Season 2 Episode 7 of American Horror Story: Asylum is named “Dark Cousin”, and we see The Angel of Death offer her services to the long-suffering main characters of the show. Lana escapes from Dr. Thredson, Kit attempts to free Grace, and Sister Jude speaks to the family of the young girl that she hit years ago.

The Angel of Death is Frances Conroy, who played the character Moira in Season 1.

Just a quick sidenote: Where is Pepper? I know she wasn’t considered a main character, but she disappeared back in Episode 3 and hasn’t been seen since then. The AHS writers did a great job of tying up loose ends in the first season so let’s hope they don’t forget about Pepper in this second season.

Here we go!

The episode opens with nuns checking on Grace after her ‘sterilization’ aka alien attack that happened in Episode 6. She is suffering from excessive bleeding.

The Angel of Death appears next to Grace. She is wearing a chic black outfit and hat with a veil, she has some huge black wings and she’s wearing a FIERCE red lip. Werk! The Angel attempts to kiss Grace and end her pain, but the nuns revive her in time and Grace is sad.

Sister Mary Eunice confronts Dr. Arden about the botch sterilization, and he tells her that he didn’t perform the procedure. He slaps Sister Mary Eunice and she unleashes the devil on him by telepathically throwing him up against the wall.

Now we’re in the kitchen where a nun is slicing meat and a patient named Miles is letting the voices in his head get the better of him. He takes over the meat slicing duties and puts his wrists against the blades. He uses his blood to write the name of The Angel of Death and summons her. Sister Mary Eunice freaks out. Miles is placed in isolation, and when the Angel appears in his room Sister Mary Eunice walks in and tells the Angel to leave.

Dr. Arden visits Grace, and he tells her that he can save her life with meds and constant care. He’s only doing it because he doesn’t want to be responsible for death.

Kit is in custody and is about to go down for the confession that he gave Dr. Thredson. He escapes custody and heads to asylum to pick up Grace.

The Angel of Death appears to Lana. Lana wants to die at first but she decides to fight back. Dr. Thredson tells her that he wants to kill her now, but he wants it to be painless. He thinks it will be better if she’s unconscious and he approaches her with a syringe. Lana smacks him upside the head with a picture frame and kicks his ass. She releases her chains and runs out of the house.

Lana starts running down the street and jumps into a car with a man. When she looks in the backseat she sees The Angel of Death. Turns out the driver is a crazy mofo whose wife just cheated on him. He pulls out a gun, shoots himself, and the car is wrecked. Lana wakes up and finds out she’s back at Briarcliff. Damn!

Now we’re at the hotel room where Sister Jude has found the body of the Nazi hunter who was killed in Episode 6 by Sister Mary Eunice. Before he dies he tells her that Sister Mary Eunice attacked him.

Sister Jude goes to a diner where she sits down with The Angel of Death. It’s clear that the Angel has visited Sister Jude many times before, and each time Sister Jude’s life was spared. This time Jude seems like she wants to end her life for good, but first she wants to speak to the family of the girl that she hit in her car years ago.

Sister Jude visits the family and finds the mother and father to be very upbeat and happy. Surprise, surprise when Missy walks into the family home after a long shift at the hospital! The mother reveals that Missy survived the accident, and the father gave Sister Jude the stink eye.

Lana cries to Sister Mary Eunice about Kit being innocent and Dr. Thredson being the real Bloody Face.

Kit breaks into Briarcliff and finds Grace. He attempts to run out with her but one of Dr. Arden’s unfortunate patients runs out and attacks. Basically it looks like Shelly but it has legs. Kit and Grace fight back, one of the guards hears the commotion, and the guard comes in and points the gun at Kit. Once the shot is fired, we see Grace jump in front of Kit and she takes the bullet instead. The Angel of Death kisses Grace, and she dies.


I loved The Angel of Death in this episode. I was a bit bored with Sister Jude, because I feel like this episode only rehashed some things that we already knew about her. It was surprising to see that the girl she hit is still alive, so I wonder if Sister Jude will decide to make her way back to Briarcliff…

What did you think about this episode?


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