Joanna and Will and Julian

Joanna and Julian wake up and start kissing and snuggling. Nicole calls, and says Audrey bought a one way plane ticket to Morocco. Joanna and her mom meet in the wine cellar. Joanna wants her mom to avoid Robert for the next few hours. Mom loses a contact and Joanna finds it, along with a random necklace.

Will and Edward catch Julian up to speed about Audrey and her antics. Oh, and NOW Will wants Julian’s help, after giving him shit all season. Will has Julian wear a wire and see if he can find the burner phone that Audrey used to call the Russians.

Joanna tells Will that she slept with Julian. Will tells her that his feelings are hurt, she jeopardized the case, and she’s fired!

Audrey, what’s wrong?

Robert meets with Frank about the merger. Robert is very dismissive and he then asks Frank if he’s ever met Joanna before. Frank says no and walks off to meet with Audrey. She tells Frank that she needs him to deposit money in her account so she can get away.

Flashback of Audrey meeting with the Russians about killing Remy.

Mia investigates, and Sofia meets with Wyatt

Mia is meeting with Vivian’s therapist. He doesn’t offer up any info about Vivian.

Mia and Sofia have lunch, and Wyatt walks by the table. Sofia meets him in the men’s restroom and he asks her if she planted the drugs on him. Haverstock pulled some strings to get him out. They have sex in the stall, and when Sofia returns to her table, Mia is gone.

Some woman brings Mia to a dingy hotel room and says it’s where Vivian died. Some guy invites Mia to party at a room next door and she snorts heroin.

Sofia confronts Haverstock and he is not apologetic.

Sofia meets Wyatt AGAIN. She tells him they are never never ever getting back together again, and she tearfully offers him $3 million to go away.

Joanna to the rescue

Julian stops by the office for some kiss time with Joanna. She gets a phone call from Mia and immediately heads out to get her.

Mia tells Joanna and Vivian’s therapist, and Joanna confronts the therapist. She demands that he hand over the DVD recordings of Vivian’s sessions.

Robert does some talking…

Robert confronts Joanna’s mom and tells her she can still go to jail for her part in Katherine’s death. He wants her to tell him what Joanna is doing here.

Robert shows up at the FBI office and asks to speak to Will. Will isn’t available but Gabe is, and the two men have a secret conversation.

Edward confesses

Edward tells Robert about the new developments regarding Audrey. Robert says ‘Do you really think I’d let you back into the family?’ and Edward says ‘No I knew you’d be a dick about it.’ Robert hands Edward the golf club and calls him a murderer.

Will tells Edward, ‘Can you call before coming by?’ Edward has shown up with the golf club and tells him about Kimberly Yeager. Will arrests him.

Edward is being booked and placed into a cell, and Julian is being fitted with the wire.

It’s time for Julian to deliver

Nicole visits Audrey and identifies herself as a writer and colleague of Remy. She wants to ask Audrey some questions about Frank, and Audrey agrees. She secretly locks the front door while Nicole is seating herself.

Julian gets to Audrey’s apartment and she tells him that she wants him to go to Morocco with her. Will and Gabe are listening. Julian sees drops of blood on the floor and he looks in a closet and finds Nicole’s body. Audrey stabs him in the back when he checks to see if Nicole is breathing. Will and Gabe burst into the apartment and Audrey says ‘No one was supposed to die!’ Then Gabe shoots Audrey dead. He says he thought Audrey was reaching for a gun, but Will looks and says there is no gun.

Haverstock wins, and then he loses

Mia goes to Haverstock’s office and tells him that she’ll donate her bone marrow. She’s only doing it because she knows it can help save a life, but oh yea she did heroin so she has to wait a few days first.

Will tells Edward that he had the golf club tested, and it’s animal blood on the club, not Kimberly’s blood.

Edward goes to Haverstock and tells him that he turned himself in so he could pay for his crime. Haverstock admitted that he used the club to blackmail the Bowers so they wouldn’t expose his inappropriate sexual relationship with a 16 year old Vivian.

Joanna thinks about Haverstockā€¦

Joanna watches Vivian’s tapes, and in one tape Vivian says she thinks Haverstock will kill her before he lets her go. She wants to break up with him but she’s afraid to do it.

Joanna calls Will and tells him about the tapes. Will says that Audrey already confessed but Joanna says ‘Did she specifically say that she killed Vivian?’ Will hangs up on her.

Bye Samantha, Hello Gabe

The guy following Edward broke into his home and waited for Edward to come home. He heard someone exiting the elevator and shoots, thinking it’s Edward. In fact, he has just killed Samantha.

Robert pays Gabe for killing Audrey. Gabe says if his daughter were killed he’d want revenge too.



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