Hi folks! Below are some episode recaps for the entire season 1 of Blue, starring Julia Stiles.

Check out the season 2 trailer. Season 2 airs March 15, 2013.




Episode 1 titled “Mom”

Blue meets with a client named Cooper. Her son Josh keeps calling her phone and asking for help with his homework. During sex Cooper recognizes as her as a girl he went to school with, and Blue is humiliated. She tells him that being an escort is her side job to make ends meet. Cooper reveals he just finished some jail time, and when Josh calls again Cooper helps him with the homework.

Episode 2 titled “Son”

Blue comes home late one night and catches Josh watching porn. Blue tells him that porn doesn’t teach love and intimacy, and she reveals that she lost her virginity at age 12. Josh makes a remark that the women in porn are not whores, and he says whores are women who have sex for money. That comment stings Blue. Then Josh asks about Cooper, because in the past Blue told him that his father is someone she went to school with, but she tells Josh that Cooper is not his father.

Episode 3 titled “You Rule”

Blue works in an accounting firm during the day. Her co-worker Lavinia is struggling to get her life together- she lives at home with her 77 year old father and helps pay his bills, and now she is helping out with medical bills for an ailing ex-boyfriend. Lavinia admires Blue, and she asks Blue to keep an eye out for extra ways that she can make money.

Episode 4 titled “Long Day, Blue?”

Blue’s mother is a free spirited party animal. Blue is preparing for bed when her mother calls from a night club. She invites Blue to a party that the Olsen family is holding, and Blue remembers Cooper Olsen talking about the party in episode 1. She feels depressed because Cooper was a client of hers, and she feels humiliated again. Josh tucks Blue into bed and he tells her that she can’t shut down and keep her emotions hidden from him, because it scares him.

Episode 5 titled “You’re Good”

Blue visits a regular client who likes to wear a diaper, suck his thumb, and be treated like a baby. He has tender feelings for her, and he guesses what her life is like outside of this escort job.

Episode 6 titled “Jack the Ripper”

Blue is surprised and angry when she comes home and finds Cooper in the living room helping Josh with his homework. She scolds Josh for friending Cooper on Facebook and then asking him to come over, and she then talks to Cooper. He apologizes and says that Josh didn’t need help with homework; instead, he wanted to ask questions about Blue and what she was like growing up. Blue orders pizza for dinner.

Episode 7 titled “Paying for Sex”

Blue, Josh, and Cooper have an enjoyable dinner. Blue sends Josh to his room and then asks Cooper, “Why are you paying for sex?” Cooper says after his jail time he feels uncomfortable with the intimacy of sex and prefers something with no strings attached. Blue tells him to start asking for a different escort.

Episode 8 titled “A Decent Girl”

Blue arrives at a hotel to meet with a client, who turns out to be the owner of a rival escort service. She has clients who are willing to pay more, up to $1500 an hour. In return Blue needs to see 5 clients a week, which is more than her usual 1 or 2 clients a week. Blue turns it down because that is too much of a time investment for her.

Episode 9 titled “That’s My Drug”

Blue eats lunch at work with Lavinia and they have girl talk. Lavinia reveals that an older man stopped by the day before, but it happened after Blue left for the day. He didn’t leave his name, and Blue wonders who it could be.

Episode 10 titled “Star Student”

Blue meets with Josh’s principal to discuss some troubling behavior. Josh has taunted some older kids and was almost beaten up twice. He told the principal that Blue is fragile and seems stressed about being a mom. The principal warns Blue that the parents want Josh suspended, and she might want to send Josh to a therapist.

Episode 11 titled “You Lie To Me Too”

Blue confronts Josh about his behavior at school. Josh says the two guys he taunted walks around the school like they own the place. He doesn’t know what to say when Blue asks him about his comments about her, but he tells her that he feels like she lies to him. He can’t fully explain what he means but he does note that sometimes he doesn’t know where she is.

Episode 12 titled “Give an Old Man a Break”

Josh leaves to have a sleepover with a friend. Blue speaks to her mom and they briefly talk about Blue’s sister, but her mom is too preoccupied with her younger boyfriend to really be invested in the conversation. An older man knocks on Blue’s door. It seems to be Cooper’s dad, and I assume this is the guy who took Blue’s virginity when she was 12 years old. The man wonders if he is Josh’s father, but Blue says ‘No’ and they have sex.



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