The Jan. 9th episode is titled “Spilt Milk”, and we see a few characters leave Briarcliff under different circumstances. Kit sees someone from his past, and Lana’s plan for revenge gets into motion. Things get worse for Jude.

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It’s Johnny, the son of Bloody Face! He’s a druggie. A woman named Pandora comes into his home. She’s been saving her breast milk for him. He pays her and then sucks her breasts. YUCK, you FREAK

*burp* I'm full.

*burp* I’m full.

Kit is passed out in a room. Dr. Thredson arrives to take him to see his child in the common area.

Grace is in the common area with the baby. Pepper serves as bodyguard and keeps the other patients away. She tells Dr. Thredson that she’s onto him and his schemes, and he better stay away. He sends Pepper to the hydrotherapy room.

Pepper is not having it!

Pepper is not having it!

Grace tells Kit that the aliens are not cruel, and they gave her a baby. She saw Alma’s dead body.

Kit is overwhelmed and he proposes to Grace. She accepts, and they both laugh and giggle like this is all normal stuff.

Monsignor Timothy arrives with a lady from the Home of Lost Children, and she takes the baby away from Grace.

Mother Claudia offers to help Lana get out of Briarcliff. She gives Lana her file with all of the horrible things that happened to her since she arrived. Mother Claudia also wants the asylum to be shut down, and she tells Lana that a cab is waiting for her.

Lana makes a pit stop at Jude, who is still fried. She thanks Jude for getting her out.

Dr. Thredson tells Kit to give up the tapes or Kit and Grace will never see their child again. As the two men are talking, Lana is coming down the stairs. She’s all dressed up and she has the tapes in her purse. Kit distracts Dr. Thredson long enough for Lana to walk out of Briarcliff. He follows her outside though, and as Lana’s cab drives away she presses the tapes against the cab window and gives Thredson the finger!!

I win again, bitch.

I win again, bitch.

Dr. Thredson runs home and finds Lana sitting in the dark. She’s pointing a gun at him and she tells him the police already have the tapes and they’re on their way.

Cut to Johnny and his milk-drinking activities. He finishes, and Pandora asks him about his mommy issues.

Cut back to Thredson and Lana. She wants to know about Wendy’s body, and he tells Lana that he had sex with it. He also says that Wendy’s body is cut up and spread out in the lonely waters.

Cut to Johnny, and he’s knocking over tables and screaming about what his mother did to him. He starts choking Pandora.

Back to Thredson and Lana. The cops have arrived but Thredson is not worried. He reaches for a gun that he stashed and Lana shoots him in the back of the head and kills him.

I’m not sure how much time has passed, but now Lana has a place in some building where she can visit Wendy’s ashes (well, she hopes it’s her ashes). Lana tells her friends that she has a few things to tidy up and then she’ll move to New York.

Jude is acting up in the common area. Everyone is lining up to take their pills, and Jude knocks the pills to the floor. “They turn your brains to mush!”, she yells.

Monsignor Timothy is reading all of the articles resulting from Lana’s breaking story about Bloody Face and the horrible conditions of Briarcliff. Then he meets Jude in the common area. She asks him how it feels to lose his virtue to the devil instead of losing it to a loving woman (her). Jude reveals how she is disgusted by him, because he has not rescued her from Briarcliff even though she would have done anything for him.

Kit is in his room when he is presented with release papers. Lana’s story helped set him free. He asks to see the Monsignor.

Kit demands that Monsignor Timothy free Grace and return their child to them. He says Grace has a death certificate, so she can leave and live a new life. Timothy succumbs to Kit’s demands, and Kit, Grace, and their baby Thomas leave Briarcliff and go to Kit’s old home with Alma. The threesome walks inside and Kit hears a noise from one of the bedrooms. He goes to investigate and finds Alma sitting on a bed with a baby in her arms!!



Lana meets with some doctor lady, and says that she cannot have the baby. Lana prepares to have an abortion in the woman’s bedroom but she stops at the last second. She says ‘no more death.’

Lana is worried about the patients who have mysteriously disappeared from the asylum. She asks the detectives to get her inside Briarcliff but they are very flippant with her. One detective remarks ‘You’re one tough cookie, you know that?” And she replies, “I am tough. But I’m no cookie.” Yes, Lana, yes!

Lana gets into Briarcliff with the detectives, and they speak to Timothy. She wants to see Jude, but he tells her that Jude hung herself and she has died. Lana doesn’t believe him, and she believes his actions lead to her death.

Turns out Lana was right to not believe Timothy, because Jude is hidden away in a super secret back room. She looks like she hasn’t showered in months. Gross.

Sorry, girlie.

Sorry, girlie.

Lana gives birth and she doesn’t want to touch the baby. The baby is allergic to formula and a nurse begs Lana to breastfeed- she reluctantly does so.


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