Running time: 1 hour, 41 minutes
Cast: Jennifer Lawrence, Elisabeth Shue, Max Thieriot
Director: Mark Tonderai

What a horrible movie.

To be fair, Jennifer Lawrence filmed this movie in 2010. That’s the same year she first won acclaim for her role as Ree Dolly in Winter’s Bone, and a couple of years before the world saw her performances in X-Men: First Class, and The Hunger Games. I’ll also mention that she filmed this movie before she did Silver Linings Playbook and then won the 2012 Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. Let’s be glad that Lawrence’s misstep happened before her Oscar win and not afterwards. Remember when Halle Berry won and then did Catwoman? Charlize Theron won and then starred in Aeon Flux…eek.

Jennifer Lawrence as Elissa in House at the End of the Street

This D-list thriller stars Jennifer Lawrence as Elissa Cassidy, and Elisabeth Shue plays her mother Sarah Cassidy. After Sarah’s divorce is finalized, the duo moves into a beautiful home in an upscale, heavily wooded area. Elissa finds out something tragic happened at the house at the end of the street: four years ago, a young girl named Carrie-Ann killed her parents and then ran away. The local townsfolk believe she hid in the woods and remains there to this day. Carrie-Ann’s brother, Ryan (Thieriot), was not home at the time of the murders but he has since returned to the home and lives there alone.

Elissa is a cute girl, Ryan is a cute guy, and they start spending lots of time together. Eventually Elissa comes across clues that leads her to the true fate of Carrie-Ann, and of course Ryan isn’t as innocent as he seems. Ok, there’s your summary, and I suggest heading over to Wikipedia for the spoilers. It’ll only take 5-10 minutes and it’ll spare you having to sit through 101 minutes of this nonsense.

House at the End of the Street has zero scares, zero thrills, no ‘gotcha!’ moments, and it also has a dumb title. Really, is that the best title that anyone could come up with? And to be honest, I couldn’t tell that this house was at the end of a street. So there’s so many damn trees and branches everywhere that sometimes I couldn’t tell when the characters were standing outside of Ryan’s house or Elissa’s house.

Anyways, like I mentioned earlier there is absolutely nothing menacing or thrilling about this movie. Ryan is supposed to be creepy and brooding, but I feel like Thieriot mailed in his performance. Even Lawrence is just ‘ok’ here. The plot tries to kick into high gear during the last 25 minutes or so, but by then you’re already bored to tears and you’re just ready for it be over.

Do you see House at the End of the Street or did you finally get fed up and shut it off before the final scene?


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