We’re back!

This show opens with Langston and her kiss-ass Hollis. He suggest the torture techniques should be intensified since Huck hasn’t confessed or revealed any information.

Then we cut to Huck being tortured and waterboarded. He has bruises on his face and body so he’s already taken several beatings. U.S. District Attorney David Rosen is disgusted, and he reminds the men-in-charge that he represents America and he doesn’t think Huck can take much more.

Verna, Mellie, Olivia, and Cyrus all get together and Verna confesses to ratting out Huck. Verna says Hollis keeps a second phone. She saw it one day and Hollis quickly tried to hide it. At first Olivia and Cyrus dismiss it, until Verna reveals that he spoke to a woman named Becky about a hotel- turns out it was the hotel where the deadly shots came from. Verna suspects Hollis is responsible for the shooting.

Abby breaks into Hollis’ office and finds the secret phone. She writes down a phone number that appears multiple times in the phone. Olivia tells Harrison to hold onto the number, and don’t call it.

Olivia is at home and Edison comes over. She asks him if he found out where the suspect (Huck) is but he wasn’t able to find out. They start kissing until an official government letter is strangely delivered to Edison at Olivia’s home. Edison takes the letter and then starts whining about their stalled sex life. He reveals the letter is from President Fitz to reinstate his presidential powers. Olivia runs to the hospital, thinking he’s awake.

She arrives at his hospital room and finds he is still in a coma, and Mellie forged the document in an effort to start driving Langston (and mostly Hollis) out of office. Langston learns about the letter and calls Mellie. She asks to speak to Fitz, but Mellie says he’s asleep and quickly hangs up.

Back at the office Abby and Quinn are thinking about calling the phone number or contacting the authorities. Harrison tells them that there’s a whole different layer to the Fitz situation and it’s best to let Olivia handle it.

Hollis and Langston are talking, AGAIN. They leak the forged letter. As a response, Olivia, her team, and Cyrus start enlisting people to leak information to the press about Fitz’ ‘miraculous’ recovery. They make it seem like he’s up and moving and on his way back to the office.

Cyrus and James are still having problems because the baby hasn’t arrived, and James is doing online research regarding brain injuries and he doesn’t seem to believe Cyrus’ claims that Fitz is recovering rapidly.

Huck’s beatings have resumed, and his face is completely bloodied and misshaped. He says he’ll talk if David Rosen is in the room. He warns that Fitz is still in danger if he is alive. He gets beat again.

Edison keeps calling Olivia but she doesn’t respond. She does respond when David comes to her office and reveals where Huck is located. With this new information she scores a meeting with Langston, where she successfully asks to have Huck released. David picks up Huck and has him dropped off to Olivia.

Olivia and Cyrus have Mellie sign a form to have Fitz moved to Camp David.

Edison is trying to waltz into Fitz’s hospital room but he’s stopped by Harrison. Olivia walks up and Edison confronts her. He says he refuses to leave until he sees Fitz and she tells him that will never happen. Edison gets to the point: he will prosecute Olivia if it’s determined that Fitz is still unconscious and the letter was forged. Olivia looks at him and says ‘Goodbye Edison.”

Hollis and Langston meet up yet again, and he does not like the Camp David move. Hollis says he’ll take care of it aka he’s going to call Becky and have her shoot the president again, and hopefully kill him.

Becky hides on a rooftop and gets her gun out. Huck sneaks up behind her and holds a gun on her. They exchange a few words and then the feds surround them and takes Huck and Becky into custody.

Langston delivers a speech to the nation, and says Fitz’ alleged shooter is in custody. After her speech she meets with Mellie, and demands that Mellie withdraw the letter. Otherwise Langston will take her down.

Cyrus confesses that Fitz’s recovery story was a fake. James reveals that he has quit his job. They agree to pick up their baby, but on the way out they are interrupted by a phone call. In turn, Cyrus calls Olivia and tells her someone wants to speak with her.

It’s Fitz! He’s awake, and he says ‘hello’ to Olivia.



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