how to love you both.’ She slits Jacob’s throat and he dies.

Weston notices Parker is missing. She was captured by two followers who have dragged her into an empty coffin. They nail it shut and start piling dirt on top of the coffin as Parker screams from inside.


MOVIE REVIEW: 42 (2013)

Running time: 2 hours, 8 minutes
Cast:  Chadwick Boseman, Harrison Ford, Nicole Beharie, Christopher Meloni, Andre Holland
Director: Brian Helgeland

When I first saw the trailer for 42 I thought, “Hey that’s a good trailer!” And when I left the theater after seeing the movie I thought, “Hey that’s a good movie!”

42 is emotional and uplifting, and I loved the cast and the pacing of the movie. At times it felt like a ‘made for TV’ movie when the music swelled every time a character said something insightful or profound, but otherwise it’s a solid movie.

42 Jackie Robinson

This movie mostly focuses on Jackie’s (Boseman) 1947 rookie year with the Brooklyn Dodgers and all of the racism and hardships that he endured. His personal life rarely sees any screen time- occasionally we’ll see his supportive wife Rachel at his baseball games and there were a few scenes of the Robinsons at home with their baby son. If you were hoping for insight on Robinson outside of the baseball field, no luck here. This movie is strictly about the beginning of his pro career.

It would be safe to say that this movie is less about Jackie Robinson and more about Branch Rickey (Ford) and his efforts to curb the strong racial tensions that resulted from Robinson signing with the Dodgers. Harrison Ford gives a great performance as the restless, frustrated, and compassionate Branch Rickey and I enjoyed his scenes with Robinson. He never pretended to understand the pain that Jackie endured but he did his best to create an environment where Robinson could flourish and showcase his extraordinary talent.

Chadwick Boseman will definitely earn recognition for his portrayal of Jackie Robinson. Boseman had some really good scenes, especially the scene where he smashed his bat after he became fed up with relentless taunting from Ben Chapman, the manager of the Philadelphia Phillies. Actually, the entire scenario between Robinson and Chapman was hard to stomach, from the constant racial slurs from Chapman to the heartfelt sadness and anger from Robinson.

I’ll admit that I have watched very few sports movies, and some critics have called 42 a ‘formulaic, by the book’ sports movie. That may be true, but I can’t say for sure. I do know that this movie is passionate and very respectful to Jackie Robinson’s legacy and time seemed to fly by as I watched it. I left the theater with a smile on my face and a deep appreciation for a man who simply said, “I just want to win.”



Norman tries to help his mother.

Norman returns home after spending the night with Bradley. Dylan tells him Norma is in jail.

Dylan and Norman go to the jail to visit her. She screams at them to leave and says she doesn’t need their help. Later Shelby brings her food but doesn’t speak to her.

Norman is at home going through papers and Emma stops by. He finds the deed to the hotel and he’s planning to use it for bail money. Meanwhile, Dylan goes to work and wonders about getting an advance for a few thousand dollars.

Emma and Freddie wait outside of a bail bondsman’s office and he tells her that Shelby is holding a woman in his basement. Emma wants to go to the police or at least find the woman, but Norman asks her to wait until he fixes the problem with Norma. Emma kisses him.

Norman still has Bradley on his mind and he sends her a sweet text. Then he receives a text from the bail bondsman who says Norma will be released at 9am the next morning.

Norma screams, then gets some help.

Norman and Norma visit a defense attorney who wants to create a ‘self defense’ case. Norma is adamant that she did not commit the murder and she walks out. In the car she yells at Norman for getting laid while she was at home crying her eyes out before getting arrested. She’s also upset that he told Dylan everything. Norman says she’s scary and she needs help; Norma kicks him out of the car and drives off. Then Dylan picks him up on his motorcycle.

At home, Dylan says he’s getting his own place and he wants Norman to move in with him, no matter if Norma goes to jail or not. Norman says she needs someone to be with her, but Dylan tells him to cut the umbilical cord.

Dylan’s friend loans him the $5000 that he needs. They’re sitting in a truck and some guy comes up to the window and shoots the friend in the neck. Dylan drops him off at a hospital and leaves. Dylan tracks down the guy who shot his friend and runs him over with the truck.

Norma secretly meets with Shelby. He tells her it’s not safe for them to see each other anymore. Norma gets upset but Shelby says that he loves her and it hurt him to see her in jail. He says he’ll think of something, and then he goes to the evidence room at the jail and steals the watch.

Thinking about Bradley….and Shelby’s sex slave.

Norma receives a phone call from her attorney. The attorney wanted the watch so she could do her own testing with the carpet fiber. The police can’t find the watch though, and without that they have no case, so the case against Norma is dropped.

Norman is still trying to contact Bradley but she hasn’t been responding to his text messages or phone calls. He gets upset when Norma tells him that her case has been dropped because the watch is missing, and she believes Shelby is behind it. Norman says, ‘That’s great, what’s he gonna make you do for that?’ Emma comes by and picks him up.

Emma is trying to talk to Norman about the girl in Shelby’s basement but Norman is distracted. He tells her that he’s with Bradley now but Emma doesn’t seem fazed, and she just calls it a ‘hook-up.’ She thinks Shelby and Keith were probably working together in the sex slave business, and she suspects Shelby is now hiding his woman on Keith’s boat.

Emma and Norman find the woman on Keith’s boat and they bring her to a room at the Bates Motel. Norma bursts into the room and demands to know what’s going on. Norman says he and Emma have found the woman that Shelby was hiding, and the woman confirms this to Norma.




Yes, this a recap which means – spoilers!

Weston sees Roderick

In Maryland, Ryan and Parker are talking to Roderick about finding Carroll. They are coming up with a ‘game plan.’

Weston is walking around the sheriff’s office and he recognizes Roderick as one of the followers who orchestrated his beating. Weston pulls out a gun but he’s taken down by other officers while Roderick calmly walks out.

Roderick’s real name is Tim Nelson. Parker pulls up his entire history and she figures out Carroll was his advisor in school.

The media arrives and Ryan holds an unauthorized press conference. He says any follower who gives up the Crazy House location while receive full immunity for their crimes. He says it’s first come, first serve.

What’s the game plan, Carroll?

Roderick runs to the Crazy House and tells Carroll the bad news. Roderick thinks Carroll is hiding a plan from him, and he says he’s on the front lines every day protecting the following while Carroll writes a book and pines after an ex-wife who doesn’t want him anymore.

Carroll starts choking him but lets go, and Roderick wonders if Carroll will actually kill him one day. After Carroll and the followers watch Ryan’s press conference, Roderick kidnaps Joey and leaves the Crazy House.

The Followers are too late…

Carroll sends Jacob, Michael, and Ethan to find and KILL Roderick, and bring Joey home safely. Claire begs Jacob to find Joey and keep him far away from the Crazy House.

Weston gets a report that Roderick was seen getting into a waitress’ car. The car gets pulled over and Roderick shoots the two officers. He’s about to kill the waitress but he gets surrounded by the FBI and they take him into custody.

Time for negotiations

Of course Roderick wants to make a deal with Ryan, and he says that he kidnapped Joey Matthews as collateral, so he won’t be killed by Carroll. Ryan uses Roderick’s phone to call Carroll, and Carroll says he’ll personally peel the skin from Roderick’s body if Joey is hurt.

Roderick says he’ll hand over Joey to the FBI if they let him go free. Nick Donovan says ‘hell no’ to that and the FBI will find a different way to find Joey.

Roderick makes good on his part of the deal

Ryan sneaks Roderick out of the FBI office! The deal is Roderick leads Ryan to Joey, and then he can go free. Ryan dumps his weapons and his cell phone behind (as requested by Roderick) before driving away from the facility. Jacob and his crew discreetly follow Ryan’s police car.

Ryan and Roderick go into a house and Ryan pulls Joey out of a closet. Weston was hiding in the trunk the whole time and he calls Nick and Parker and then heads inside just in time to see Roderick pull a gun on Ryan. Roderick is shot and killed, but Weston didn’t pull the trigger…

Emma faces Carroll’s wrath

Emma starts freaking out and asks Carroll about their safety. She tries to snuggle up to him and he reminds her that all they have is sex, and nothing more. He accuses her of being neglectful and allowing Joey out of her eyesight. He slaps her when she talks back.

Ryan to the rescue

Jacob and his crew head closer to the house and eventually they come inside and start fighting with Ryan and Weston. Michael and Ethan are killed while Jacob tries to run off with Joey, but he’s stopped by Ryan. Jacob runs away and leaves Joey behind.

Carroll’s day goes from bad to worse

Emma and Jacob talk. He says they are going to die soon. Claire talks to Carroll and says she’ll stay and she’ll do whatever he wants, under one condition – don’t try to bring Joey back into the Crazy House. She said she will love him again but it will take time. They start to kiss and Claire stabs him in the abdomen before she’s dragged away by some followers.

A drunken and injured Carroll calls Ryan and says that it’s time for Claire to die.

A woman named Melissa arrives at the FBI office. She’s a follower and wants to take Ryan’s deal. Nick attempts to take her to a holding room but she stabs him in the eye with her hair ornament, and then she is shot dead by the surrounding officers.



Dylan watches Norman go inside Shelby’s home. Shelby arrives, and Norman is still in the basement with the young Chinese lady. Dylan rings the door bell and asks for the nearest gas station. Norman escapes through a basement window and runs home. Dylan confronts him about being in Shelby’s home but Norman doesn’t want to talk about it.

The next morning Norman goes to Emma’s house to walk with her to school. Her father says she has the flu and will be out of school for at least a week. He tells Norman that Emma has a crush on him.

Shelby and Norma have sex in one of the rooms at the Bates Motel. Dylan catches them coming out of the room, and he makes eye contact with Shelby. Later, Dylan tells Norma that he doesn’t trust Shelby.

Bradley’s father has died. She goes to the site of the crash, which is right outside of Norman’s home. He goes outside to console her.

Norman is walking home in the evening and Shelby calls out to him. Norman starts running but Shelby catches up to him and gets creepy. He tells Norman that they are going fishing soon, and Shelby warns him, ‘The next time I say hi to you out here on the street, don’t run away.’

Norman warns his mother that Shelby has a young woman locked in his basement. He then tells her about the journal that he found, and he tells her the sex slave story. He repeats the conversation that he had with her about getting the belt, and of course Norma doesn’t remember. She tells him that sometimes he sees and hears things that aren’t real.

Norma spends the night at Shelby’s home. She goes to the basement while Shelby is asleep but she doesn’t see the girl. The next day Norman confronts her about Shelby AGAIN. He claims that he’s not jealous, but he is worried because Shelby has a freaking girl in his basement! Norma tells him to get ready to go fishing, and stop talking about a girl in the basement because she looked and didn’t see anyone.

Norman and Shelby are fishing, and Shelby says he’s putting his neck on the line to protect Norma. He tells Norman that he’s going to be in his life, and he needs to know that he can trust Norman and vice versa.

Shelby gets called out to a boat. Romero has found Keith’s hand with a watch still around it.

Bradley and Norman meet for ice cream sundaes. She is still dealing with her father’s death, and Norman consoles her again. Then she mentions the hand that was found in a fisherman’s net. Norman runs home and tells Norma, and then Shelby knocks on the door. He wants her to come down to the sheriff’s office and speak to Romero.

Romero tells her that carpet fibers were found under the watch on Keith’s hand. He’s going to match those fibers with the carpet that Norma was pulling up on the night that Keith disappeared. He admits that he doesn’t actually have the carpet and he wants Norma to tell him where she dumped it. She doesn’t tell him.

Norma and Norman go to the trash dumpster where she put the carpet but it’s gone. They figure out the dump that it went to but it’s locked, and Norma loses it. She cries all night about it.

Norman tells Dylan about what happened on the night that Keith Summers died. He also discusses the belt that Shelby is holding, and the woman that Shelby keeps in his basement. Dylan says he will help.

Bradley texts Norman late at night and asks him to come over. They go up to Bradley’s room and she says she’s tired of being sad. She says she wants to feel something else for awhile. She kisses Norman and they get under the covers…naked!

Norma doesn’t find Norman in his bedroom and she finds out from Dylan that he went to a girl’s house. Dylan says he knows enough about Norma to have Norman taken away from her. The doorbell rings, and Romero and Shelby have arrived to arrest Norma for the murder of Keith Summers.


Claire tries to escape with Joey. She arrives at the locked gate and she’s confronted by Roderick and the rest of the followers. He brings them back inside the house and fits Claire with an ankle monitor.

Mike Weston is back on the job and he’s at the armory with the rest of the team. Weston has a sketch of Roderick.

Parker analyzes some drawings on the walls of the armory. She comes up with ‘Carrollism’ to describe the religion that Carroll is using on his followers.

Carroll calls Ryan and asks ‘What motivates you? Who are you?’ Ryan asks if Carroll is upset that the FBI has found the armory, and Carroll hangs up on him.

1983 flashback – a teenage Ryan sits in the car while his father goes into a convenience store.

FBI finds a connection to Daniel Monroe, a black market arms dealer who’s been on the FBI radar for years due to his involvement with a militia group called Freedom 13. They suspect Carroll reached out to him to develop a heavy militant presence in his following.

Vince tells Carroll that the FBI will find everything they need in the armory, and they can trace the weapons to Daniel and possibly find the Crazy House, which Daniel helped them acquire. On the other hand, Roderick is convinced that the FBI won’t find Daniel or the Crazy House. Carroll decides he’ll kill Daniel, and he’s bringing Vince and Jacob as backup.

Mike is getting restless and snippy with Ryan. He jumps on a lead to Maryland, where a member of Freedom 13 lives. He arrives at the home with Parker and Ryan, and he breaks in and then attacks Bryan Fuller. Ryan continues to look around and he finds Daniel Monroe.

Parker handcuffs Bryan and leaves the room to make a call. Jacob slits Bryan’s throat and then he knocks Parker upside the head when she comes back into the room.

Emma tries to talk Claire about…something. She says Joey was safe in her care. Claire and Emma slap each other and then Claire starts choking Emma. Roderick breaks it up.

At the Fuller house, Ryan and Weston are questioning Daniel in a small room. Ryan leaves to check a noise and he ends up running into Vince and killing him. He goes back to the small room and the door is shut and locked with Carroll and Weston inside. Weston is tied up and Carroll starts hitting him and choking him.

Parker comes to her senses and finds herself tied up. Jacob tells her she’s going to die.

Carroll demands that Ryan repeats the story of how his father died.

1983 flashback – teenage Ryan hears gunshots inside the convenience store. He gets out of the car and sees the gunman, who stares at him and then runs away. Ryan runs into the store and watches his father die. He says a few days later the police found the gunman’s body after he overdosed.

Carroll tells Ryan, “Death motivates me, and it fuels me.” Jacob brings Parker to the small room, throws her at Ryan, and then he quickly runs off with Carroll. Ryan chases them but he can’t catch them.

Carroll is back at the Crazy House and he talks to Claire. She tells him that his shenanigans and his book are things he will have to pay for.

Jacob is watching TV and he sees his face plastered all over TV. He calls his dad to say ‘hello’ but then he hangs up.

Carroll and Emma start making out in the kitchen, and he apologizes for ignoring her.

We find out that Ryan held his father’s killer at gunpoint and forced the man to overdose.

Parker and Ryan meet with the local sherrif, and they tell him that they believe Carroll is in the area. The sheriff is – Roderick!



Running time: 1 hour, 31 minutes
Cast:  Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci, Jessica Lucas
Director: Fede Alvarez

When this remake of 1981’s The Evil Dead was first announced, diehard fans flocked online and went smooth OFF. They couldn’t believe that someone dared to remake a classic horror film, and even Bruce Campbell (one of the remake’s producers) had to do some early press to help calm down the fans.

I was skeptical too, because re-makes and reboots of classics don’t turn out well – remember Jackie Earle Haley’s A Nightmare on Elm Street? Yea.

Let’s get to the point here. I really enjoyed this movie. It’s gory, bloody, and just tons of fun. But is it a QUALITY movie? Ehhh…

Evil Dead 2013

Alot of scenes in this remake paid homage to the original movie, but it deviated once we arrived at the final, bloody act. A group of 5 friends meet at a cabin in a heavily wooded area. Mia (Levy) becomes possessed after a deeply cringe-worthy experience in the woods, and when she arrives back at the cabin she unleashes hell upon geeky Lou (Pucci), strict Olivia (Lucas), quiet Natalie (Blackmore), and her brother David (Fernandez). From this point forward the movie is nothing more than an excess of torture, pain, and blood.

There were some things that disappointed me, like the character Natalie. Occasionally she spoke or was spoken to, but she was pretty much invisible until it was her turn to experience hell. Once that happened I found that I just didn’t care about her. Another character, Olivia, was way too unlikeable. She was the ultimate hard-ass and I was happy to see her go. Then I wondered why the other characters would be friends with someone like her. I mention ‘character likeability’ because in horror movies you always need someone to root for. But if you hate everyone on-screen then what’s the point?

I also didn’t like this silly sub story about the friends gathering at the cabin because Mia was on drugs and needed to detox. I thought it was unnecessary and contributed to the fact that some of the characters were not useful. Mia is important because she has to detox. David is her brother, and Olivia is the one who orchestrated the whole thing. But where does that leave Natalie and Lou? This should’ve been a story about friends going on vacation so everyone would have something to contribute once they arrived at the cabin.

Overall, I’d say the remake is definitely worth seeing. I think Jane Levy did a great job as the main character Mia, and I’m a huge horror fan so I enjoyed the gritty nature of the movie. I was disappointed with some parts of the storyline and some of the characters were a huge annoyance to me so I can’t honestly say that Evil Dead is a top tier horror movie, although it definitely tried to be.

Did you enjoy this remake? Let me know!


Running time: 1 hour, 27 minutes
Cast:  Ashley Bell, Louis Herthum
Director: Ed Gass-Donnelly

2010’s The Last Exorcism was awesome. This 2013 followup isn’t. Not even close.

This movie is the PERFECT example why sometimes a movie just doesn’t need a sequel. Hollywood loves sequels. And trilogies. And splitting the third movie in a trilogy into a Part 1 and Part 2. But sometimes it just isn’t necessary.

Please admire this poster, which is the best thing about the movie.

The Last Exorcism Part II poster


The first few minutes of the movie are pretty good. Nell Sweetzer is still possessed and she briefly torments a couple in their home. Later she is placed in a girl’s home and it seems she has no memory of the events that took place in the first movie. From this point on, the movie bored me to tears.

There were too many scenes of Nell bonding with the other girls in the home, and we also saw her take on a housekeeping job in a motel. There were a few moments when the demon made contact with her, but those moments were so brief and so un-eventful that I impatiently began to wait for something, anything, to happen!

Something else that bugged me where the characters who got alot of screen time even though they added nothing to the story. Nell meets a young man at the hotel who seems interested in her, and she has a few scenes with him that added nothing to understanding more about her or him. The first half of the movie is spent watching Nell and her friends at the girls home, but then those girls are quickly forgotten.

What really irritated me is that the last 20 minutes are finally devoted to the demon returning for Nell. We all knew this was coming, so I don’t understand why we had to watch an hour of nonsense just to get here. There are some deaths here, but those all occur off-screen so we don’t get the pleasure of seeing a gory, horror movie death.

The first movie had something going for it. It ended with the satanic ritual and Cotton Marcus rushing to the fire. It ended on such a high note that I was sure the sequel would pick up from there. Instead we got a drab movie about the day-to-day happenings in Nell’s life, and then to say ‘thank you’ for making the audience sit through that, the writers decided to throw in a few ‘here comes the demon’ scenes during the last few minutes.

If there’s going to be a part three, I’ll pass!


Did you see The Last Exorcism Part II? Did you despise it as much as I did? Let me know!


Scandal Season 2, Episode 18 ‘Molly, You in Danger Girl’

Fitz holds a press conference to tell the American public that Osborne was the mole and breached confidential security information.

Huckleberry Quinn arrive at Olivia’s apartment for a monthly sweep. Jake knows about the sweep, so he takes the cameras down before they arrive, and then he puts them back afterwards.

With Osborne dead, Olivia sends Molly and David home.

Cyrus talks to Mellie and Fitz about an upcoming interview. It’ll be their first interview since the assassination attempt and the birth of the baby. Fitz says ‘Cyrus, we’ve been doing this circus act for 20 years, we’ll be fine.”

Cyrus goes home. He’s been spending the past month or so in a hotel room because James doesn’t trust him anymore. Cyrus wants to come back but James says he needs time.

Susan Osborne storms into Olivia’s office. She insists that someone murdered her husband, Graydon, because in the suicide note he called her ‘Susan’. She says he never called her that, and he would call her Susie instead. She thinks someone forced him to write the note. Olivia takes the case.

The team concludes Osborne’s death is too perfect. Olivia talks to the head of Osborne’s security detail, who was with him 24/7. The guy says Osborne was a patriot with a gambling problem, and the guy at the cleaners was his bookie.

Fitz talks to Cyrus and tells him to not give up on James.

The team decides to speak with Molly again. Abby goes to Molly’s home and the place is cleaned out. Huck finds out Molly just received a $100,000 payment, so the real mole paid Molly to frame Osborne. Abby runs to get David since he is no longer safe.

Liv calls Cyrus and tells him Osborne wasn’t the mole. Cyrus is not interested in the news and he still believes it’s Osborne. He thinks Liv is trying to sabotage the White House. Meanwhile, Jake is watching Liv make the phone call and he knows that she doesn’t think Osborne was the mole.

Jake meets with Random Black Guy from last week. RBG tells Jake to take care of it. (kill her? nooo)

Olivia tells her team that the White House doesn’t believe them, so they all need to gather more proof. She tells Huck to trace the money source, and David jumps in and offers to contact his buddies at Homeland Security and have Molly placed on a no-fly list. Huck finds a storage unit connected to the account that paid Molly.

Jake calls Liv and offers to come over and cook for her. He says “I’ll cook for you in that kitchen that you never use.” She laughs and asks how does he know that, and he says ‘Just a hunch.”

On TV, Mellie and Fitz are doing their live interview. They are laughing and faking their way through it. Fitz says he met her at a bar, it was love at first sight, and here they are.

Huck heads to the storage unit and makes Quinn stay in the car. Inside the unit he finds a large empty crate. Someone comes up from behind, hits Huck repeatedly and locks him in the crate.

Liv unexpectedly shows up at Jake’s apartment, and he hide a bag with a gun and duct tape and covers the surveillance cameras on TV before she comes in. It’s date night! He also shuts off her phone when she’s not looking.

Quinn goes to the storage units to look for Huck, but there’s 10 floors and she doesn’t know where to start.

Liv and Jake get naked and have sex!

Molly is being detained at the Dulles airport, and Abby, David, and Harrison go to see her.

Cyrus comes back home and fights with James. Cy says ‘Defiance is who I am.’ and James is upset because he perjured himself and he didn’t have the option to do otherwise. Cy tells him that instead of choosing justice and bringing down the White House, instead James chose love. It seems James is more angry with himself then with Cyrus.

Molly says she didn’t finger Osborne as the mole because she wanted the money. She said if she didn’t do it she would’ve ended up dead.

Fitz and Mellie have a surprisingly calm discussion about their sham of a marriage. Fitz recalls going out to dinner with Big Jerry and a client, and that client happened to bring along Mellie. Mellie came from old money and Big Jerry wanted her to marry Fitz. Fitz said ‘It wasn’t a blind date, it was a merger.’ Mellie says every marriage is based on pretend.

David tells Abby that she must still have feelings for him. Abby says she likes sleeping with him and maaaybe she still has feelings for him. Then he asks why she can’t admit to stealing the Cytron card and ruining his life. He says he can’t forgive someone he can’t trust.

Quinn looks at the security cameras and finds that one camera was turned in a different direction so the person who attacked Huck wouldn’t be seen. Quinn finds the unit and the crate with Huck in it.

Olivia wakes up and heads into Jake’s living room. She hits a button to turn on the TV and instead she finds Jake’s secret surveillance camera wall. She finds out Jake has been watching her! She struggles to get away from him, and when he pushes her to the floor she hits her head and starts bleeding. On the cameras we see a hit man has arrived at Olivia’s apartment. Jake takes her to the hospital.

Fitz calls Cyrus and tells him that he killed Verna. Fitz says “Would she forgive me if she knew?” I assume he’s referring to Liv. Cyrus says there’s some things they have to keep to themselves.

Huck is in the fetal position and shaking. David says this is worse than when Huck was water boarded. Quinn is concerned.

Molly is dead. She was hit by a car.

Quinn shows the security tapes to the rest of the team and they see a guy in a baseball cap enter and leave the storage units empty handed. They suspect he killed Wendy and Molly, and hurt Huck. The guy in the baseball cap is Charlie, who calls Cyrus about some ‘new developments.’

At the hospital, Jake tells Liv to say that she doesn’t know him, and that she was attacked in her apartment and Jake came in and saved her. Then Fitz walks in!! He hugs her. Jake sees this, and he puts the pieces together about Liv and Fitz.




Roger Ebert has passed away at 70 years old. He made no secret of his long battle with cancer, and yet he continued to review a breathtaking number of films each year. Just as recently as April 2nd, 2013 he wrote a blog post declaring his ‘leave of presence’ as he continued his fight against cancer, but sadly he passed away on April 4.

Ebert & Roeper

I remember one evening during my teen years when I supposed to be asleep and getting rest for school the next morning. Instead I snuck into the living room to watch TV and none of my favorite shows were on. I watched Ebert & Roeper and I was amazed. I didn’t know that people put so much thought into movies. I was a huge movie fan, but it never occurred to me that movies are worth analyzing. I didn’t realize until that evening that sometimes a movie becomes more endearing (or more annoying) when you really take time to think about it.

Another thing I learned from Ebert: keep learning and keep watching. Movies will always be here, even the ones from the silent era. He had a vast amount of movie knowledge tucked into his brain, and I hope to have a little sliver of that one day!

I’ll see you at the movies, Roger.