The Dec. 13th episode is titled ‘Blown Away’. Quick note, episode  10 airs on January 10th. At the end of this post you’ll find a promo for that episode! It looks like a doozy.

Here we go!

Hucks tells Harrison that he shot Fitz. Harrison gets panicked and demands that Olivia comes back to the office.

At the office, Huck says Becky called him and she was crying. She asked him to meet her at a hotel room. When he walks in, he sees a remote controlled sniper rifle next to a window. It starts shooting the shots that hit Fitz. Huck dismantled the rifle and brought it to the office. Huck believes someone forced Becky to set him up and now he wants to find her.

President Langston kicked Cyrus out of his office so now he’s working from home. He receives a phone call from James’ mom, and he finds out that James lied when he recently told Cyrus that he was spending a weekend with his parents.

Hollis has a private meeting with President Langston, and he gives her a folder to look at. Hollis is one sneaky, folksy bastard.

Back at the Pope office, the team is trying to get a copy of the security tapes at the hotel. No luck so far. Quinn rolls up on Huck and gets aggressive. She wants to know who is behind her kidnapping and why it happened. He tells her that he didn’t ask questions and he just did what he was told.

Abby calls David for a favor. He hand delivers the security feed from the hotel!

The team looks at the tapes, checks Becky’s bank accounts and investigates the past three months that she’s spent with Huck. All signs point to Becky acting alone to set up Huck.

Huck doesn’t believe it and he storms out of the office to look for Becky. He breaks into her apartment and finds out she’s been studying him. She has surveillance photos, blueprints of the hotel and other spy like stuff.

Langston’s evil ass visits Verna in the hospital. She tells Verna to step down from the Supreme Court or she will tell the media that Verna lied about having terminal cancer so she could get a seat on the bench. Langston promised she would make the last months of Verna’s life a complete hell.

President Langston, Scandal

Langston couldn’t even wait for Verna to put on her wig.

James and Cyrus are having lunch. Cyrus asks James ‘How is your father doing?’ and James brushes him off and walks to the kitchen. Cyrus grabs James’s phone and notices there are multiple calls to and from the same number. Uh oh!

During a briefing Olivia finds out the security tapes show the back of Huck’s head, but it also shows a woman dropping her cell phone and Huck picking it up for her. Now there’s a hunt for the woman and her cell phone. Olivia secretly calls Abby and gives her the information.

Huck is sitting in his car, across the street from a family that he secretly watches. He enjoys looking at their happy home life. He falls asleep but wakes up and realizes Becky is in the backseat and has a gun pointed at his head. She admits to shooting Fitz and she tells him that she did set him up, but if she really wanted to be a bitch she would’ve left evidence that could be traced back to him. She didn’t do that because she likes him. Then she disappears.

Cyrus visits Olivia at her home with a bottle of wine and a suspicion that James is cheating on him. Cyrus has a private investigator looking into the phone number on James’ phone.

Olivia vista Verna and tells her the only thing she can do is step down from the bench. Verna says she’s seen the hotel picture of the guy in a red hoodie, and she thinks it looks like Huck. Olivia plays dumb and Verna says ‘Karma is a funny thing.’ Verna feels everyone involved in the Cytron scandal is getting their just due, one way or another.

I guess being spied on and set up is a huge turnon, because Huck goes to Becky’s home and has sex with her. He tells Becky that he’ll run away with her, because they are the same.

Cyrus meets with his private investigator. He finds out James has been meeting with David Rosen, and David has been recently dumped by a red-head. Cyrus also finds out that James went to Defiance, Ohio.

The FBI has just picked up the woman who dropped her cell phone in the elevator. Yikes!

Olivia meets Huck. He tells her he’s going away with Becky, and Olivia tries to talk him out of it but she’s unsuccessful. Turns out Huck is setting up Becky. He calls Harrison and says Becky will be leaving within an hour, and Harrison needs to go in and plant the gun once she leaves.

Cyrus organized a romantic dinner for him and James. He also tells James that they’re at the front of the adoption line and in one week they’ll have a little girl. James is too excited, and he agrees to quit his job and be a full time daddy.

Becky is late meeting Huck at their usual spying spot. Huck can’t reach her on her cell, and he walks into the house of the family that he spies on. The entire family was shot and killed throughout the house. Huck realizes that Becky knew what he was planning to do.

Olivia runs into Hollis’s shady ass. He admits that he took down Verna as revenge for Olivia and Verna saving Lindsay Dwyer and giving her a new life as Quinn.

James meets with David at a baby store, and reveals that Cyrus knows James is onto something. That’s why he tried to distract James with a baby. James hands David the memory card that he stole from the voting machine in Defiance.

Once again, desperate Abby has snuck into David’s apartment. She slaps him twice, has sex with him and then quietly leaves. Okay…

Verna is desperate also. She tells Langston to choose between her resignation from the bench OR the name of the man in the red hoodie.

Bye, Huck. Keep your head up.

Bye, Huck. Keep your head up.

Back at the office Olivia is attempting to console Huck. The FBI swarms in and arrests Huck under the Patriot Act.


I’m speechless and I can’t wait to see how this season wraps up in its final episodes. It seems everyone involved in the Cytron scandal is turning on each other, and if Olivia isn’t careful she could go down too.

Here’s a sneak peek into the Jan. 10th episode:


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