10 months after last week’s episode.

Olivia has started swimming as a way to distract herself from thinking about Fitz. She stops at a coffee shop where a cute guy chats her up and then he leaves.

Fitz has started knocking back glasses of whiskey. He’s drinking at 7 am in the morning in the shower! Cyrus bravely knocks on the bathroom door to deliver bad news: 4 Americans have been kidnapped abroad.

David wakes up in bed and finds a dead woman laying next to him. The cops arrive at his apartment and says they were called about a disturbance. David lies and says everything is fine and the cops leave.

A terrorist group associated with Al Qaeda has the 4 Americans, who are actually U.S. spies. They want a terrorist leader released from Gitmo or they will kill a person each day.

David contacts Olivia and her team. The dead woman is Wendy Westenberg, a girl that David picked up at a bar and brought back to his place. Liv and her team determine that David was set up. They move the body to her home.

It’s revealed that after the botched election rigging case, David was let go from his job and now he’s a teacher. His grandmother has to help him pay rent. Abby feels extremely guilty.

Fitz has been attending meetings without Cyrus. Cy asks him about it and Fitz says ‘Is there anything I should know?’ Cy is confused.

Wendy had tons of x-rated photos of different men on her phone. She targeted men who had dirty secrets, she would gather info on those secrets or release the nude pictures and sell to the highest bidder.

David thinks Liv is setting him up to get him into jail and stop him for good. Later, he gets arrested.

Liv tells Cyrus that she thinks Fitz knows about the election rigging. Cyrus takes the suspicions to Mellie.

Wendy’s phone receives four phone calls, and Huck traces the calls to the Pentagon.

Harrison serves as David’s attorney when they meet with the US attorney, who now has David’s old job. David knows the law though, so he talks his way out because he knows there are no clear cut charges that can be filed against him.

Olivia heads to the Pentagon to see Jake Ballard. Turns out it’s the guy from the coffee shop earlier this episode. She asks him questions about Wendy, but he is defensive and doesn’t want to answer questions. He does say that Wendy approached him about buying some information from her, and he ignored her until something came up where he needed the info. No specifics, he says it’s classified. He asks Liv to have dinner with him, and she refuses.

Cyrus finally gets Fitz to listen to him. They have found the hostages’ location, and Fitz wanted to send in a SEAL team to get them. Cyrus says it’s too early and they need to gather a little more intel. Fitz agrees and quickly dismisses Cyrus.

Liv tries to give David an update on her meeting with Jake Ballard, but David says he no longer wants to work with her or her team. He says everything she’s done is tailor made to hurt him, and how much does he owe her for her services? Liv says ‘You can’t afford me’ and she walks away.

Mellie asks Fitz if he knows about Defiance, and she apologizes. She blames the whole election rigging scheme on Cyrus and says he pushed and pushed until everyone agreed. She says Fitz is right to not trust him anymore and he needs to trust his instincts instead of relying on Cyrus. Mellie is very proud of herself. Fitz kisses her hand.

Fitz tells Cyrus that he wants a SEAL team to go into Qashfar. Cyrus is stunned but he passes along the President’s decision.

Fitz and Olivia attend the christening for David and Cyrus’s cute little baby! They make frequent eye contact and Olivia abruptly leaves. Fitz follows her into a room and they have sex. Immediately afterwards he tells her that they are done.

The SEAL team arrives at the location but they don’t find any hostages. It’s revealed there is a mole, and this person gave the heads up so the hostages can be quickly moved to a new location.

Abby goes to David’s apartment to apologize and make amends but he sends her away. He finds Wendy’s flash drive and notices she was downloading Defiance info from his laptop. He invites Liv over, and tells her Wendy had over 300 high level military classified files.

Olivia calls Ballard and they make plans for dinner. Ballard has cameras set up throughout Olivia’s apartment and he’s watching her.



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