Hi folks! This week’s episode is called ‘Unholy Night’ and it’s AHS’s Christmas episode.

Here we go!

1962 Flashback

A mysterious stranger shoots a Santa on the street, and puts on his bloody costume. Then he goes to a random family’s home and makes nice with a little girl named Susie. He ties up her mother and father, and shoots them.

Back at Briarcliff in 1964, Sister Mary Eunice oversees a Christmas decoration ‘party’. The tree is decorated with odd things like dentures from a male patient and locks of hair from the women.

Frank, the guard who shot Grace, is feeling guilty. He prays over her body and promises to make things right by confessing to the murder. Dr. Arden says ‘We’ll see what we can do.”

Sister Jude returns and she is wearing her habit. She confronts the devil hiding inside of Sister Mary Eunice, and Dr. Arden has Sister Jude escorted out of Briarcliff.

1963 Flashback

The mysterious stranger at the beginning of the episode is named Leigh, and he’s at Briarcliff now due to his murderous streak. Sister Jude is not amused by him. She has a photographer and a Santa arrive at Briarcliff to spread cheer and good PR. Leigh delivers a vicious bite to the Santa and then gets placed into solitary confinement.

Flashback is over. Sister Mary Eunice gives Leigh a Santa costume and persuades him to wear it. Then she brings him out of solitary confinement.

Dr. Arden gives Sister Mary Eunice an expensive pair of ruby earrings. He hopes the earrings will give him a glimpse of the sweet, proper nun that he knew but he realizes there is no hope.

Sister Jude is desperate to get back into Briarcliff. Dr. Arden tells Sister Jude that she was right, and Sister Mary Eunice is possessed. He says he doesn’t believe in God but he does believe in evil. He begs Sister Jude to help him save Sister Mary Eunice.

Monsignor Timothy stops by to help decorate the Christmas tree.

We see a tender moment between Kit and Alma. He brings home a Christmas tree and kisses Alma who magically turns into Grace. It’s all a dream, and we see him asleep in Briarcliff. Lana finds him, and she realizes no one is coming to take Kit back into custody, and no one is coming to save her. She tells Kit that Dr. Threadson is Bloody Face.

Dr. Arden brings Sister Jude to Briarcliff and she goes to Sister Mary Eunice’s office. It appears they have joined forces.

Frank climbs a ladder to put a star on the tree. Leigh attacks him but is restrained by staff employees. He’s taken away and Frank is fine. After Frank locks Leigh into a cell, he turns around and his throat is slit by Sister Mary Eunice.

Lana sneaks into an empty office to make a phone call to the police. She turns around and sees Dr. Threadson entering the room behind her.

Sister Mary Eunice locks Leigh in her office with Sister Jude. Turns out Dr. Arden is a sneaky bastard who was working with Sister Mary Eunice the whole time. Leigh is still holding a grudge for the way that Sister Jude handled him, by whipping him and locking him away.

Dr. Threadson reveals he’s cleaned his apartment and removed any evidence that would incriminate him. He attempts to drag her out of the room, but Kit appears and knocks out Dr. Threadson.

Leigh is man-handling Sister Jude, and he takes revenge on her by whipping her. She stabs him in the neck and presumably kills him.

Dr. Arden is pushing a cart with Grace’s body in it. Suddenly a white light and screeching noise overcomes him, and we briefly see that the aliens have arrived and taken her body.

Kit and Lana tie up Dr. Threadson and hide him somewhere in Briarcliff. She tells Kit to go back to the infirmary, and she promises to Dr. Threadson that one day she will bury him.


– – – – – – – – – – – – –

For the second time this season I feel we were given an episode that didn’t advance any of the storylines. We’re being teased with the ‘Sister Mary Eunice is possessed’ storyline, and she hasn’t raised hell like I thought she would.

Also, we’re no closer to understanding the alien storyline.

The December 12th episode will be the last one for this year, and then AHS:Asylum will return in January for 4 more episodes. I am sure that we won’t have any closure in the Dec. 12th episode and we’ll have to wait until January to get answers to all of the lingering storylines.


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