Crazy ass Paul has Megan in the basement, tied up. Emma and Jacob are trying to convince him to let her go. Emma tells the guys to kill her and bury her, and Paul leaves Jacob to do it.

Alone, Paul tells Emma that Jacob has lied to everyone: he has never killed anyone before.

2009 flashback, Jacob makes up a story about killing a woman. Emma confronts Jacob about lying, and she tells him to kill Megan.

Ryan talks to Carroll, and he reveals that he killed Rick. Carroll is impressed, and tells Ryan that Maggie is very useful. She went on a killing spree in Arkansas before she got into Carroll’s cult.

A woman named Jenny keeps calling Ryan but he won’t answer the calls.

2009 Flashback – a woman is telling Ryan to be responsible and to go to the doctor. He recently had a pacemaker placed in his body. She gets frustrated and leaves.

Ryan finally answers the phone and finds out Maggie has Jenny and is threatening to kill her. Jenny is his sister. Maggie says ‘Meet me alone. If anyone is with you I will kill her.”

Ryan leaves in a huff, and Parker tells Weston to follow him. Ryan is resistant at first but he agrees to let Weston come with him.

Ryan arrives at a restaurant where his sister worked as a chef. The place is closed now, but Maggie is hiding out there with Jenny. He sits down in a chair and puts on a blindfold, as ordered by Maggie. Maggie starts talking, Jenny starts screaming, Ryan jumps up and takes off the blindfold but is hit in the head by Maggie.

2009 flashback. Jacob visits Carroll, and tells him that he tried to kill someone but he couldn’t do it.

Ryan comes to, and he’s strapped to a table. Jenny is nearby, strapped to a chair.

2005 flashback: Ryan is telling Claire about his family. His mother died when he was 14, dad was a cop who died on the job, brother Ray died in 9/11.

Jacob chickens out and unties the girl. She escapes but he knows Emma and Paul will track her down. Those two go after her and Emma stabs her.

Maggie straps magnets to Ryan’s body, and the magnets start to interfere with Ryan’s pacemaker. Weston sneaks into the room and shoots Maggie. Then he removes the magnets from Ryan’s body.

Paul and Emma are dirty after wrestling in the mud with Megan. They go to the bathroom to clean off and then start kissing. Jacob goes to the basement and finds out Paul and Emma have strapped up Megan in the chair.

Ambulance and the police are at the restaurant. Weston has Maggie’s cell phone with her phone calls and text messages. Ryan tells Jenny to disappear.

2005 Flashback. Ryan tells Jenny that he broke up with Claire so she and Joey can move on and leave Carroll behind.

Jacob finds Emma and Paul in the shower. He joins them.

Ryan tells Claire that they have Maggie’s phone and they found a signal at a house in upstate New York. They are going to check it out. Claire asks him to stay with her but he says he’ll call her when he has some more info and then he leaves.


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