Paul…is that you?

Jacob hallucinates that Paul is alive and emerging from the shower. Jacob goes to the shower and finds Emma’s dead body. She was stabbed to death. Then Jacob wakes up.

Jacob wanders around the Crazy House and sees Joey, who is happy to reunite with him. Jacob ignores Emma when she tries to speak to him and explain why she abandoned him and Paul.

Carroll meets with Jacob and politely asks him to forgive Emma and talk to her. Jacob sees Paul again, who appears and says ‘Emma is a selfish bitch, always was.”

Jacob finds Emma and they talk. Emma says that she’s sorry about Paul and she loved him too. She says Roderick told her to leave with Joey, but Jacob isn’t buying it and he says she could’ve saved them.

Later, Emma tries again to connect with Jacob. She wants him to trust her again and she says that she loves him. They start making out. He is once again haunted by Paul, who says that he is dead because of her. Paul says that Emma needs to die. Jacob ‘kills’ Paul again, and then he tells Emma that he smothered Paul with a pillow. He says ‘I have a real taste for it now. I’d watch my back if I were you.’

– – – – – –

Carroll and Roderick clash

Carroll has two followers who are skilled at hacking the FBI. They are Vince and Brock. They hacked a satellite system and attempted to contact Claire. Roderick wants to leave and do his work as Sheriff, but Joe tells him that he failed twice to get Claire so he needs to skip work and get her.

– – – – – –

Claire, where are you?

Ryan wants to speak to Amanda Porter (from the Love Hurts episode) but the FBI team in D.C. are holding her. Ryan threatens to quit if he isn’t put in charge of Claire’s protection detail and Donovan reluctantly allows it.

Ryan meets at the hotel where Claire is hiding. He tells her about the Claire Matthews saga from the Love Hurts episode. He tells her that she needs to be moved somewhere safe.

Roderick, Vince, and Brock arrive at the hotel. They have found the floor she’s on, and they all put on masks and grab guns. Roderick has a master key that he’s using to open all of the hotel doors.

Roderick finds her room but they are too late. Ryan and Claire escape from the hotel and one of the followers tries to hold her at gunpoint. Ryan says ‘You’re not going to shoot her,” and he shoots the guy. Claire hops in Ryan’s car and they drive off.

– – – – – –

Ryan gets some help

Parker and Donovan don’t know where Ryan and Claire are headed to and apparently they are unable to track her.

Ryan drives to the home of Tyson, a former FBI agent who is now in witness protection. Also, he plays Batista on Dexter!

2005 flashback. Tyson tells Ryan that if he publishes ‘The Poetry of a Killer’ then he’ll always be that ‘Joe Carroll guy’. He thinks the book is a bad idea but he still supports Ryan.

While Ryan is freshening up, Claire decides to ask Tyson about Ryan’s love life. Tyson tells her about Molly, and there’s a 2009 flashback with Molly and Ryan flirting. Tyson tells Claire that Ryan always pushes women away but she is the only woman he’s ever really cared about.

Tyson and Ryan find a chip in Claire’s sweater, and conclude the followers are tracking Claire and they know her location. Meanwhile, the FBI still doesn’t know where Claire is, and they have the bright idea that Ryan has taken her to his home, which was wishful thinking on their part.

– – – – – –

And… they arrive!

Carroll meets Joey in the kitchen for lunch and tries again to talk to him. They make s’mores.

Ryan, Tyson, and Claire are still waiting for the followers to show up. She wants to know why Ryan never called her for 8 years, and she says “What if I said I love you?’ and he said ‘I’d say that’s a really bad idea, and I love you too.’ Then they make out.

Roderick, Vince, and Brock are closing in on Claire’s location. Tyson shoots and kills Brock.

Roderick goes to the front door and yells for Claire to come out. Tyson is shot when he goes outside to find the followers. Claire runs outside and approaches Roderick and Vince. She says ‘Take me to my son’ and she gets in the car with them. They drive off with her.

– – – – – –

Another guest stops by the Crazy House

FBI team find an online portal that looks like a possible recruiting tool or online get-together for Carroll’s followers.

Ryan is at the hospital with Tyson when he gets a phone call from Carroll, who taunts him about Claire. Ryan says that he quits, but we all know that isn’t true.

2005 flashback. Tyson tells Ryan to stop pushing Molly away because of a fictional death curse. Ryan believes anyone who comes around him eventually dies.

A guest stops by to see Carroll- it’s Molly!



The FBI guy standing directly in front of the door and gets shot by Roderick.
Why the hell is Claire asking about Ryan’s love life when she has murderous psychos on her ass?


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