Edward holds a press conference, and the entire Bowers family receive phone calls and text messages about it. He reveals over 100 people in 5 different countries died in the drug trials, and the results were faked to help push Lyritrol to market.

Will tells Vivian to find a connection between Robert and the dead Russian guy that he shot and killed last week. Will says he’ll work with Gabe to investigate the Russian mob angle.

Audrey’s boss calls her and tells her to leave Julian alone now, because the mission is accomplished. Something is wrong with Audrey though.

Robert wants to know if someone at Bowers Pharmaceutical blew the lid on Lyritrol. He sets up a company wide polygraph test. Meanwhile, the Lyritrol stock is tanking. There’s pressure on Robert to make Edward shut up and to make Julian smile in front of the press and say everything is fine.

Mia meets Haverstock at his office. He tells her that he is dying of leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. He says Mia is his best chance. If she agrees to the transplant, he’ll handle getting her parents to approve it.

Robert confronts Edward and tells him to shut up and stop talking to the press. Edward says “No.”

Joanna goes to the parking garage at Bowers Pharmaceutical. She needs to run an errand for Robert. She notices a dead security guard near her car, and then someone comes up from behind and shoves her into a car and forces her to drive. She tells the guy that she’s a cop and he’ll regret this.

Edward and Julian meet up. Julian admits that he bribed an FDA guy to help get Lyritrol pushed through. Edward tells him that some of the people who died were actually children. Julian begins to feel incredible guilt, because he feels that he must’ve overlooked the signs and didn’t realize that Lyritrol was a bad drug.

Will and Gabe search the car of “The Dead Russian”. They find a flash drive in a secret compartment.

Someone found Teo and brings him in! Will starts the interrogation. Teo says Sophia gave him money to buy protection for Wyatt Scott in jail.

Haverstock goes to Robert’s office. Haverstock agrees to hand over the golf club when Robert allows Mia to participate in a bone marrow transplant.

Now Will thinks Robert paid the Russians to kill Vivian and take the Lyritrol files away from her.

Joanna deliberately causes a car accident in hopes of killing her abductor, or at the very least, injuring him. She runs off and he chases her with a gun.

Flashback: Audrey approaches Ben about a job that will earn him lots of money and make him an ‘equal’ to Vivian. Apparently she got him the job with the Bowers.

Joanna runs into an abandoned building and fights with her attacker. She grabs a piece of glass and slits his throat.

Will visits her in a hospital. Joanna freaks out because she doesn’t know what happened to the half million dollars that she was supposed to deliver. Will is angry that Robert let her walk around with that amount of cash.

Haverstock meets Kyle in his office. He tells Kyle that he needs to convince Mia to agree to the transplant or he’ll go back to jail.

Will shows up at the Bowers home and speaks to Robert. He doesn’t have much to say, he just shows up to taunt Robert. Robert threatens to harm Will’s mother if he doesn’t back off.

Seems like Julian and Edward are getting along better now that Julian accepts the truth about Lyritrol, but he tells Edward that Robert is not a monster.

Joanna calls Robert from the hospital and tells him that she lost the money. He does not sound upset and he tells Joanna to come home when she is ready.

Turns out Joanna failed the polygraph. Robert is also curious because she lost the money. He tells one of his guys to keep an eye on her. Also, Robert has received the golf club from Haverstock.

Julian picks up Joanna from the hospital.

Robert goes up to Sophia and says, “Who is Wyatt?” In a flashback we see Sophia telling Wyatt about Robert, and she says she’ll sock away money so they can have a future together when he gets out. She lies and tells Robert that Wyatt was one of Vivian’s drug dealers, and he wanted money in exchange for pictures that he had of Vivian. Does Robert believe her?

Julian is thinking about going to Thailand and trying to figure out what happened. He drops off Joanna at the Bowers family home and then he leaves. Robert welcomes Joanna into the house.



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