Running time: 1 hour, 22 minutes
Cast: Josh Stewart, Lee Tergesen, Emma Fitzpatrick, Christopher McDonald
Director: Marcus Dunstan

2009’s The Collector was a pleasant surprise- it was bloody and thrilling, and the storyline was simple and straight to the point. The story never overshadowed the tense action on the screen.

Fast forward to 2012 and we finally have the sequel, The Collection. The sequel contains some awesome moments that captures the feel of the first movie, but overall I was disappointed with the clumsy plot and the excessive bloodshed.

The Collection poster

The premise of The Collection seems easy to understand: During a party, Elena (Fitzpatrick) finds a red trunk and discovers Arkin inside of it. Arkin sees a chance to escape, and as he jumps out of a window he sees The Collector grab Elena and drag her into the darkness. As Arkin recovers in a hospital he discovers he’s been chosen to lead a group of toughies to hunt down The Collector and rescue Elena.

Somehow this simple plot turns into a mess and we’re introduced to characters that serve only one purpose, which is to die a horrible death. I didn’t even catch the names of half of the people in this movie because they were so under-developed and unnecessary.

There were two things that irked me.

First, this movie tries to run with this idea that The Collector grabs multiple people and stores them in an abandoned hotel where he ‘works’. He keeps those who are strong and discards anyone who has a physical weakness. What does he do with these ‘strong’ ones that he keeps? It’s never said in the movie. Personally I think this is a lame attempt to turn The Collector into some type of horror icon. The first movie didn’t explain why he collected people, and I think that’s what made it so scary.

Second, the people in this movie suffered some horrendous wounds but some how managed to keep fighting. I’ve learned that being a fan of horror movies means sometimes there’s a level of nonsense that you need to accept, but this was ridiculous. Stabbed in the face? It’s ok, I can still deliver some hard punches. Broken arm? No worries, I’ll just fight and climb with my good arm. Hands nailed to the floor? Oh, I pulled the nails out so I’m fine now.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie. I need this in poster form.

One of my favorite scenes in the movie. I need this in poster form. From Famous Monsters.

This movie isn’t all bad, and in fact there were several scenes that were pretty damn good. The movie also ended with a bang, and I think it’s a great set up for a third movie where we see what Arkin does next.

I’d say if you saw the first movie and enjoyed it, you can find something to like about this sequel. Arkin has a strong presence and he saved the movie for me. The Collector is given tons of screen time and I enjoyed him as well. If there is a third movie in the works I hope it’s given a better storyline and ditches the dumb ‘survival of the fittest’ idea.

Did you see The Collection? Let me know what you think about the movie!


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