Hello Roderick…

Carroll tries to have a heart to heart conversation with Joey, but Joey isn’t responsive. Meanwhile, his followers are eager to see him and they are waiting for him at the bottom of the stairs.

Carroll asks Emma about Paul and Jacob. Apparently Emma hasn’t told him that she ditched those two.

We finally meet Roderick Nelson! He’s the local sheriff for the town where Carroll is hiding out. He arrives at the house to say hello to Carroll. 2004 flashback. Roderick owes a debt to Carroll, because Carroll took the blame for 2 women that Roderick killed.

Hello Nick…

Nick Donovan is a new agent sent in to supervise everyone on the FBI team. Donovan wants Ryan to step back and be a true consultant but Parker tries to fight for his presence, to no avail. Donovan tries to question David but David will only talk to Ryan. During questioning David bites into something that makes him bleed from the mouth and he starts convulsing and dies. It was a cyanide pill that was sewn into his hand.

Mike Weston, meet Charlie

Carroll greets Charlie, and Charlie apologizes for the Claire mishap. Then he greets Louise. Roderick has been recruiting new followers. He’s helping Carroll get settled into the new house. Now he wants to get Claire, and Roderick suggests letting the FBI lead them to her.

Weston hacked into Donovan’s email under Ryan’s orders, and he gets caught and gets sent home. Ryan confronts Donovan because he’s sitting on information that he isn’t sharing with everyone.

Ryan goes to his hotel room and he feels like he’s being followed. A lady and two guys keep popping up in the elevators and the hallways. Once he goes into his room he finds Louise and Charlie waiting for him.

Nice try, Emma

Ryan goes to Weston’s hotel room. The room is trashed and Weston is nowhere to be found. Charlie and Louise have dragged Weston to a shipyard (Newport Harbor) where he is then surrounded by other followers.

Carroll and Emma are drinking. She’s trying hard to get into his bed, y’all! Carroll turns her down because he says that he loves his wife.

2003 Flashback, Roderick was a student. Carroll shows him a girl that he has tied up in a basement. He teaches Roderick his preferred method of torturing and killing women.

Stay strong, Weston

Ryan and Parker look at the hotel surveillance and they see Weston being dragged into an SUV. An abandoned SUV was found at a shipyard so Ryan and Parker head over to that location.

The followers, led by Roderick, ask Weston about Claire’s location. He says he doesn’t know. He gets into a fistfight with Charlie, and then Louise hands them metal bars to fight with. Charlie quickly takes down Weston.

Ryan and Parker arrive at the shipyard and Ryan sneaks into the area where Weston is being beaten. Louise hands knives to Weston and Charlie for the last, final fight. Charlie stabs Weston, and Louise is about to deal the final blow when Ryan starts shooting at the followers. They scatter, jump into the SUV, and speed off. Parker shoots at the vehicle but she’s too late to stop them. Ryan is with Weston, and even though he is badly hurt and needs surgery the paramedics say he will pull through.

There’s some weird things going on at this house

Roderick tells Carroll that 5 people died and they still didn’t get any new information about Claire’s whereabouts. Charlie apologizes for letting Carroll down again, and he hands Carroll a knife. He says he wants to feel important, and he wants Carroll to kill him. Carroll stabs Charlie and then gently places him on the floor to die.

Turns out Weston spent two years working in witness protection, and Parker reveals that he is the only person who knows where Claire is.

Roderick and Louise have a sex thang going on but he’s not in the mood tonight. He starts choking her but then he stops and they have sex. Meanwhile, Emma has finally broken Carroll down and they have sex as well.



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