Running time: 1 hour, 27 minutes
Cast: Patrick Fabian, Ashley Bell, Louis Herthum
Director: Daniel Stamm

Produced and presented by horror filmmaker Eli Roth, The Last Exorcism follows Reverend Cotton Marcus as he works with a camera crew to film his last exorcism. For years Cotton has performed fake exorcisms for a fee. He pulls off the elaborate hoax with smoke, wire (to shake and rattle pictures on the wall and dressers), pre-recorded sounds and lots of good acting.

The Last Exorcism


Cotton and his film crew (director Iris and cameraman Daniel) arrive at the farmhouse of Louis Sweetzer. He is a religious man who is convinced that his daughter, Nell, is possessed. Cotton starts going through the motions of his ‘exorcism’ while the film crew documents his process. However, Cotton starts to realize Nell is flat out crazy, and she actually might be possessed by a demon named Abalam.

I avoided watching this movie because I went on an Eli Roth-strike after I watched his horrendous Hostel. I must say that I enjoyed this movie for a few reasons:

1. Pacing

I never felt like this movie dragged along or moved too fast. This doesn’t happen alot with scary movies, and most times they tend to drag because of too much dialogue.

2. It was creepy

The creep factor kept building from the moment Cotton stepped into the farmhouse. The dad is intense, Nell’s brother is weird, and Nell keeps giving ‘innocent’ vibes but her increasingly violent behavior poses suggests three things: she’s crazy and needs to be committed, she’s possessed, and mostly likely, she’s both. Seriously something is wrong with her.

3. Cotton and his team are freaked

Sometimes I watch horror movies and the characters seem unusually calm sometimes. They’ll scream and cry when something is after them, but when danger is out of the way they are calm. Cotton, Iris, and Daniel actually give some realistic impressions.

4. Is that a cult?

I won’t elaborate here because this would spoil the later half of the movie that I really enjoyed. Let’s just say that some freaky stuff happened and in my sick, horror-loving mind it was pretty cool.

– – – – –

Overall I enjoyed this movie and it’s definitely something that I would watch again. It does use the ‘found footage’ and ‘shaky cam’ techniques, but the shaky cam wasn’t too shaky and it didn’t distract me from the film. Last I checked it was on Netflix, so go check it out!



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