Dylan tracks down Norma and stops by the house. He’s still bitter because Norma moved out of state without telling him. She doesn’t want him to stay at the house, even though he’s lost his job.

Norman goes to the bus stop and meets with Bradley. She sees her dad’s car driving erratically down the road and it crashes. Everyone runs to the car and her dad is severely burned. Officers suspect the dad was burned at the warehouse he owns.

Norma tells Dylan to start pulling his weight. She sends him to pick up linen for the hotel.

Keith’s car is found in a wooded area near Norma’s home. She lies to the officers and says she doesn’t know where he is or why his car is parked there.

Norman shows up at the hospital with flowers to see Bradley and her father. He’s cockblocked by a jealous guy who also likes Bradley.

Dylan is at a stripclub and he talks to a guy who is crying. Guy says his boss is in a coma after getting into an accident. This guy is carrying a ton of cash.

Dylan comes home late at night with the linen, and he argues with Norma. Dylan and Norman have different fathers, and Dylan thinks Norma cheated on his father with Sam, who fathered Norman. She says she is close with Norman because he likes her, and when Dylan asks her where she got the money to buy a hotel and a new car, she says that Sam’s insurance money covered it.

Norma and Norman are vigorously cleaning the kitchen where Keith was killed. Norman’s classmate Emma stops by to study. Norma grills her about her illness (cystic fibrosis) and her life expectancy. Emma finds the book that Norman has been hiding and she asks to borrow it.

Sheriff Romero and Deputy Shelby stop by Norma’s house again to ask about Keith. She tells them they’ll need a search warrant if they want to look inside her house, and she sends them on their way.

The next day Norma catches Deputy Shelby alone and she flirts with him over coffee. Shelby says Romero and Keith were childhood friends. They make plans to meet at a local community event. Later she tells Norman, and he doesn’t want her to go. She changes her shirt in front of him, revealing a sexy bustier and he seems uncomfortable. She says ‘Norman, I’m your mother. It’s not like it’s weird or anything.’

Dylan and Norman fight because Dylan has Norma listed as ‘The Whore’ in his cellphone. Norman says ‘She’s not a bad person, she’s just not perfect.’ Norman attacks him with a meat hammer but Dylan lays him out with a few punches.

Norma meets up with Shelby, and he makes a strange observation about the folks who live in White Pine Bay. The residents seem to have low paying, farm-type jobs but they all live in fancy homes. He says the residents live by an ‘eye for an eye’ code.

Norman receives an urgent message from Emma and he heads to the shop that her father owns. She’s cracked the story behind the book: four Chinese women were brought to White Pine Bay illegally to work as maids and earn citizenship. Once they arrive they are forced to work as prostitutes and one woman dies from an overdoes. She’s buried by the other three women outside of a shed in a forest. Emma wants to find the grave. She kisses Norman.

Dylan meets with the guy he met at the strip club, and this guy introduces him to someone else. The second guy says ‘Do you know how to use a gun?’ It appears Dylan has found out how the people in this town make so much money.

Norman and Emma head to the forest to look for the shed. They come across a huge field of pot, and two guys chase them with guns. Norman and Emma run past the shed they were looking for, but instead of stopping they jump into Emma’s car and drive away.

At home, Norma tells Dylan that he needs to leave in the morning. He said he spoke to some insurance people who helped him locate Norma. The people talked about what a great husband and father Sam was, and Dylan said ‘What if I told them what life with Sam was really like?’ Norma smiles, and she knows that Dylan is on to her.

Later Norma is driving through town and sees Shelby directing traffic away from a burning body that is hanging from a boat mast. Maybe this is the ‘eye for an eye’ justice for Bradley’s father who was burned earlier in the episode.




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