This week’s episode is titled ‘Anne Frank’. Quick summary: Grace shares her backstory with Kit, the walls start tumbling down on Dr. Arden, and Lena may have a way out of the asylum.

Dr. Arden from American Horror Story

Ready for the recap? Let’s go!

Scene: Briarcliff.

Sister Jude is woken up in the middle of the night to meet with a young, disturbed woman who was taunted at a bar with Jewish slurs. She has blood on her coat. The police didn’t want to deal with it so they dropped her off at Briarcliff. Sister Jude plans to start some treatment the next morning.

Dr. Arden continues to torture Shelly after amputating her legs in last week’s episode.

Grace tells Kit her story about how she came to the asylum. While in bed she heard a strange thudding noise. Her stepsister Patsy was too scared to get out of bed so Grace checked out the noise. She saw her dad being chopped to death with a hatchet. The murderer chased her downstairs but she hid in a closet and he ran outside to look for her. In the closet Grace saw her step-mother was chopped into pieces. The next morning Patsy accused her of the murders and Grace was sent to the asylum. It turns out the murderer was Patsy’s lover, and he murdered the parents and sent Grace away so they could have the farm to themselves.

Lena meets Dr. Threadson in his office. He asks her where she disappeared to during the movie. He noticed she was gone along with Kit and Grace. He tells Lena that he can cure her same-sex desires and help her get out.

The young woman from the beginning of the episode is sitting in the common area when Dr. Arden walks into to see the patients. She approaches him, screams ‘Nazi!’ and says that she saw him in Auschwitz. While the guards are dragging her away she screams ‘I’m Anne! Anne Frank!’

Anne sits in Sister Jude’s office and tells her story. She says when the Allies arrived she was too sick to reveal her name. Once she was nursed back to health she was involved in petty crimes in Germany until she met a soldier who brought her to America and married her. Her husband died and then in 1952 her diary was published. She never came forward because she felt ‘Anne had to stay 15’ in order to make a huge impact on the world. Sister Jude gets an attitude and calls Anne ‘indecent’.

Dr. Threadson is making the rounds. Now he has Kit in his office. He doesn’t think Kit is guilty; instead, he thinks Kit was beat down by society and he created a fantasy about aliens to help him cope with the murders that he committed. Kit rolls his eyes and insists that the alien story is true.

Anne tells Sister Jude that Dr. Arden is really a Nazi guard from Auschwitz.

Lena agrees to participate in Dr. Threadson’s therapy.

Kit tells Grace that he maybe he did make up the alien story to cope with his murders. He’s not sure. Kit and Grace have sex in the kitchen, right next to the dough that he was kneading -_- A guard comes in and catches them, and they are sent to Sister Jude’s office. Sister Jude decides to have them sterilized and kept apart until the procedure happens. Then she leaves to meet the detectives who are waiting to speak with Dr. Arden.

After Sister Jude leaves, Sister Mary Eunice places Grace’s file on the Desk in front of Kit. She tells him that Grace is lying.

Remember the call girl who had dinner with Dr. Arden back in episode 2? She escaped and then went to the police. The detectives are at the asylum to ask him about the attempted sexual assault, and they also mention the Nazi memorabilia that she found at his home.

Dr. Threadson is using aversion therapy on Lena, to make her physically ill toward certain triggers, like the nude female body. Then he decides to start the ‘conversion’ part of the therapy, where she needs to learn to be attracted to the male body. Dr. Threadson brings in a young, long-haired cutie named Daniel. He tells Lena to masturbate while touching Daniel’s genitals. Lena does so, but she feels humiliated and throws up again.

Sister Jude tells Monsignor Timothy that Dr. Arden met with a call girl and has Nazi items in his home. Monsignor finds out Sister Jude has gotten the Nazi idea from Anne Frank, and he thinks she is becoming too obsessed with getting rid of Dr. Arden. He then confronts her about drinking again.

Dr. Arden is continuing his merciless torture of Shelly when he gets a phone call. It’s Monsignor warning him to ‘clean house’ and get rid of any incriminating evidence since the detectives are on to him. Uh oh, Monsignor is bad!

Kit and Grace are locked in individual cells. Kit confronts Grace about the truth- SHE killed her dad and stepmother. She says that she was molested by her dad and then she found out he sold her horses. She snapped and committed the murders. Kit tells Grace that he admires her….for what, I’m not sure!

Dr. Threadson apologizes to Lena for not being able to help her. He gives Lena a picture of Wendy. He says he’ll be leaving in a week, and he’s going to find a way to take Lena with him.

Kit sits in Sister Jude’s office to talk to her about his crimes. He is distraught because he doesn’t remember murdering anyone but he must have done it if so many people are against him.

Somehow Dr. Arden gets his hands on Anne Frank and takes her to his surgical room. She pulls a gun on him, which she acquired earlier when she pick pocketed one of the detectives. Anne hears a muffled noise from behind a closed door, so she shoots Arden in the leg and forces him to give her the keys.

Anne unlocks the door and Shelly is on the ground. She has welts, bruises and boils all over her face and body and she begs Anne to kill her.



Some scenes were very emotionally intense, such as Lena’s conversion therapy and Shelly’s deformed body. This episode didn’t move the story along but it was very gripping and sometimes uncomfortable.

Did I miss anything? What did you think of this episode?


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