Running time: 1 hour, 26 minutes
Cast: Anaïs Reboux, Roxane Mesquida, Libero De Rienzo, Arsinée Khanjian
Director: Catherine Breillat

Fat Girl is a French language film with English subtitles, and it’s about the relationship between chubby 12 year old Anais and her beautiful, 15 year old sister Elena. There’s also a secondary plot that introduces Fernando, a 21 year old law school student who begins a sexual relationship with Elena. This film explores the sisters’ feelings about love and sex as Elena and Fernando’s relationship grows.

Fat Girl 2001 movie

This film doesn’t have anything that it builds up to. There is no showdown between any characters and there’s no pivotal moment that adds to the drama of the film. There is one shocking moment that comes out of left field, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the storyline and I won’t discuss it here. No spoilers!

Elena is very pretty, and she is also very promiscuous. Anais teases her and calls her a slut, and Elena counters back with comments about Anais’ weight; however, these two girls really love each other and are best friends. Seeing their loving relationship helped me understand Anais’ heartbreak when she sees Elena lose herself in her relationship with Fernando.

Fernando is a college student who meets the sisters at a cafe. While Anais eats a banana split, Fernando and Elena immediately start making out. Just a few nights later Fernando starts sneaking into the room that the sisters share together, and Anais cries and pretends to sleep as Elena gives her body to Fernando. It’s pretty clear that Fernando is doing some fast talking here, and he tells Elena everything that she wants to hear from him so she will continue to sleep with him.

It’s very interesting to hear what a 13 year old and 16 year old think about sex. So many parents like to believe their daughters aren’t talking about sex at such a young age, but in reality alot of girls talk about it and they have formed their own viewpoints about it.

Catherine Breillat is considered a controversial director because she often explores female sexuality and intimacy in her films, and she does it in such an unflinching way that it borders on uncomfortable. I don’t regret watching Fat Girl but I also don’t plan to rewatch it.

If you watched Fat Girl please let me know what you thought about it…


One Comment on “MOVIE REVIEW: FAT GIRL (2001)”

  1. Beth says:

    The final scene has everything to do with the storyline – Anais got what she wanted.

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