Hi folks, it’s time for another review. This week we saw Episode 3 of American Horror Story: Asylum, which is named ‘Nor’easter‘.

Let’s go!


Turns out I was wrong that Leo died in the last episode. This time we see Teresa struggling with Bloody Face. Leo has enough strength to stab Bloody Face, and he runs off with Teresa. They are stopped and then shot down by two young men wearing Bloody Face masks. The two men turn around and see the real Bloody Face heading towards them.

BACK TO 1964

Sister Mary Eunice is awfully sassy now. She brings Sister Jude a newspaper from 1949 with a headline about a missing Farmingham girl. Sister Jude gets flustered and asks where it came from and Sister Mary Eunice says ‘The mailman.’

Later, Sister Mary Eunice puts on bright red lipstick and brings communion wine to Sister Jude. Sister Jude gets upset and refuses the wine. She asks about the lipstick, and Sister Mary Eunice says Dr. Arden told her to wear it because he knows red is Sister Jude’s favorite color.

A Mexican inmate notices Sister Mary Eunice is possessed. When the inmate goes to her room, Sister Mary Eunice enters. She torments and then kills the inmate, and dumps the body in the wooded area. We see Bloody Face standing in the woods.

Later Sister Mary Eunice sits in Dr. Arden’s office and he talks to her and rubs her knee. She spreads her legs and talks dirty to him, and he slaps her and orders her to leave.

Lana talks to Dr. Threadson and asks him to pass a note from her to Wendy. He takes the note.

Sister Jude confronts Dr. Arden about the lipstick that she believes he gave to Sister Mary Eunice. She thinks Dr. Arden is trying to corrupt her. He counters back and says that Sister Jude is ‘coming apart by the seams’ and perhaps she needs to take a leave of absence. Sister Mary Eunice is listening from the shadows.

Back in her office Sister Jude takes a phone call from the young girl that she killed. She also finds the girl’s broken glasses on her desk. Sister Jude succumbs to the communion wine that Sister Mary Eunice left in her office.

Sister Jude drunkenly enters the common area where she prepares to show the inmates a movie. Dr. Threadson tells Lana that he noticed Wendy was murdered, and her death had similarities to the murders that Bloody Face committed. Kit was in the asylum when Wendy died, so he is not Bloody Face.

Shelly, Grace, Kit, and then Lana all leave the common area to escape. A guard almost catches them but Shelly stops him and gives him a blowjob while the others continue the escape. Then she pushes the guard down to rejoin the group.

Sister Jude is drunkenly walking through the asylum looking for the missing person that Sister Mary Eunice killed earlier. She walks into a mysterious alien-looking thing.

Grace, Kit, and Lana escape into the woods and run into the Raspers (yucky, human-like monsters, which are fed by Sister Mary Eunice). Frightened, they return to the asylum.

Dr. Arden has lost his marbles and he’s knocked over a statue that he drew nipples on. Then he runs into Shelly and asks her where she’s going. He takes Shelly to his office and attempts to rape her, but she looks at his man-part and starts laughing at its size. He bashes her head.

Sister Jude stops the movie. We see that Grace, Kit, and Lana are wet and back in their seats in the common area. Sister Jude says that the pin-head, Shelly, and the Mexican (the lady murdered by Sister Mary Eunice) won’t get far in the storm.

Shelly wakes up the next day on Dr. Arden’s operating table. She tells him that if he lets her go she won’t say anything. Dr. Arden tells her that’s impossible, and he informs her that Sister Jude and the staff are under the impression that she escaped into the woods. He tells her that he’s ‘clipped her wings’ and reveals that he’s removed her legs from the knees down.


So, we know that Kit wasn’t delusional about the aliens he saw because now Sister Jude has seen them. So what’s up with the aliens?

We also learned that ‘Whore’ is Dr. Arden’s favorite word, and we should all take a shot when he says it and see how drunk we’ll be at the end of the episode.

What’s going to happen now with Shelly?

I suppose the biggest question is: What’s going to happen with the possessed Sister Mary Eunice?

What are your thoughts?


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