Norman finds his father dead on the floor. He alerts his mother Norma, who is very nonchalant and consoles her son.

Mother and son flee the house and drive to an abandoned motel and a separate house that Norma bought from foreclosure. Norman seems uncomfortable but his mother assures him everything will be okay.

One morning Norman is waiting at the bus stop and a group of pretty girls ask him to ride with them to school. He speaks to his advisor, Ms. Watson, and she gets the impression that things are not well at home- his father is dead and his mother seems unstable. She wants him to get involved at school and possibly join the track team.

Meanwhile, at the motel Norma is cleaning and she gets a phone call from her son Dylan. He’s upset that she didn’t tell him that she moved, and he asks her for money. She hangs up.

At dinner Norma guilts Norman into staying at home and working on the motel, instead of joining the track team.

Keith Summers stops by the house and rants about the motel and the house belonging to his family until it was sold to the bank. Norma threatens to call the police or shoot him if he comes back to the property.

The group of girls stop by the house and ask if Norman would like to study with them. He wants to go but Norma says there’s too much house work to do and she sends the girls away. Later he sneaks out and heads to a party with the girls. He likes a girl named Bradley and they start talking to each other, but she innocently talks to another guy at the party. Norman is jealous.
Keith comes by and attacks Norma. He handcuffs her to a table and begins to rape her. Norman returns home just in time to hit Keith and knock him to the floor. Norma puts the handcuffs on Keith and then she stabs him to death. She tells Norman that they can’t report the death because it will damage the reputation of the hotel.

Norman confesses to sneaking out of the house, and then he helps his mother dump the body into one of the hotel bathrooms. They start ripping up the bloody carpets until two officers – Shelby and Romero – stop by. Romero innocently goes into the room where Keith’s body is stashed and he uses the toilet. He does not see the body, and the officers leave.

Norma and Norman are on a boat and they dump Keith’s body into the water. Norma is feeling down on herself because she killed Keith, and earlier in the day she found out a new bypass will be built on the other side of town. This will certainly keep traffic away from their motel. Norman comforts her and tells her how much he loves and needs her.
Throughout the episode Norman keeps looking at a small book that he found, and it’s full of sketches that show women being abused (chained, needle sticking out of an arm, cowering in fear, etc.). Norma has the new ‘Bates Motel’ sign set up. The last scene of the episode shows a young woman shackled in a room, and someone sticks a needle into her arm.




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