Breakfast table, and we hear the Bowers family squabble with each other. Julian and Joanna are not present. Mia is still upset from Vivian’s death, but meanwhile Robert wants to continue the rollout of the new drug. Edward and Sophia don’t like Joanna and they advise against Robert working with her.

Joanna’s hoopty won’t start, and a neighbor named Rayburn comes to help. Apparently he knew her when she was younger and living with the Bowers. Julian offers her a ride.

Will and his co-workers are discussing Remy’s death. One of Will’s coworkers is convinced that Edward killed Remy. Apparently 16 years ago Edward was suspected of raping, drugging, and choking a woman named Kimberly Yeager. Will’s boss gives him and Joanna three days to come up with something regarding the whistleblower at Bowers Pharmaceutical.

Will tells Joanna to get closer to Edward. He tells her to get the names of the people on the Bowers research and development team. Apparently her mother found her messing around with Julian and that began the separation between her and the Bowers.

Robert’s been messing around with his secretary, but now he’s having her shipped to Chicago. She’s upset and threatens to tell the police that she knows Robert was out late on the night that Vivian died, and one of his sons kept calling the office looking for him.

Julian meets up with a fling named Cassie at a pool party.

Joanna sneaks into Robert’s office with the intention of looking at his computer files. Edward sees her and asks why she’s in the office. Robert comes around the corner and doesn’t seem concerned.

The Bowers family goes to see Edward’s daughter play at her sports game. Some smart ass sitting in front of Edward keeps making remarks about Edward’s possible connection to Kimberly Yeager. Edward fights the man.

Will’s coworker, Gabe, had guys follow Edward, and they arrest him at the game. Will reveals that he knows Edward said he was home all night when Vivian was killed, but he was actually stopped at a traffic light at one point that night.

Edward comes clean and says he went to spy on his kids and get something to eat. Then he demands to see his lawyer, and Will stops the interrogation.

Sophia is moving Vivian’s clothes and items out of the house, and Mia gets upset.

Flashback: Sophia and Vivian are argue about telling Mia the truth about who her mother is.

Robert’s secretary Hannah tells Sophia that she’s been having an affair with Robert. Sophia doesn’t give a single damn.

Will and his boss are sitting in the dark. The boss demands results in the investigation.

Medical examiner decides to rule Vivian’s death as an accidental overdose. Will asks the ME to wait until the blood results come in.

Joanna talks to Mia and finds out Vivian’s baby’s father is named Ben. Mia also reveals that someone was probably following Vivian.

Julian has moved the pool party to the Bowers place.

Another Bowers breakfast. Robert wants the family to hangout. Mia comes to breakfast with a ‘Who Killed Vivian Bowers’ tee shirt.

Will goes to Hannah’s apartment looking for her. Her brother says she’s not there but he lied. She decides to meet with Will soon, though.

Joanna and Edward talk but she doesn’t get any information. Edward tells her that he wanted to run for office, but after he was suspected of Yeager’s death he had no choice but to work for the family business.

A masked man follows Hannah’s brother to his car, and the man beats the brother with what appears to be a hammer.

Hannah cancels her meeting with Will.

Robert has a stiff drink at the office. He tells Joanna that he feels like he’s losing his family one by one. He shares a story about calling Edward ‘Eddie Spaghetti’ when he was four. Then he leaves and Joanna unlocks the password on his computer screen. Password: spaghetti4

Joanna finds out Ben Preswick is the whistleblower AND Vivian’s baby daddy.

Julian buys Joanna a new Mercedes-Benz convertible. She gets upset for a few minutes and then gets over it.

Turns out that hammer belongs to the neighbor, Rayburn. He used it to attack Hannah’s brother by breaking both of his knees. He tells Robert that he thinks that will keep Hannah quiet.

Ending scene: Edward goes to Ben’s apartment and they have a staring match.


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