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Huck gets into elevator right before it closes. He tells Hollis that a hitman has been hired to kill him. If Hollis keeps his mouth shut, Huck will protect him. But, if he talks then Huck will allow the hitman to do his job.

Fitz and Mellie are showing their new baby to the media. They laugh and smile in front of the camera, and Fitz wants to name the baby ‘Wallace’ but Mellie says no. When the cameras leave, Mellie says she will fight the divorce. Fitz gets in her face and says ‘Do not get in my way.’ YIKES!

Liv is furious with Cyrus because he hired someone to kill Hollis. Cyrus apologizes and says he let his power get to his head. Fitz walks in, and Cyrus leaves. Liv and Fitz kiss, and he asks her to wait until the divorce is finalized. She says she’ll try.

Liv goes to see Verna in the hospital, and she gives an update on the Hollis situation. She says that Hollis did not pay Becky to shoot Fitz, and Verna asks ‘Then who paid her?’ Liv says ‘You did.’ Then there’s flashbacks of Verna and Becky exchanging a phone and discussing the shooting. Also, Verna saw one of the make out sessions between Liv and Fitz.

Verna calls David Rosen, but he gets blocked at the hospital when he tries to see her. Turns out Fitz has arrived to see her.

Liv gets her team to find out what David Rosen knows. They also listen to conversations that were recorded at David’s home via a bobble head that Huck planted in David’s apartment.

Verna dies from cancer!

Mellie talks to Cyrus, says she will bury Fitz and leave him penniless, and then she’ll run for office.

The team finds out the David knows about the voting machines being rigged. James, Cyrus’ husband, is subpoenaed, and he confronts Cyrus about it. Either Cyrus or James will go to jail.

Cyrus gives a stirring dialogue about why he rigged the election. His ambition is to be president, but he sleeps with men and he knows he will never be elected. He says Chief of Staff is the highest he can ever go, and when he saw the election slipping away from Fitz he decided to take action.

James is upset, and he simply tells Cyrus ‘I have to do what needs to be done.’

Abby confronts Liv, and asks her if she paid a woman to say David hit her. Liv says ‘yes’ and she reveals that Harrison set it up. Abby confronts Harrison and he told her that her relationship with David was a problem, and as gladiators they are required to fix problems. He tells her there is no room for emotion because they owe Liv and she needs them. Harrison says they need the Cytron chip, which David has.

Liv talks to Cyrus, and tells him that David has the rigging software. He says James is on his way to see a grand jury. Liv feels she has run out of time, but Cyrus says he hasn’t played his last card yet. He calls his hit man and says he has a job for him.

Abby immediately runs to David’s home and starts kissing on him. He leaves for work and she looks around his apartment.

Quinn tells Huck that she has $5,000 and she wants him to kill Hollis. She is still upset that Hollis helped ruin her life. Huck says if he does it, she has to leave Pope & Associates and live as Lindsay Dwyer. Otherwise, she can remain Quinn Perkins and move on with her life.

Turns out Cyrus hired a hit man to kill James, but at the last possible second Cyrus calls off the hit. Then he calls Liv and says ‘Now it’s over.’

James testifies and says that he did go to Defiance, Ohio but he didn’t find any evidence of election rigging on voting machines. David goes OFF in court.

Abby goes back to the office and she’s trailed by David. He accuses her of stealing the Cytron card, ruining his career, and lying about loving him. She denies it all and he breaks up with her and leaves. Abby pulls the Cytron card out of her shirt and gives it to Liv.

Edison knocks on Liv’s door! Usually he just walks right in. He asks her if she needs a ride to Verna’s funeral, and she returns the engagement ring. She tells Edison that she wants painful, complicated love (referring to Fitz) and Edison tells her that love isn’t supposed to hurt.


Liv arrives at the funeral and speaks to Fitz. He says he changed his mind, and she shouldn’t wait for him. She’s good to screw, but not good to marry, and he’s disappointed with her role in the election rigging.

How the hell does he know about it?


Verna, on her deathbed, told Fitz that she hired someone to assassinate him. She also reveals the voting machine cover-up. This conversation is shown throughout the eulogy that Fitz delivers.

She says she’ll confess. Fitz tells her that he will make sure her legacy remains intact, and his legacy will be untarnished as well. He holds down her hands and then removes her oxygen mask. She dies. Damn!

After the funeral, Fitz and Mellie reunite.

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