Edward holds a press conference, and the entire Bowers family receive phone calls and text messages about it. He reveals over 100 people in 5 different countries died in the drug trials, and the results were faked to help push Lyritrol to market.

Will tells Vivian to find a connection between Robert and the dead Russian guy that he shot and killed last week. Will says he’ll work with Gabe to investigate the Russian mob angle.

Audrey’s boss calls her and tells her to leave Julian alone now, because the mission is accomplished. Something is wrong with Audrey though.

Robert wants to know if someone at Bowers Pharmaceutical blew the lid on Lyritrol. He sets up a company wide polygraph test. Meanwhile, the Lyritrol stock is tanking. There’s pressure on Robert to make Edward shut up and to make Julian smile in front of the press and say everything is fine.

Mia meets Haverstock at his office. He tells her that he is dying of leukemia and needs a bone marrow transplant. He says Mia is his best chance. If she agrees to the transplant, he’ll handle getting her parents to approve it.

Robert confronts Edward and tells him to shut up and stop talking to the press. Edward says “No.”

Joanna goes to the parking garage at Bowers Pharmaceutical. She needs to run an errand for Robert. She notices a dead security guard near her car, and then someone comes up from behind and shoves her into a car and forces her to drive. She tells the guy that she’s a cop and he’ll regret this.

Edward and Julian meet up. Julian admits that he bribed an FDA guy to help get Lyritrol pushed through. Edward tells him that some of the people who died were actually children. Julian begins to feel incredible guilt, because he feels that he must’ve overlooked the signs and didn’t realize that Lyritrol was a bad drug.

Will and Gabe search the car of “The Dead Russian”. They find a flash drive in a secret compartment.

Someone found Teo and brings him in! Will starts the interrogation. Teo says Sophia gave him money to buy protection for Wyatt Scott in jail.

Haverstock goes to Robert’s office. Haverstock agrees to hand over the golf club when Robert allows Mia to participate in a bone marrow transplant.

Now Will thinks Robert paid the Russians to kill Vivian and take the Lyritrol files away from her.

Joanna deliberately causes a car accident in hopes of killing her abductor, or at the very least, injuring him. She runs off and he chases her with a gun.

Flashback: Audrey approaches Ben about a job that will earn him lots of money and make him an ‘equal’ to Vivian. Apparently she got him the job with the Bowers.

Joanna runs into an abandoned building and fights with her attacker. She grabs a piece of glass and slits his throat.

Will visits her in a hospital. Joanna freaks out because she doesn’t know what happened to the half million dollars that she was supposed to deliver. Will is angry that Robert let her walk around with that amount of cash.

Haverstock meets Kyle in his office. He tells Kyle that he needs to convince Mia to agree to the transplant or he’ll go back to jail.

Will shows up at the Bowers home and speaks to Robert. He doesn’t have much to say, he just shows up to taunt Robert. Robert threatens to harm Will’s mother if he doesn’t back off.

Seems like Julian and Edward are getting along better now that Julian accepts the truth about Lyritrol, but he tells Edward that Robert is not a monster.

Joanna calls Robert from the hospital and tells him that she lost the money. He does not sound upset and he tells Joanna to come home when she is ready.

Turns out Joanna failed the polygraph. Robert is also curious because she lost the money. He tells one of his guys to keep an eye on her. Also, Robert has received the golf club from Haverstock.

Julian picks up Joanna from the hospital.

Robert goes up to Sophia and says, “Who is Wyatt?” In a flashback we see Sophia telling Wyatt about Robert, and she says she’ll sock away money so they can have a future together when he gets out. She lies and tells Robert that Wyatt was one of Vivian’s drug dealers, and he wanted money in exchange for pictures that he had of Vivian. Does Robert believe her?

Julian is thinking about going to Thailand and trying to figure out what happened. He drops off Joanna at the Bowers family home and then he leaves. Robert welcomes Joanna into the house.



Charlie takes Claire to a hidden location and tells her to be quiet, and don’t make him hurt her.

2010 flashback. Charlie was in the army but received a psychiatric discharge. He visited Carroll in prison and received a job to do. He did photo and video surveillance on Claire for two years.

Charlie tells Claire, “I’m your follower.” She doesn’t understand.

Weston and the local police arrive at the farmhouse where Paul, Jacob and Emma are holding Ryan and Joey. Paul is holding Ryan at gunpoint and tells Jacob to tie him up. Jacob is afraid. Emma drugs Joey, and when she notices Ryan isn’t tied up she uses a taser on him to interfere with his pacemaker.

Parker and the FBI has arrived outside of the farmhouse, along with the news media. Emma emails Roderick and tells him they need help.

Olivia gives Carroll an update: Ryan has found Joey and Claire has disappeared.

Emma wants the cops gone. She tells Ryan to call the FBI and send them away, or she’ll kill Megan. Megan is brought upstairs and Emma tasers her. Ryan makes the call, and Emma and Parker talk. Parker compliments the artwork that she found at Emma’s old home, and remarks that all of the people in the artwork looked like Emma’s mother. Parker thinks Emma is traumatized by the loss of her mother. Emma says that she killed her mother, and Parker says Emma did something that a lot of people only dream about.

1989 flashback. We see Parker as a young teenager, and her parents are involved in a cult. They offer Parker to the cult leader, but Parker doesn’t want to sleep with him and she backs out. This has caused a rift between her and her parents. In 2004 she visits her parents who are still in the cult, and they don’t seem too happy to see her. She tells them that she loves them and walks away.

Emma finally receives a reply from Roderick. He says he’ll call soon on the satellite phone, and tells Emma to stop all online communication because it’s no longer secure- Weston has cracked into a server and is trying to monitor the emails that Emma sends and receives.

Ryan is trying to figure out the love triangle between Jacob, Emma, and Paul. He seems amused. Emma calls Parker and confesses that her mother was a slut who tried to control her. Parker remarks that now Joe is controlling her. Emma gets mad and hangs up.

Jacob starts to unravel when Ryan confronts him about the threesome thing. Jacob tries to attack both Ryan and Megan but Paul stops him both times and tells him to calm down and block out Ryan’s taunts. The pair leave the room, and Ryan starts to untie the ropes that bind his hands.

Charlie calls Roderick and lets him know that he still has Claire and he hasn’t heard from Hank yet. While Charlie is on the phone Claire tries to escape but he stops her. 2011 flashback, Charlie is giving Carroll an update on Claire’s whereabouts. Turns out he has a crush on Claire, and he tries to kiss her. Then he immediately regrets it and says “I shouldn’t have tried to kiss you, it’s impure!” He starts banging his head against a pipe.

Emma escapes the farmhouse with Joey, and leaves Paul and Jacob behind without revealing her plans. Ryan frees himself from the rope and rushes towards Paul and stabs him. He punches Jacob, frees Megan, and then tells the FBI that Emma has escaped. Weston and a local officer corner Emma and Joey, and the officer shoots Weston. She says she’s with Roderick and leads Emma and Joey away from the FBI. She takes them to a car and tells them to drive off, but she’s shot from behind by Ryan. Ryan is unable to reach the car in time and Emma drives off with Joey.

Other FBI officers find Claire and raid the hidden location. Charlie escapes.

Inside the farmhouse, a SWAT team runs inside and hold Paul and Jacob at gunpoint. But some of these officers are actually working for Roderick, and they save Jacob and Paul by telling the pair to run out the back of the house. The twosome runs to the street and carjacks someone and drives off.

Olivia does another press conference and says Carroll has filed a motion declaring a violation of his 8th amendment rights. He says he’s been abused by the FBI.

Ryan goes to see Claire at her home and she’s distraught.

Jacob calls Emma and asks “Where are you? Why did you leave us?” She hangs up. Meanwhile, Paul is still bleeding out.




Hi folks! Tonight is the biggest night of the year for film, the Academy Awards! Let’s get into it, shall we? Below are my picks, along with my reasoning behind them:

Quick read: Lincoln is going to take Picture, Director, Actor.



I know alot of people who favor Zero Dark Thirty, and their reasoning is this film takes a story that we already know the ending to, and somehow still makes its suspenseful. If you ask me, I think Argo did the same thing but did it better. Argo is my personal pick, but Ben Affleck got snubbed for Best Director so I’m thinking the Academy will favor Lincoln, especially since Daniel Day-Lewis gave such a great performance.



Do I really need to explain? You did see Lincoln, right? No one understood The Master, Bradley Cooper was no match for Jennifer Lawrence or Robert De Niro in his own movie, Hugh Jackman is a huge long shot, and in my opinion Denzel Washington is a runner up, but a very distant one.



This was a tough one for me. I loved Robert DeNiro in Silver Linings Playbook. I thought his performance helped carry the film and gave it warmth and heart. Tarantino carried Waltz to victory for Inglourious Basterds and I think he’s going to do again for Django Unchained.



This is my personal opinion: I think there’s many actresses who could do what Jessica Chastain did in Zero Dark Thirty. Chastain has some awesome films under her belt but I still don’t think of her as a great actress. Lawrence’s chemistry with the other actors in Playbook, along with her on-screen confidence and wittiness sealed the deal for me.



I think Anne is a shoe-in. Now we have to sit through one more of her awkward thank-you speeches, but at least it’ll be over.



I think Brave is the safe choice here, but I’m going to hold out for Wreck-it Ralph.



I think Steven Spielberg has it wrapped up. I could probably see Michael Haneke (Amour) or even David O. Russell (Playbook) sneaking up from behind, but I think that Daniel Day-Lewis magic will help Lincoln win its categories.



This movie has racked up a ton of award nominations around the globe and it even won the Palme d’Or at the 2012 Cannes Festival. I think it’s a shoe-in.



I almost picked Playbook here, but the Argo script was air tight in my opinion and I couldn’t think of anyway to improve on it.



I’d like to see Django Unchained win this one, but think about this: If you had to write about the search for Bin Laden and dramatize the operation that lead to his death, how would you do it? Where would you start? I think the subject is incredibly difficult but what Mark Boal came up with is amazing and should be awarded.


THOUGHTS? I’m excited!



David is walking through the hallways at his school and he drops his papers. As he picks them up, the lights in the hallway cut off. David runs out.

Liv is late for her dinner with Jake Ballard. She calls it a ‘meeting’ and Jake insists that it’s a date. She asks him about ‘Albatross’, which is something Wendy was working on before she died. Guy from State Department was selling classified documents to Turan. Guy gets caught and commits suicide before he’s arrested. His suicide note says he was framed by a guy who goes by the alias Albatross. So Albatross means ‘mole’.

It’s day 8 of the hostage situation and Fitz is freaking out. Mellie tries to calm him down, and he just continues to pour drinks.

Liv goes to the office and tells her team that Albatross means a mole. Her team believes Wendy stole some information, realized what she had, and was killed before she could do anything with it. Huck says some of the Albatross files were encrypted and he needs days to crack them. Liv assigns Huck to follow David and keep him safe. Huck hasn’t showered in days.

Jake meets with Fitz. They are old Navy buddies. Fitz is the reason why Jake is keeping surveillance on Liv, but Fitz won’t tell Jake the reasons behind it. He does say that Liv is not a good person and he asks Jake to keep watching her.

Liv meets with Senator Peter Caldwell, of the political family dynasty. Brother Will is running for Governor of North Carolina, but he has a pesky gay rumor following him. Liv assigns Harrison and Abby to find a wife for him.

Harrison Scandal Columbus Short

Harrison conducts a wife search for the Caldwells, and meets a potential candidate. Credit: ABC Danny Feld

One late evening, Abby is preparing to leave the office and she sees David. They give each other the ‘eye’ and they have sex on the desk in her office.

Cyrus, Fitz, Mellie, and staff are watching a video from the terrorists. They behead one of the hostages and threaten to do the same to the others.

Jake watches Liv alone in her bedroom. She looks very sad and depressed. Jake calls her and asks her out again, but she refuses.

Cyrus is being shut out again by Fitz, so Cy meets with Mellie and passes her a message. He says the Kashfar need to handle the terrorists, but they won’t do so unless the U.S. sends in some drones, take out some top people, and really put pressure on them. Mellie tells Fitz, but she makes it seem like it’s her idea.

David is having a tough time with his high school students. He bribes them with candy to make them listen. Huck is in the parking lot keeping an eye on David…he looks stressed about something.

Abby and Harrison have found a pretty, smart woman for Will! They introduce her to Will and they seem to get along. Abby speaks to the woman alone and warns her that marrying into a dynasty isn’t all gold.

Fitz has taken Cy’s advice, and using military action against Kashfar. Fitz makes a call to the Kashfar Prime Minister and says they have 72 hours to find the hostages and turn them over or he’ll send in another round of action.

The woman that Abby and Harrison found for Will has decided to drop out, so now they have less than a day to find a replacement for the Caldwell fundraiser. Abby was a former political wife who experienced domestic abuse in her relationship, so she is speaking from experience.

David is ready to leave the school, and he calls Huck but doesn’t get an answer. It’s raining outside, and the rain causes Huck to think about his water boarding experience and he has a panic attack in his car. This also explains why he won’t take a shower. David hears some footsteps behind him and he confronts a woman who was following him. She says she knows why Wendy died.

The woman’s name is Molly, and David brings her to Liv and the team. Molly saw Wendy argue with a man right before she died, and the man knew that Molly was watching. She doesn’t know the guy’s name but she can recognize his face and she’s afraid he’ll come after her next.

Liv tells the Caldwells that their first choice for wife backed out, but they have a strong runner up who will be ready for the fundraiser. She finds out Fitz will serve as the keynote speaker for the event.

Liv and Cy meet up at her apartment. He says Mellie is stabbing him in the back to get closer to Fitz. Liv tells him to let Mellie be, because Mellie will screw up and drive Fitz away again, and Cy needs to be ready to support Fitz when that happens. Jake is listening.

Bad, bad news. Liv is getting ready to leave her place to attend the fundraiser and she gets a frantic call from Harrison. He says one of the girls leaked information to a newspaper about the auditions to be Caldwell’s wife. Liv tells him to do whatever it takes to fix it.

Cy leaks some information to a White House reporter- Mellie is going to have a conference call with the families of the hostages- and he suggests that the reporter sit in on the call. He didn’t tell Mellie that the call was a bad idea…

Fitz comes out on stage to speak at the fundraiser, and he locks eyes with Liv. After the speech he walks into the crowd to shake hands and Liv gets a phone call from Jake. She laughs and smiles while she talks to Jake, and from afar Fitz gets the impression that maybe she isn’t as miserable as he is.

Olivia Pope Boom Goes the Dynamite

Olivia’s beautiful gown for the fundraiser. Credit: ABC Danny Feld

David and Abby are having constant sex. Geez!

Harrison calls Liv and says he convinced the newspaper to turn down the audition story in exchange for exclusive rights to the Caldwell wedding photos. According to the editor, the news leak came from inside the Caldwell family.

Liv goes outside and sees Will kissing his sister-in-law Mary. Mary walks off and Liv confronts Will. She tells him that while Mary and Peter have a happy married life, he will always be on the sidelines wishing he had the same thing. She advises him to end it.

The next day Peter tells Liv that the wife search was a success, and he hopes now Mary and Will can end their affair. Peter says he never confronted Will because he knows that Will would drop his career for Mary, and Peter didn’t want that to happen.

Quinn finally confronts Huck about his smell. She knows that he’s having panic attacks and he’s avoiding water. He keeps telling her that he’ll be ok. Meanwhile he’s cracked into one of the Albatross files.

Mellie is proud of herself for talking to the families, until Fitz tells her that a reporter was on the call and leaked the discussion to the press. Now the world knows that she discussed military operations with civilians and gave the impression that the White House is willing to negotiate with terrorists. Mellie knows that Cyrus set her up to fail, and Fitz gives Cyrus orders to organize a conference.

Huck and Quinn go to Liv’s office. Wendy had CIA files on the hostages, and the mole leaked their names to the terrorists.

Molly fingerprints CIA Director Osborne as the guy who was fighting with Wendy before she died. He’s the mole?!

Fitz and Jake meet again. Fitz wants to know who the new guy is in Liv’s life, and Jake isn’t coming clean that he’s trying to woo Liv.



Jacob, Paul, and Emma are now sharing a bed and doing naughty stuff together. Welp, okay. Joey steals the hidden cell phone and calls his mom with it. He gives her a description of the farm house: white, two story house with black shutters. Paul catches him and takes the phone, and Emma tries to console him.

Ryan sees Joe’s attorney enter the detention center. He’s afraid Joe knows that they’re closing to finding Joey. Weston is trying to pinpoint Joey’s location in Dutchess County.

Jacob is freaked by the threesome from the night before. He tells Paul that he is not gay. Paul ignores him and tells him that he must kill Megan.

Joe meets with his attorney, Olivia. She is clearly afraid of him. He tells Olivia that he wants to know what’s going on in the media and he wants to know what information the FBI has collected. Flasback to 2010 – he loses his appeal and Olivia resigns as his counsel. This case gave her a high profile and helped boost her career.

Olivia meets with reporters and quotes from Poe’s “The Mask of the Red Death”. There’s two new guys who we haven’t seen before. One guy calls the other and says “It’s time.”

Parker deputizes Ryan and he heads out to Dutchess County. First he stops at Claire’s and gives him the game plan, which is they’ll search the area by foot.

Olivia goes to Claire’s house with a set of instructions from Joe. She needs to meet a certain street corner at 3pm sharp, alone and she cannot tell anyone about it.

Jacob goes downstairs with Megan for a long time, then comes back upstairs. He still hasn’t killed Megan. Emma calls Joey downstairs for lunch but she can’t find him in the house. Meanwhile Joey is in a wooded area running like hell. He trips and falls, and a neighbor finds him and takes him to his home. Emma runs up to the house and grabs Joey, then takes him back to the farm house where they are hiding. The neighbor and his wife call the police but they are interrupted by Paul, who has arrived at their home with a shovel in his hand.

The Dutchess County police were looking into the disappearance of Megan, and they found surveillance video that shows Paul at the small grocery store where she worked. Now Ryan and Weston have confirmed that Paul is in the area. Ryan finds out about the phone call and he heads out with a police officer.

Some guy shows up at the farm house and tells Emma “Roderick sent me, he says we need to go.”

Claire meets up with a friend at a restaurant, and the FBI tails her. She’s trying to figure out a way to dodge them for her secret 3pm appointment.

Ryan and the police officer go to the home of the couple who called about spotting Joey. Both are dead. Ryan and the officer run to the next house, and it matches the description that Joey gave his mom earlier. The officer calls for backup and Ryan sees Jacob and Paul enter the farm house.

Jacob and Paul see Emma and the guy sent by Roderick. His name is Hank. He tells them they have 10 minutes to get out.

Claire heads to the restrooms, but she escapes from the restaurant by running through a side door.

Hank calls Roderick and asks if Claire has shown up yet and Roderick says she’s late. Hank sees the police officer hiding in the trees, and Hank confronts him, steals his gun and then shoots him. He’s about to fire a final shot, but Ryan appears just in time to shoot him. The officer dies from his wound.

Jacob, Paul, and Emma head outside after hearing the gunshots. They are armed too.

Olivia tells Joe that the FBI have located Joey but they haven’t picked him up yet. She tells him that she delivered the messages to the media and to Claire. She demands to know the code behind the poem that she read.

2010 flashback, Olivia meets with Hank. He snips off two of her fingers on her left hand as retaliation for dropping Joe as a client after he lost his appeal.

Claire gets into Roderick’s car and they drive off. Joey has been locked in his room this whole time- he breaks out.

Ryan has found his way into the basement, and he tries to get information from Megan but she is too hysterical to talk. He goes up to the main floor and finds Joey, but Paul sneaks up behind Ryan and puts a gun to his head.



Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Silver Linings Playbook


Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and David O. Russell all teamed up for Silver Linings Playbook and it turned out to be a good move. All three people received Oscar nominations: Lawrence for Best Actress, Cooper for Best Actor, Russell for Best Director. You can check out my glowing review here.

According to Deadline, the threesome will team up again in a currently untitled project. It revolves around a 1970s sting operation named Abscam and it will also star Christian Bale, Amy Adams, and Jeremy Renner.

Lawrence and Cooper are also starring in the movie Serena, which follows an ambitious young couple named George (Cooper) and Serena (Lawrence) Pemberton as they try to build a timber empire in 1929. Tensions arise when Serena learns she cannot have children, and you can head over to to get more info about it.

My thoughts:

On one hand, Lawrence and Cooper work well as a team so it makes sense to keep having them in movies. On the other hand, he still looks much older than her and she looks much younger than him, and I think that’s going to lead to her being mis-cast in movies. I feel she’s playing roles that are too old for her, especially now that she’s the face of Hunger Games, which is popular among the teen and young adult set.

What are your thoughts? Should Lawrence and Cooper keep teaming up for movies? Do you think Lawrence keeps choosing roles that are too old for her? She’s 22 years old.


10 months after last week’s episode.

Olivia has started swimming as a way to distract herself from thinking about Fitz. She stops at a coffee shop where a cute guy chats her up and then he leaves.

Fitz has started knocking back glasses of whiskey. He’s drinking at 7 am in the morning in the shower! Cyrus bravely knocks on the bathroom door to deliver bad news: 4 Americans have been kidnapped abroad.

David wakes up in bed and finds a dead woman laying next to him. The cops arrive at his apartment and says they were called about a disturbance. David lies and says everything is fine and the cops leave.

A terrorist group associated with Al Qaeda has the 4 Americans, who are actually U.S. spies. They want a terrorist leader released from Gitmo or they will kill a person each day.

David contacts Olivia and her team. The dead woman is Wendy Westenberg, a girl that David picked up at a bar and brought back to his place. Liv and her team determine that David was set up. They move the body to her home.

It’s revealed that after the botched election rigging case, David was let go from his job and now he’s a teacher. His grandmother has to help him pay rent. Abby feels extremely guilty.

Fitz has been attending meetings without Cyrus. Cy asks him about it and Fitz says ‘Is there anything I should know?’ Cy is confused.

Wendy had tons of x-rated photos of different men on her phone. She targeted men who had dirty secrets, she would gather info on those secrets or release the nude pictures and sell to the highest bidder.

David thinks Liv is setting him up to get him into jail and stop him for good. Later, he gets arrested.

Liv tells Cyrus that she thinks Fitz knows about the election rigging. Cyrus takes the suspicions to Mellie.

Wendy’s phone receives four phone calls, and Huck traces the calls to the Pentagon.

Harrison serves as David’s attorney when they meet with the US attorney, who now has David’s old job. David knows the law though, so he talks his way out because he knows there are no clear cut charges that can be filed against him.

Olivia heads to the Pentagon to see Jake Ballard. Turns out it’s the guy from the coffee shop earlier this episode. She asks him questions about Wendy, but he is defensive and doesn’t want to answer questions. He does say that Wendy approached him about buying some information from her, and he ignored her until something came up where he needed the info. No specifics, he says it’s classified. He asks Liv to have dinner with him, and she refuses.

Cyrus finally gets Fitz to listen to him. They have found the hostages’ location, and Fitz wanted to send in a SEAL team to get them. Cyrus says it’s too early and they need to gather a little more intel. Fitz agrees and quickly dismisses Cyrus.

Liv tries to give David an update on her meeting with Jake Ballard, but David says he no longer wants to work with her or her team. He says everything she’s done is tailor made to hurt him, and how much does he owe her for her services? Liv says ‘You can’t afford me’ and she walks away.

Mellie asks Fitz if he knows about Defiance, and she apologizes. She blames the whole election rigging scheme on Cyrus and says he pushed and pushed until everyone agreed. She says Fitz is right to not trust him anymore and he needs to trust his instincts instead of relying on Cyrus. Mellie is very proud of herself. Fitz kisses her hand.

Fitz tells Cyrus that he wants a SEAL team to go into Qashfar. Cyrus is stunned but he passes along the President’s decision.

Fitz and Olivia attend the christening for David and Cyrus’s cute little baby! They make frequent eye contact and Olivia abruptly leaves. Fitz follows her into a room and they have sex. Immediately afterwards he tells her that they are done.

The SEAL team arrives at the location but they don’t find any hostages. It’s revealed there is a mole, and this person gave the heads up so the hostages can be quickly moved to a new location.

Abby goes to David’s apartment to apologize and make amends but he sends her away. He finds Wendy’s flash drive and notices she was downloading Defiance info from his laptop. He invites Liv over, and tells her Wendy had over 300 high level military classified files.

Olivia calls Ballard and they make plans for dinner. Ballard has cameras set up throughout Olivia’s apartment and he’s watching her.



Crazy ass Paul has Megan in the basement, tied up. Emma and Jacob are trying to convince him to let her go. Emma tells the guys to kill her and bury her, and Paul leaves Jacob to do it.

Alone, Paul tells Emma that Jacob has lied to everyone: he has never killed anyone before.

2009 flashback, Jacob makes up a story about killing a woman. Emma confronts Jacob about lying, and she tells him to kill Megan.

Ryan talks to Carroll, and he reveals that he killed Rick. Carroll is impressed, and tells Ryan that Maggie is very useful. She went on a killing spree in Arkansas before she got into Carroll’s cult.

A woman named Jenny keeps calling Ryan but he won’t answer the calls.

2009 Flashback – a woman is telling Ryan to be responsible and to go to the doctor. He recently had a pacemaker placed in his body. She gets frustrated and leaves.

Ryan finally answers the phone and finds out Maggie has Jenny and is threatening to kill her. Jenny is his sister. Maggie says ‘Meet me alone. If anyone is with you I will kill her.”

Ryan leaves in a huff, and Parker tells Weston to follow him. Ryan is resistant at first but he agrees to let Weston come with him.

Ryan arrives at a restaurant where his sister worked as a chef. The place is closed now, but Maggie is hiding out there with Jenny. He sits down in a chair and puts on a blindfold, as ordered by Maggie. Maggie starts talking, Jenny starts screaming, Ryan jumps up and takes off the blindfold but is hit in the head by Maggie.

2009 flashback. Jacob visits Carroll, and tells him that he tried to kill someone but he couldn’t do it.

Ryan comes to, and he’s strapped to a table. Jenny is nearby, strapped to a chair.

2005 flashback: Ryan is telling Claire about his family. His mother died when he was 14, dad was a cop who died on the job, brother Ray died in 9/11.

Jacob chickens out and unties the girl. She escapes but he knows Emma and Paul will track her down. Those two go after her and Emma stabs her.

Maggie straps magnets to Ryan’s body, and the magnets start to interfere with Ryan’s pacemaker. Weston sneaks into the room and shoots Maggie. Then he removes the magnets from Ryan’s body.

Paul and Emma are dirty after wrestling in the mud with Megan. They go to the bathroom to clean off and then start kissing. Jacob goes to the basement and finds out Paul and Emma have strapped up Megan in the chair.

Ambulance and the police are at the restaurant. Weston has Maggie’s cell phone with her phone calls and text messages. Ryan tells Jenny to disappear.

2005 Flashback. Ryan tells Jenny that he broke up with Claire so she and Joey can move on and leave Carroll behind.

Jacob finds Emma and Paul in the shower. He joins them.

Ryan tells Claire that they have Maggie’s phone and they found a signal at a house in upstate New York. They are going to check it out. Claire asks him to stay with her but he says he’ll call her when he has some more info and then he leaves.


Will shows up at Edward’s house. He saw security tapes that shows Edward was at the street where Ben was killed by a bus. Will asks questions but Edward doesn’t give up any information. He does say ‘Do you really think those people died because of a drug?’ Will leaves.

Flashback, Edward asks Robert about the people who died in Thailand. Robert blows him off.

Breakfast time at the Bowers family table. Joanna keeps asking questions about Mia’s situation and Sophia gets very upset; she says it’s ‘family business’. Joanna asks if Haverstock is Mia’s father, and is that the reason why Robert won’t speak to him. Robert’s silence confirms the truth.

Flashback, Joanna remembers seeing Haverstock with a fancy lighter that he eventually gave to Vivian.

Julian tells Joanna that before Vivian died they fought about Mia. Vivian wanted to take Mia away. He’s not sure if Sophia knew that, but he says Sophia would’ve went ballistic.

**Joanna finds a picture of Kyle and has Gabe run the license plate number. She follows Sophia to the master bedroom and sees Sophia putting wads of cash in a black bag. Sophia lies and tells Robert that she’s heading to a spin class and she leaves. Joanna follows her.

Julian is UPSET and he tells Edward that Haverstock is Mia’s father. Haverstock was in his 40s and Vivian was only 16. Julian says he’s going to confront Haverstock. Edward tells Robert about Julian’s plans.

Haverstock tells Julian that he deeply loved Vivian, and he was hurt when Robert confronted him about their relationship. He says he ‘tidied’ up the messy Kimberly Yeager situation by hiding the murder weapon- a golf club that had Edward’s fingerprints on it. Julian stills vows to get revenge.

At the same time, Robert tells Edward about the murder weapon that Haverstock is holding, which he’ll release if Robert ever comes after him about sleeping with Vivian. Edward is stunned to learn that he really did kill Kimberly Yeager.

Joanna walks directly behind Sophia and follows her into a dingy building. Sophia meets with a guy named Teo but their conversation isn’t shown, and Joanna is hiding in a stairwell. Sophia walks out of the building and Joanna pretends to be a tenant looking for a pet ferret. Joanna convinces Teo to let her look around in his apartment and she steals his mail. Will delays Sophia when she goes back to the building, and he warns Joanna. When Sophia arrives again, Joanna runs down the stairwell. Sophia is looking down the stairs but it’s not clear if she knows that it’s Joanna.

Kyle and Mia have spent the whole episode hiding out some fancy house. They go to a local store and buy groceries, and on the way out Mia steals a bottle of wine. Bad news for Kyle since he has a lengthy record.

Gabe calls Joanna and says they’ve tracked down Kyle and Mia. Joanna is heading out the door but Julian stops her. She tells him where Kyle and Mia are and he offers to drive out with her. Will calls Joanna and says Teo has a drug history that landed him in jail during the time when Vivian was murdered. He asks Joanna to keep an eye on Sophia but she tells him that she’s going out of town with Julian.

Julian and Joanna find Kyle and Mia. Julian takes Mia home with him, and Kyle is about to get arrested until Haverstock happens to drive by and convinces the officer to let Kyle go. Kyle drives off with Haverstock.

Joanna goes home and finds a boozy Sophia in the house. She tells Joanna to get her things and leave.

Edward tells Samantha to pack up the girls and go to California. He tells her that he killed Kimberly Yeager and Robert had it covered up.

Joanna moves into Julian’s apartment.


Running time: 1 hour, 42 minutes
Cast: Matthew McConaughey, Emile Hirsch, Juno Temple, Gina Gershon, Thomas Haden Church
Director: William Friedkin

Summary time: Chris Smith (Hirsch), a drug dealing loser, is in serious debt and finds out his mother Adele has an insurance policy worth $50,000. He hires a hitman named Joe Cooper (McConaughey) to kill her, and the money will go to his sister Dottie (Temple) who will then share it with the family. Chris doesn’t have the money to pay Joe’s fee, and Joe decides to take Dottie as collateral.

This is a trashy mess and I loved every second of it. In fact, there’s some other words I can use to describe this movie so please read along.

Killer Joe poster

Trashy and pitiful

Chris is lazy and a bit slow. He deals drugs, but he doesn’t protect his inventory and as a result his drugs are stolen. Panicked, he storms through the dingy trailer where he lives with his family. His father Ansel (Church) is a spineless coward who demands respect but never receives it from his wife or his children. Chris’ sister Dottie is a pretty young woman, but she is very childlike and lounges around the trailer all day. There’s a serious lack of ambition in this family, and it turns into a disaster when they all meet Joe.

Trashy and sexy

Joe wears a uniform: cowboy hat, sunglasses, and tight jeans. He’s actually a police detective who moonlights as a hitman. McConaughey sizzles in this movie. He’s sexier than a country fried steak smothered in gravy.

When Chris and Ansel approach him with their idea to kill Adele, he sizes them up and decides to investigate. He does what any smart person does, which is make sure Dottie is the true beneficary on Adele’s policy, and make sure all of the people involved aren’t into some shady shit.

Joe starts following Sharla (Gershon), Ansel’s wife and Chris’ stepmom. She’s sexy too, and she’s also a known cheater, but Ansel is so lonely and desperate he’ll take what he can get.

Trashy and innocent

Before you hire a contract killer, you might want to gather the money to pay his fee. Chris doesn’t get this far when he starts planning Adele’s murder, and he agrees to hand over his sister Dottie as collateral aka sex object. This is when the movie turns creepy, especially when Chris seems to get jealous…I’ll let you think about that.

Trashy and violent and uncomfortable

Sharla has a couple secrets that she’s hiding from the Smith family, but as I mentioned earlier, Joe is easily the smartest guy in the movie and he uncovers Sharla’s shenanigans.

The most talked about scene of this movie happens in the kitchen, where Joe confronts Sharla in front of Ansel. Joe tears her down emotionally and physically, and I’ll admit that I cringed a few times. Then he humiliates her with a chicken wing… and I’m pretty sure I’ll never eat KFC again.

This is a far cry from Magic Mike, but it does show that Matthew McConaughey has incredible range as an actor. I also liked this movie because each actor pulled their weight and delivered some fantastic performances. Killer Joe is well acted and the storyline is engaging, so if you enjoy gritty movies that make you squirm in your seat I think this movie is for you!