The Jan. 2, 2013 episode of AHS: Asylum is titled “The Name Game.”

Monsignor Timothy confronts the devil, Jude experiences the same inhumane treatment that she used to put the patients through, Dr. Arden makes some tough decisions regarding his future at Briarcliff, and Kit finds himself in the middle of Lana’s and Dr. Thredson’s attempts to out smart each other.

Here we go!

Dr. Arden beats on Kit’s chest and revives him. Dr. Arden didn’t tell Kit that the aliens returned and that Grace is alive and pregnant.

Pepper is very articulate and taunts Dr. Arden when he demands to know what Grace is carrying. He threatens to perform a C-section but Pepper tells him to back off or the aliens will come for him.

Monsignor is recovering from his wounds. Sister Mary Eunice gently puts him into a bed but he seems to be very disturbed by her presence.

Now that Sister Jude is a patient, she is being mocked by Sister Mary, who buys a juke box and places it in the common area. She dedicates a song to Sister Jude, who later gets up and walks out.

Kit joins Lana in the common area. She tells him that Dr. Thredson is missing, and surprise! Dr. Thredson walks into the common area wearing his glasses and fancy dark suit. He tells Lana that he’ll keep her alive long enough to give birth to the baby and breastfeed it. He also reveals that Sister Mary Eunice untied him and gave him a full time position at Briarcliff.

Sister Jude talks back to Sister Mary Eunice, and she is punished with electro shock therapy.

Sister Mary Eunice goes to check on the Monsignor, and he tries to release the devil from her. She flings him onto his bed, holds him down and makes a man out of him aka takes his virginity aka rape! Afterwards Dr. Arden is standing at the door. I’m not sure if he knew what happened or if he assumed that the Monsignor is a horny beast.

Jude is whacked out of her mind. She wanders into the common area and looks at the jukebox. Then a fun song/dance sequence starts with Jude dressed up in a pretty blue dress and styled wig as she goes around the room and sings ‘The Name Game’.

Dr. Arden goes into the woods to feed the creatures and he’s followed by Sister Mary Eunice. He tells her the experiment is over and he kills the creatures. Then he starts crying and says ‘It’s all a farce.’ Sister Mary Eunice walks off.

Mosignor Timothy meets privately with Jude, and she’s still loopy. He apologizes for not believing her when she said Sister Mary Eunice is possessed. He asks what he should do, and Jude replies “You kill her.”

Dr. Thredson is walking around Briarcliff like he owns the place. He meets with a worker named Carl, and tells Carl to have Kit brought by his office in a straitjacket.

Thredson goes to Dr. Arden’s office but can’t find him. He hears a scream coming from Arden’s surgical room. Thredson walks in and sees Grace giving birth.

Sister Mary Eunice walks into Timothy’s room to find him fervently praying. He starts backing out of the room and towards the staircase. He tells the devil that he knows Mary’s innocent soul is still present. Then Sister Mary tells him that she is tired of fighting the devil for her body. Timothy tells her to let him go, and he pushes her over the stair rails.

Sister Mary hits the ground and the Angel of Death appears. The Angel takes both the devil and Sister Mary.

Dr. Arden and Timothy have a discussion about Sister Mary’s body. Timothy wants to bury her, but Dr. Arden suggests cremation since her body was used by the devil.

Dr. Thredson and Kit meet as planned- Kit refuses to reveal the location of the tapes. Thredson shows Kit that Grace is alive and she has a child. Apparently Kit was so overwhelmed that he decided to tell Thredson where the tapes are.

So Thredson goes to the hiding place and finds a book, and not the tapes. Then Lana appears and tells him that she hid them in a new place, and this time she’s the only person who knows where they are. She tells Thredson if he hurts anyone else she’ll release those tapes. “I’m goddamn plucky, remember?’ she says. Yes, Lana, yes!!!

Jude is still loopy. I’m not sure if she’s going to recover from this. She starts rambling to Mother Superior about going to Rome and getting married at the Vatican. Then she tells Mother Superior to free Lana.

Dr. Arden is preparing Sister Mary for her cremation. He starts pushing the body towards the fire, and then he hops on top of Sister Mary and goes into the fire with her. The episode ends with Dr. Arden’s screams.


My thoughts:

What an emotional episode for Dr. Arden! He was really torn up about Sister Mary’s actions and death. I do wish the aliens would’ve grabbed him and carried him off for ‘experiments’. I think Dr. Arden needed to feel what he put Shelley through.

Speaking of aliens, this storyline continues to get dragged along. And I wonder what Grace really gave birth to, and why? Yes it looks like a healthy baby but I’m skeptical!

I’m rooting for Lana! I’m betting that she has a scheme and she’s hoping Dr. Thredson will fall into the trap that she’s setting up.

What did you think of the episode?


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