Episode 9 of AHS: Asylum is named ‘The Coat Hanger’. Take a wild guess of what it means -_-

Quick note: AHS Asylum is now on hiatus until early January. Episode 10 airs Jan. 2nd, and at the end of this post you can find a TV promo!

Quick summary: A present-day killer reveals himself. Sister Jude joins the rank of ‘patient’ at the asylum, Kit and Dr. Arden execute a plan to bring the alien creatures back to Briarcliff, Lana gets a confession from Dr. Thredson, and fan favorite Pepper has been hiding with someone who has been brought back to life.

Here we go!

The opening started off with a bang!

We’re in present day, 2012. Dylan McDermott (from Season 1) is back as a character named Johnny, and he’s sitting in a therapist’s office. He says as a child he killed and skinned animals, and as an adult he was jailed for armed robbery. He keeps saying that he couldn’t live up to his father, and now the urge to skin women is taking over him and he needs the therapist’s help. He reveals that his name is Thredson, and he’s the son of Bloody Face. We see that Johnny is also the present day Bloody Face and he attacked the Lovers and tried to skin Teresa.

Johnny American Horror Story Asylum

Johnny has a special connection to Dr. Thredson….

Back to 1964, Lana sits in Sister Mary Eunice’s office, and she finds out she is pregnant (remember Thredson raped her in the previous episode). Lana faints.

Sister Jude is restrained in a bed after she slit Leigh’s throat last week. Monsignor Timothy tells her that she’s being restrained for her safety and the safety of others. He also tells her that she will remain a patient in Briarcliff as Judy Martin…she is no longer Sister Jude.

Sister Mary Eunice, Dr. Arden, and Leigh report that Sister Jude killed the security guard Frank and that she was obsessed with conspiracies like Dr. Arden being a Nazi and Sister Mary being possessed by the devil.

Lord…Lana finds a coat hanger and sneaks it into her room.

Jude now understands the horror of being a patient at the asylum. She pleads with Monsignor Timothy to let her free. Instead Timothy brings in Leigh. Leigh tells Jude that he forgives her.

Lana sneaks into the infirmary and tells Kit that they need to kill Thredson. Kit says he’ll be freed if Thredson confesses to being Bloody Face, so killing him is not an option.

Lana goes to the hiding place where she stashed Thredson. She tells him that she is pregnant but she’s getting rid of the baby. Thredson begs her to keep the baby and he will be a good father.

Lana repeats the names of some women that he killed and asks he killed them. He gives various reasons, such as liking their skin. Kit appears with a tape recorder, and he’s recorded Thredson’s confessions. She tells him that she’s already used the coat hanger to get rid of the baby. She’s planning to kill Thredson next.

Dr. Arden catches Kit hiding something in the bathroom. He invites Kit to his office for a drink. Dr. Arden tells Kit that he also saw the creatures, and they took Grace’s body. Arden makes the connection that the creatures want Kit for some reason, and he suggests that taking Kit to the brink of death will bring the creatures back. Kit’s stupid ass agrees to it, if it’ll bring Alma back to him.

Lana tries to steal a knife from the kitchen but she’s stopped by a guard who takes the knife from her.

Leigh tells Monsignor Timothy that he repents for his sins, and Timothy baptizes him. After it’s over Leigh says he feels like a new man, and then he pushes Timothy’s head under the water.

Leigh and Monsignor Timothy American Horror Story Asylum

Is Leigh truly a new man?

Lana goes to her room and grabs the coat hanger. She starts stabbing her pillow in preparation for killing Thredson. She goes to the hiding place and sees that he escaped. Lana starts looking for him and she runs into Sister Mary Eunice. Sister Mary grabs the coat hanger and feels Lana’s stomach. She tells Lana that the abortion was not successful, and she’s going to have a boy.

Fast forward to 2012, and the therapist’s office is trashed. One of her friends walks into the office and notice the therapist has been killed. The friend turns to walk out and she is stopped by Johnny.

Back in 1964, Jude walks into the asylum’s common area. The other patients recognize her, but they don’t realize that she’s one of them now. Jude sits down with Lana and apologizes for the horrible things that she did. Lana is NOT trying to hear it.

Kit is in Dr. Arden’s surgical room, and he’s following up with this ridiculous idea to die under the hand of Dr. Arden, who will then bring him back to life by restarting his heart. Dr. Arden does his work, and sure enough here come the alien creatures. Arden starts following the bright lights and….

Pepper American Horror Story Asylum

Pepper is back, and she has a surprise with her…

Pepper is here! She’s watching over a pregnant and ALIVE Grace. Pepper tells Dr. Arden that the baby is full term.

Leigh has subdued Monsignor Timothy and placed him on a cross, Jesus-style. The Angel of Death appears and walks over Monsignor. He says ‘Help me’, and she replies ‘I’m here.’


Very good episode, and I’m so glad to see Dylan McDermott! I think he’s great and I hope he signs on for Season 3.

My, how the tables have turned on Jude! She spent years wreaking havoc and now she’s a lowly patient. I hope nothing bad happens to her though.

Lana and the coat hanger- ugh. *shivers*

It seems the alien storyline will finally start to pick up speed. I’m hoping the possessed Sister Mary Eunice storyline will move along as well.

Lastly, how gullible is Monsignor Timothy? Geez, there’s no way most people would’ve bought Leigh’s ‘I’m so sorry’ act. And how the hell did Leigh crucify him anyways?

I guess we’ll get some answers on the Jan. 2nd episode. Here is a preview:


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