Running time: 1 hour, 31 minutes
Cast: Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace, Famke Janssen
Director: Olivier Megaton

Taken 2 is an unnecessary sequel. Also, it seems like Bryan Mills (Liam Neeson) didn’t learn his lesson from the first film: Don’t let your family go overseas.

Liam Neeson in Taken 2 Poster

In Taken 2 Bryan Mills (Neeson) takes his ex-wife Lenore and his daughter Kim to Istanbul. There’s some bad guys waiting for him. Apparently these guys are upset with Bryan for the killing spree that he unleashed when he was trying to rescue Kim in France during the first film. Now, Bryan and Lenore are kidnapped in Istanbul and it’s up to Kim to help free them.

So there’s your summary, and here’s my take. (Do you see what I did there?)

This movie is cheesy and just…..not good. At all.

We waste about 20 minutes looking into Bryan’s personal life. Kim has a new boyfriend so Bryan plays the typical “Father gives boyfriend the icy shoulder’ routine. Kim whines.

Lenore re-married after she divorced Bryan but somehow the movie has to explain why she would take an overseas trip with him, so we watch an awkward scene where she cries about her loveless marriage and Bryan listens to her and understands her.

Then we see an even more awkward scene where we learn that Liam Neeson doesn’t know how to act bashful. He meets with some friends for drinks, and these paid extras tease him about possibly getting back together with his ex-wife. Ok, I don’t know if the ‘actors’ were really paid extras. All I know is, this scene was just horrible. Neeson looked uncomfortable and so did I.

After all of that nonsense, the family goes to Istanbul and Bryan and Lenore are kidnapped. Even though Bryan is being held hostage he still manages to call Kim and play a long game of trial and error to figure out his location. He even sits on hold while she sets up an explosion.

Oh yes, there’s another awkward scene. We see 60 year-old Neeson running very slowly from the young bad guys. Of course they can’t catch up to him.

The showdown between Bryan and the Leader of the Bad Guys is terribly un-climatic and disappointing. I left the theater thinking ‘WTF just happened?’ Save yourself by skipping this movie!

What did you think of Taken 2? If you haven’t seen it are you going to give it a watch?


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