Emma and Joey meet Bo and Charlie; Carroll receives a transfer

Emma and Joey meet with a guy named Bo at a car garage. Joey heads to the restroom, but he finds a room where a woman is being held in a cage. He tells Emma, and Bo gets angry when he overhears it. Bo tells Emma to stay out of it, but Joey goes ahead and finds the key to unlock the cage. Bo flips out when he finds the woman escaped and he chases Joey. Emma tries to protect him but she’s subdued by Bo, and then Charlie walks into the garage. He has caught the woman who escaped the cage.

Claire tells Parker about her experience with Charlie, and she says that Charlie kept speaking to a guy named Roderick. Claire says if someone reaches out to her again she may speak to them, because it may lead to Joey.

Olivia helps Carroll defend his allegations of police abuse, and Carroll is granted an immediate transfer to Georgia. Ryan wants to supervise the transfer but Parker says no. Carroll is placed in a U.S. Marshall truck and Parker hops into an SUV in front of the truck. The transfer begins.

Who is the girl in the cage? Where is Carroll?

Ryan confronts warden Montero. The warden has been giving Ryan a hard time about breaking Carroll’s fingers. Ryan and Weston ask him if he granted Carroll’s request because the followers have his daughter. His daughter has been missing for two days.

The girl that Bo has in the cage is Dana, and she’s the warden’s daughter. Charlie says they’ll use her as leverage to make sure they all make it home safe tonight.

Ryan calls Parker and tells her Carroll is not in the truck. She checks, and he is right. As the warden is driving away from the detention center Ryan stops him and checks the trunk. Nothing. Olivia drives from the center to an unknown location and stops the car. Carroll gets out of the trunk.

It’s been fun, Olivia

Carroll is now dressed in a suit and riding in the car with Olivia. He has her call Ryan and say “Joe Carroll is killing me and it’s because of you.” Then Carroll chokes Olivia to death.

Ryan and Weston arrive at her car and witnesses tell them Carroll ran into a nearby fancy hotel. Ryan runs inside and spots Carroll right before he runs off with two people- one guy and one woman named Louise. Ryan follows the threesome to a parking garage where he struggles with the guy while Carroll and Louise jump into a waiting helicopter and fly away. Ryan shoots the guy in the leg but he is unable to catch Carroll.


Charlie, Emma, and Joey prepare to leave their location. Charlie kills Bo and leaves his body.

Parker meets up at the parking garage with Ryan. She gives him 5 minutes to make the guy talk. Ryan sticks his finger in the guy’s leg wound and the guy starts singing. He gives up the location of the warden’s daughter and Ryan and the FBI team save her.

Ryan goes to Claire’s home to speak with her. Since Carroll is free she needs to leave the house and go into hiding. She gets upset with Ryan because Joey is still missing and now her crazy ass ex-husband is free.

Carroll arrives at a place that looks like a university dorm. As he walks to the door he sees Charlie, Emma, Joey, and a ton of followers walk outside. Joey recognizes his father but he looks very afraid.




  1. This show is sooooo good! I love it. Just when I thought television had gone to hell.
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