Deception stars Meagan Good as Detective Joanna Lacosto, a cop who goes undercover to learn more about the death of her best friend, socialite Vivian Bowers. Laz Alonso stars as FBI agent Will Moreno, who is helping Joanna crack the case.

Here are my initial thoughts: the pilot episode is okay. Good and Alonso have zero chemistry so it’s hard to take their budding relationship seriously. There’s also a ton of stereotypes within the Bowers family and it also has a campy feel to it: the boozy, youth obsessed mother, Sophia; the hard working, shady father Robert; the sassy, defiant teenager Mia; snobby, intimidating brother Edward; and the handsome playboy Julian. I felt like I was watching a cheesy soap opera at times.

I really wanted to like this episode, and it definitely has some good points, like the scenes between Julian and Joanna, and Edward seems like he has a big ass closet of secrets that he’s hiding. However, I was a little disappointed with the overacting from all of the characters (except Joanna) and I’m also hoping the show will stop rushing through certain plotlines. It’s not enough for a character to say ‘Hey this is important.’ The audience needs to feel that it’s important.

Ready for the review? Here we go!

A young blond woman is walking alone, at night, down a dark alley towards her car. She notices someone is quickly approaching her from behind, and he/she is wearing a dark hoodie. She jumps into her car and the person comes up to her window. She recognizes him/her and says “Get in, where are we going?” The next morning she is found dead in a hotel room. Her rich family members are contacted, and told she died from an overdose.

Insert Detective Joanna Locasto. FBI Agent Will Moreno tells her about Vivian’s death and how he believes it’s a homicide. Since Joanna and Vivian were best friends, Will convinces Joanna to infiltrate the family and find the truth about the death. He also suggests that she wear a wire at the funeral. He mentions the FBI has been investigating the Bowers family for stock manipulation and also Edward Bowers specifically for the death(?) of a young woman.

Joanna attends Vivian’s funeral and embraces Julian. Apparently these two had a sexual relationship in their younger years. After the services she meets with Vivian’s father, Robert. They reminisce together and she’s invited to dinner. During dinner she says she’s planning to move to New York and find a place to stay. Robert invites her to stay in the Bowers’ home, and she gets the stink eye from Edward and Mia.

Joanna overhears a late night argument between Edward and his estranged wife Samantha. She wants a divorce and custody of the kids.

Joanna starts digging through the home and appears to find a usb drive. She also speaks to Mia and learns Vivian was going to AA meetings and trying to get clean.

Joanna meets with Will. She remembers a time when Vivian was attempting to drive away from the Bowers home while drunk, and Vivian kept screaming that she needed to get out of there. It’s also revealed that Joanna and Will were partners for four years and decided to date, but shortly after Will left for the FBI.

Sophia, the drunken cold-hearted bitch of a mother, tells Joanna that since Vivian’s death everyone is pretending she’s a saint.

Joanna finds Vivian’s personal videos on the usb drive, and one of the videos show Vivian talking about her pregnancy. It seems to be a very recent video.

Joanna walks outside of the home and finds someone in the trees taking photographs. She believes that he’s a paparazzo and chases after him when he runs. They tumble to the ground and her shirt is ripped, and he sees that she’s wearing a wire.

The guy’s name is Remy, and he was contacted by Vivian shortly before her death. She knew that the family business, Bowers Pharmaceuticals, was about to release a drug that killed 27 people in Thailand. Julian created the drug and allegedly the family got rid of her once they realized she was about to blow the whistle on the new drug.

Joanna tries to go back into the house but she’s stopped by Julian, who asks her to share a bottle of wine with him on the dock. Julian flirts with her and she plays along a little bit. She leaves to go to bed. On her way to her bedroom she is stopped by Edward, and he tells her he doesn’t trust her, and he doesn’t know why she is now coming back to the Bowers after being away for 17 years. How old is Joanna??

The next day she’s stopped by Robert who asks her if she would like to be his assistant at work. Turns out Julian came up with the idea to help her get settled in New York.

Remy calls Joanna and tells her that he has something to share with her. He tells her to meet him. Before Joanna arrives, a car with a mysterious driver appears behind Remy’s parked car and rams into his car until it flies into a nearby body of water.

Will decides to pull Joanna off the case. She goes back to his place and he cooks dinner for her, and then they make out.

Joanna finds out the next day that Vivian had her child in 1997, and matches the birth date to Mia’s birthday.

Julian is alone at a lake, and he’s crying. He pulls out a men’s ring that has three diamonds on it, and the shape of the diamonds match the shape of a bruise that was found on Vivian’s cheek. He drops the ring into the water.

At work Will still recommends pulling Joanna from the case, but her boss (?) says she needs to stay since Julian likes her. She tells Will that she will take the job as Robert’s assistant.

Then the episode ends.


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