Meredith Vieira having a televised sit down with Robert and Sofia. They discuss Audrey, Vivian, and the Lyritrol case. Beverly and Joanna are listening nearby. Beverly wants to leave with Joanna, but Joanna wants to stay and find out who really killed Vivian.

Edward, Mia, and Julian are at the hospital with Samantha. She’s on life support and basically brain dead, but Edward is not ready to pull the plug yet. Julian calls Joanna and asks her to move in with him. She’ll think about it.

Joanna meets Will. Now that he’s pinned Audrey for Vivian’s murder and closed a high profile case, he has a new huge office and later that evening he’s going to a dinner in his honor. She tells Will that Audrey didn’t do it, and they need to look at Haverstock. He tells her to fill out her exit paperwork and head back to San Francisco.

Joanna then meets with Haverstock and asks for his alibi for the night Vivian died. He tells Joanna that he knows she is a cop. He knew that Vivian wanted to leave with Ben, but he also knew that eventually she would come back. He said he was meeting with the President of the U.S. when Vivian died.

Sofia and Mia go grocery shopping and Wyatt shows up. Sofia gets riled up and starts throwing fruit at him.

Robert goes to the hospital to see Edward. He wants to bury the hatchet and move forward, but Edward is pretty much done with him. He says, “I’m the bad guy, and you are whoever you think you are.”

Joanna meets the heroin guy that Mia met last week. Turns out he has a nice job and a wife and kids, but his side activities include getting stringed out at dingy motels. He says he gave heroin to Vivian at the motel and then she left. Joanna thinks Vivian was killed elsewhere and then her body was dumped at the motel.

Will is listening to the audio from Julian’s wire. Seems like he is listening for a confession from Audrey before she died. Will puts together a line up for Edward to identify the guy who shot Samantha. Edward sees the guy in the line up but he lies and says he doesn’t see him.

Wyatt and Sofia are brought in for their fruit fight at the grocery store. Will questions Wyatt, who implies that Sofia killed her father. Will then questions Sofia and she threatens to lawyer up after he asks her if Vivian knew about Wyatt. Not sure what this has to do with anything though…

Beverly is frantically flipping through a Bowers photo album. She mistakes Julian for Robert and says Katherine died before she got into the car and died from a ‘car crash.’

Edward meets with a different mob group. Not sure if they’re Italian, Irish, or what. He asks them to find the guy who killed his wife and he’ll give them $200,000.

Will goes to Haverstock: Did Vivian know about Wyatt and Sofia? The answer is yes, and Haverstock says that he gave that information to Vivian. Will won’t answer if the Vivian case is really closed.

The Bowers family shows up at Will’s dinner. Julian and Joanna mingle, and then Julian introduces Will and “my girlfriend” Joanna. Joanna is wearing the bracelet that she found in the wine cellar, and Julian says the bracelet looks like the one that Vivian was wearing on the night she died.

Edward and Sofia are in the hospital cafeteria. She gently tells him that he needs to let Samantha go and move forward, and be present with his daughters. Then Kyle shows up and reunites with Mia.

Haverstock shows up at the dinner and threatens to harm Sofia if it’s proven that she was involved with Vivian’s death.

Joanna, Will, and Gabe escape for a secret meeting where Joanna reveals that Vivian was likely murdered at the Bowers home and then her body was transported in a suitcase and dumped at the motel.

Some homeless dude near the hotel has an expensive suitcase and Gabe and Joanna buy it from him. Gabe says he’ll take it to forensics.

Edward finally takes Samantha off life support. He returns to the Bowers mansion to make peace with Robert.

At the dinner, Julian asks Robert about his mother’s (Katherine’s) death. Robert is saved by a phone call and he leaves without answering Julian’s questions.

The rival mobsters have found the Russian guy, and Edward orders them to cut off his hands and then do what they wish with him.

Robert and Gabe meet. Gabe says the FBI will reopen Vivian’s case with Sofia as the lead suspect, but Gabe says he thinks Robert killed Vivian. Gabe mentions the suitcase, but now he has to get rid of it because if he turns Robert in then Robert will expose him as a dirty cop. So Gabe gets rid of the suitcase and tells Will that he lost it.

Haverstock meets with Gabe, Joanna, and Will. He says he’s going to be appointed as the new Attorney General, which means he’ll be Will’s boss. He tells Joanna to stay in the Bowers mansion and they’re going to work as a team to bring down Robert.

At the Bowers mansion, Mia goes outside and takes a phone call from Kyle. Wyatt emerges from the bushes and kidnaps her.

Robert talks to Joanna and says he thought she was working for the competition. He says that he always wins when people come after him. Joanna says, “So far.”


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