David is walking through the hallways at his school and he drops his papers. As he picks them up, the lights in the hallway cut off. David runs out.

Liv is late for her dinner with Jake Ballard. She calls it a ‘meeting’ and Jake insists that it’s a date. She asks him about ‘Albatross’, which is something Wendy was working on before she died. Guy from State Department was selling classified documents to Turan. Guy gets caught and commits suicide before he’s arrested. His suicide note says he was framed by a guy who goes by the alias Albatross. So Albatross means ‘mole’.

It’s day 8 of the hostage situation and Fitz is freaking out. Mellie tries to calm him down, and he just continues to pour drinks.

Liv goes to the office and tells her team that Albatross means a mole. Her team believes Wendy stole some information, realized what she had, and was killed before she could do anything with it. Huck says some of the Albatross files were encrypted and he needs days to crack them. Liv assigns Huck to follow David and keep him safe. Huck hasn’t showered in days.

Jake meets with Fitz. They are old Navy buddies. Fitz is the reason why Jake is keeping surveillance on Liv, but Fitz won’t tell Jake the reasons behind it. He does say that Liv is not a good person and he asks Jake to keep watching her.

Liv meets with Senator Peter Caldwell, of the political family dynasty. Brother Will is running for Governor of North Carolina, but he has a pesky gay rumor following him. Liv assigns Harrison and Abby to find a wife for him.

Harrison Scandal Columbus Short

Harrison conducts a wife search for the Caldwells, and meets a potential candidate. Credit: ABC Danny Feld

One late evening, Abby is preparing to leave the office and she sees David. They give each other the ‘eye’ and they have sex on the desk in her office.

Cyrus, Fitz, Mellie, and staff are watching a video from the terrorists. They behead one of the hostages and threaten to do the same to the others.

Jake watches Liv alone in her bedroom. She looks very sad and depressed. Jake calls her and asks her out again, but she refuses.

Cyrus is being shut out again by Fitz, so Cy meets with Mellie and passes her a message. He says the Kashfar need to handle the terrorists, but they won’t do so unless the U.S. sends in some drones, take out some top people, and really put pressure on them. Mellie tells Fitz, but she makes it seem like it’s her idea.

David is having a tough time with his high school students. He bribes them with candy to make them listen. Huck is in the parking lot keeping an eye on David…he looks stressed about something.

Abby and Harrison have found a pretty, smart woman for Will! They introduce her to Will and they seem to get along. Abby speaks to the woman alone and warns her that marrying into a dynasty isn’t all gold.

Fitz has taken Cy’s advice, and using military action against Kashfar. Fitz makes a call to the Kashfar Prime Minister and says they have 72 hours to find the hostages and turn them over or he’ll send in another round of action.

The woman that Abby and Harrison found for Will has decided to drop out, so now they have less than a day to find a replacement for the Caldwell fundraiser. Abby was a former political wife who experienced domestic abuse in her relationship, so she is speaking from experience.

David is ready to leave the school, and he calls Huck but doesn’t get an answer. It’s raining outside, and the rain causes Huck to think about his water boarding experience and he has a panic attack in his car. This also explains why he won’t take a shower. David hears some footsteps behind him and he confronts a woman who was following him. She says she knows why Wendy died.

The woman’s name is Molly, and David brings her to Liv and the team. Molly saw Wendy argue with a man right before she died, and the man knew that Molly was watching. She doesn’t know the guy’s name but she can recognize his face and she’s afraid he’ll come after her next.

Liv tells the Caldwells that their first choice for wife backed out, but they have a strong runner up who will be ready for the fundraiser. She finds out Fitz will serve as the keynote speaker for the event.

Liv and Cy meet up at her apartment. He says Mellie is stabbing him in the back to get closer to Fitz. Liv tells him to let Mellie be, because Mellie will screw up and drive Fitz away again, and Cy needs to be ready to support Fitz when that happens. Jake is listening.

Bad, bad news. Liv is getting ready to leave her place to attend the fundraiser and she gets a frantic call from Harrison. He says one of the girls leaked information to a newspaper about the auditions to be Caldwell’s wife. Liv tells him to do whatever it takes to fix it.

Cy leaks some information to a White House reporter- Mellie is going to have a conference call with the families of the hostages- and he suggests that the reporter sit in on the call. He didn’t tell Mellie that the call was a bad idea…

Fitz comes out on stage to speak at the fundraiser, and he locks eyes with Liv. After the speech he walks into the crowd to shake hands and Liv gets a phone call from Jake. She laughs and smiles while she talks to Jake, and from afar Fitz gets the impression that maybe she isn’t as miserable as he is.

Olivia Pope Boom Goes the Dynamite

Olivia’s beautiful gown for the fundraiser. Credit: ABC Danny Feld

David and Abby are having constant sex. Geez!

Harrison calls Liv and says he convinced the newspaper to turn down the audition story in exchange for exclusive rights to the Caldwell wedding photos. According to the editor, the news leak came from inside the Caldwell family.

Liv goes outside and sees Will kissing his sister-in-law Mary. Mary walks off and Liv confronts Will. She tells him that while Mary and Peter have a happy married life, he will always be on the sidelines wishing he had the same thing. She advises him to end it.

The next day Peter tells Liv that the wife search was a success, and he hopes now Mary and Will can end their affair. Peter says he never confronted Will because he knows that Will would drop his career for Mary, and Peter didn’t want that to happen.

Quinn finally confronts Huck about his smell. She knows that he’s having panic attacks and he’s avoiding water. He keeps telling her that he’ll be ok. Meanwhile he’s cracked into one of the Albatross files.

Mellie is proud of herself for talking to the families, until Fitz tells her that a reporter was on the call and leaked the discussion to the press. Now the world knows that she discussed military operations with civilians and gave the impression that the White House is willing to negotiate with terrorists. Mellie knows that Cyrus set her up to fail, and Fitz gives Cyrus orders to organize a conference.

Huck and Quinn go to Liv’s office. Wendy had CIA files on the hostages, and the mole leaked their names to the terrorists.

Molly fingerprints CIA Director Osborne as the guy who was fighting with Wendy before she died. He’s the mole?!

Fitz and Jake meet again. Fitz wants to know who the new guy is in Liv’s life, and Jake isn’t coming clean that he’s trying to woo Liv.



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