Season 2 Episode 5 of American Horror Story is called ‘I am Anne Frank Pt. 2’ and several things happen- we found out the identity of Bloody Face, Lana escapes, Sister Jude feels defeated by a defiant Dr. Arden, and Anne Frank is confronted by her husband.

I will say this: this episode was a hard one to watch and it involved a lot of violence and suppression towards most of the female characters on the show. I guess for a show set in the 1950s this is an accurate depiction of how women were treated.

Let’s go!

Sister Jude leaves Briarcliff to meet with a Dr. Goodman who can tell her if Dr. Arden is a former Nazi.

Anne forces an injured Dr. Arden into Sister Jude’s office by gunpoint. Sister Mary Eunice was already in there snooping through Sister Jude’s papers. She runs out and leaves. A guard steps in and holds a gun to Anne’s head with an order to let Dr. Arden go.

Anne wakes up in a straight jacket in a bed, with Sister Jude standing in a corner. Sister Jude said Dr. Arden’s surgery room was searched and they didn’t find a disfigured person like Anne claimed. Seems like Dr. Arden (or Sister Mary Eunice) disposed of Shelly before she was discovered by anyone else.

Sister Jude meets with a man in her office who claims that Anne Frank is his wife. Her real name is Charlotte Brown, and when she was 8 months pregnant she went to see an Anne Frank play. After the baby was born she began to withdraw and immerse herself in the history of Anne Frank, Auschwitz, etc.

Dr. Threadson appears and says Anne/Charlotte is suffering from postpartum psychosis. He says it would be dangerous for Anne to go back home, but Sister Jude ignores him and lets her leave with her husband. At first she resists, but when she sees a picture of herself holding a baby she seems confused but agrees to go.

Dr. Threadson tells Sister Jude she made a mistake and he expresses his disapproval of the sterilizations.

Kit and Grace are still held in separate cells but they declare their undying love for each other. Sister Jude interrupts the love fest and tells Kit that he is free from solitary confinement and he will not be sterilized. Grace is still scheduled to have her sterilization the next day.

Kit is back in Dr. Threadson’s office. Dr. Threadson wants to record Kit’s confession to the murder, so Kit leans forward and says ‘I’m Kit Walker, and I murdered my wife.’

Grace is in her confined room when a bright light appears under the door. She stares at it and then finds herself lying nude on a table. It appears an alien has grabbed her and plans to perform a procedure on her. Alma walks up to the table and she looks like she is pregnant. She tells Grace to relax, and then Grace’s lower abdomen is slashed.

Sister Jude leaves a message for Dr. Goodman saying she gave him the wrong information. Dr. Arden overhears her and demands to know what she is talking about. She tries to brush it off, but Dr. Arden is pissed. He threatens to sue her for negligence and he also says he’ll go to the Monsignor and have her removed.

Dr. Arden goes to his office. Sister Mary Eunice appears and apologizes for flirting with him. He thanks her for dragging Shelly to the woods before the guards and police could find her.

A group of children are at school preparing to get on the school bus when a little girl wanders over to a flight of stairs. She looks down and sees Shelly crawling up the stairs. Sister Mary Eunice dropped Shelly at a school instead of taking her to the woods.

Anne’s husband brings her back to the asylum and she is kept in a confined room. Dr. Arden walks into her room and closes the door. According to the husband, Anne tried to smother the baby when she came back home and he’s afraid to go to work and leave her alone with the baby. Sister Jude sends for Dr. Threadson, but he refuses to help because he’s busy helping Lana escape.

Dr. Arden decides to get his revenge on Anne by performing a lobotomy on her.

Dr. Threadson brings Lana to his apartment, and the asylum has already discovered that she’s escaped. Lana immediately feels uncomfortable being alone with Dr. Threadson, and she excuses herself to go to the restroom. She tries to find a way out but she stumbles into a room with lots of sharp knives and other unflattering objects. Dr. Threadson tells her that he makes lamps, and when she asks what material he uses he says ‘Skin’ and then flips a lever that opens a hole in the floor. Lana falls through.

In the room that Lana falls into, she finds Wendy lying dead on the floor. Dr. Threadson walks in and puts on the Bloody Face mask. He shows Lana that he removed Wendy’s teeth and placed it onto the mask.

Kit is arrested for the murders that he confessed to while in Dr. Threadson’s care. Threadson had been playing mind games with Kit, and now that Kit has confessed he has solidified his identity as Bloody Face, which means Threadson is free to continue his murders.

Sister Jude wakes up in a strange man’s bed. She was out drinking the previous evening with her flirty dress and red lips.

The episode ends with Charlotte at home with her husband. The lobotomy has turned her into an obedient and vacant ’50s housewife, complete with the makeup, hair pinned up into a cute bun, and a sweet housedress.


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