Running time: 1 hour, 25 minutes
Cast: Leticia Dolera, Diego Martin, Javier Botet
Director: Paco Plaza

I picked up REC 3 at Redbox recently, and I really enjoyed the movie! Before you see it, be aware that it’s not a sequel, and the events in this movie happen at the same time as the events from the first two movies. Also, REC 3 features a new cast.

REC 3 Genesis

The movie takes place at the wedding and the wedding reception of Koldo and Clara, and Koldo’s cousin Adrian is filming the activities on his hand-held camera. Only a small amount of the movie is filmed with the hand-held, and the bulk of the movie is shown in a regular, third person view.

Adrian films Uncle Victor who has a bite on his hand. He says he was treating a dog, and the dog appeared to be dead. Then suddenly it jumped up and bit him. If you remember in REC, the first movie of this series, a building resident said her dog was ill and in the care of a veteranarian. This starts the parallel between all of the REC movies.

Uncle Victor sets off the chain of events that lead to wedding guests being infected with the virus that turns them into zombie-like killers. People are being chased and bitten, everyone is screaming and running in all different directions, and guests are forming groups and escaping for safety.

In the chaos, Koldo and Clara are separated and they are unsure if their new spouse is alive. Eventually the movie turns into an odd love story about newlyweds who will do anything to be reunited, and their vow of “Till Death Do Us Part” appears to resonate with them.

Compared to the suspense and horror of the first two movies, REC 3 seems milder and less thrilling. As a sequel REC 3 doesn’t live up to its predecessors, but it’s still a very good movie.



  1. Tyson Carter says:

    Not seen much love for this film yet. I personally disliked it, because it was so different to the first 2 and I loved them. Nice write up 🙂

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