(warning, spoilers are below. all photos are from Scandal’s official website:

Episode 7 is titled ‘Defiance’. James researches David’s claim that voting machines were rigged to secure Fitz’ presidential win; Harrison feels super guilty for breaking up Abby and David; Quinn investigates her kidnapping; and a billionaire businessman is in the midst of a mid-life crisis that could ruin his company.

Here we go!

The episode starts with David blowing up Abby’s phone and begging her to speak to him. She’s ignoring him. Meanwhile, Edison Davis has a huge smile on his face now that he’s getting Olivia’s goodies again.

David secretly meets with James and gives him paperwork as ‘evidence’ that Cytron voting machines were rigged for the last election. James brushes him off and says he’ll need more concrete proof before he gives it any attention.

A family contacts Pope & Associates about their crazy ass father, but Olivia is too busy and she gives Harrison a chance to step up and help her. We find out Pierce is a middle age billionaire who is dating a much younger woman. He rides his motorcycle in his home and he’s planning to build an amusement park in his backyard for his young girlfriend. The family wants to hide his shenanigans until after his company goes public.

Olivia is helping Senator Schuman navigate the media storm after admitting to an affair with an intern. I’m telling ya, Olivia could maintain a nice income solely from helping Senators who can’t keep their junk in their pants. Sigh.

During a televised press conference Senator Schuman announces his resignation as Senate Majority Leader. Guess who’s watching the conference? Fitz! Yay he’s back! He sees Olivia standing in the background at the conference and he starts up with the love-sick ‘I-want-you-back’ look.

Harrison and Abby are on crazy old many duty. Credit: ABC/DANNY FELD

Harrison and Abby are on crazy old many duty. Credit: ABC/DANNY FELD

Harrison and Abby are camped out at Pierce’s mansion. They’re basically holding him hostage so he doesn’t go out in public and do something really stupid. Basically, they want him to be stupid at home.

Davis decides to swoop in and make a play for the open Majority Leader seat. Olivia goes to Cyrus and asks about Davis’ chances. Cyrus tells her the chances are slim, and the only way Fitz will support the move is if he truly decides he’s over her.

Now here’s the juicy part. Cyrus, Mellie, Fitz, Verna, James and some other folks are all at dinner. Fitz decides it’s story-time, and the story he tells is about election night when he narrowly won thanks to the late votes that came in from Defiance County in Ohio. James sits up straight, because everything that Fitz recounted matches up with everything that David told him (about Defiance going to Fitz because the machines were rigged).

Mellie and Verna are giving Fitz the stink-eye and trying to shut him up. He doesn’t realize that some people in that room are responsible for his win.

Meanwhile, Pierce marries his young girlfriend and he shoots his son Skip in the arm when Skip enters the mansion to discuss the family business. Back at the Pope office, Quinn keeps popping into Huck’s quiet time with this very suspicious, over-the-top bubbly attitude that we have never seen from her. She asks him questions about ways to keep someone sedated for hours and how to transport someone from location to another with driving and without going through an airline. Huck vaguely answers her questions, and then flat out tells her to stop asking questions until she reveals why she needs to know this information.

Back to the juicy part. James hunts down the voting machines that were used to rig the Defiance county votes. All of the machines are missing the memory cards, except for one machine that is on display at a local high school. James tests the machine by voting several times, each time casting a vote for Reston and his VP pick. Each time, he finds out the vote was switched to Fitz, and bingo! Now James has proof that the election was rigged.

James, it was nice knowing you. You’re gonna die! I love you though.

Fitz looks at some surveillance photos of Olivia and Davis (what a creeper) and he is hurt and upset. He decides to support Davis anyway, and now Davis is the new Senate Majority Leader. Olivia realizes Fitz is trying to let go her, and she decides to attend Fitz’ 50th birthday party with Davis.

After Davis accepts the leadership role, Hollis storms into Cyrus’s office. Hollis is hopping mad about Davis becoming Majority Leader.

Quinn pieces together her re-location to DC and she confronts Huck. She knows she was on a private jet owned by Verna Thornton, who is a client of Olivia’s. Huck says nothing. Quinn….girl…you ungrateful heffa. Olivia kept you out of jail for life, and instead of sitting at your desk and answering the phones you decide to go on a journey for the truth.

Pierce and his son sit down for a heart to heart talk orchestrated by Harrison. They realize they both want to save the company but they were going about it in two different ways. They sort out their differences and decide to not go public.

Davis picks up Olivia so they can head to the birthday party for Fitz. Olivia looks stunning!!!

WERK Olivia. Credit: ABC Vivian Zink

WERK Olivia. Credit: ABC Vivian Zink

Also on the way to the party, Mellie and Fitz are sitting in a limo. Mellie usually loves a photo op, but this time she’s adamant about skipping the party. She doesn’t tell Fitz why she doesn’t want to go now, and when they pull up to the gala she reluctantly gets out of the car.

As Mellie and Fitz are walking inside we hear a shot, Fitz stumbles backwards and Mellie screams. THE END.

Mellie…girl…you know something! I think Mellie knew something bad was going to happen, and I’m not saying she knew her husband would be shot but she knew somebody was angry with him!

What are your thoughts? Who shot Fitz?


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