The week we got another awesome episode of American Horror Story: Asylum. This episode is called Tricks and Treats and we see an exorcism, an escape attempt, two murders, and a glimpse into Sister Jude’s past.

Here’s my recap, and it goes in order as it happened in the show:

Present Day:

Bloody Face chases Teresa, and she tries to drag Leo through the asylum to safety. Leo is stabbed to death and it looks like Teresa will be next.

Back to 1964:

Wendy, Lana’s girlfriend, is at home with two friends. She cries and pledges to get Lana out of the asylum. After her friends leave she takes a shower, and once she finishes dressing she is stabbed and killed by Bloody Face.

Sister Jude inspects the inmates’ cells. Pepper was hiding food and the nymphomaniac Shelly shares her adventure with a cucumber. Sister Jude confronts Lana about hiding paper in her pillowcase. The papers document everything she’s been through since being committed to the asylum. Sister Jude asks her great enemy, Dr. Arden, to perform electroshock therapy on Lana so her memory will be wiped. Of course, Dr. Arden is happy to oblige.

Actor Anthony Quinto appears as Dr. Oliver Threadson and he meets with Kit. Dr. Threadson is a psychiatrist, and he diagnoses Kit with acute clinical insanity after he hears Kit’s story about aliens abducting his wife Alma.

Dr. Arden follows Sister Mary Eunice out to a wooded area. He’s asked her to feed whatever is living out there and she goes there daily to carry out her task. Shelly watches the two walk back into the asylum.

Lana experiences some mild symptoms resulting from her electroshock therapy. She overhears Kit and Grace discussing a way to escape the asylum.

Dr. Threadson talks to Sister Jude about things that he’s witnessed, such as physical abuse and the electroshock therapy. He tells her that he expected to see psychiatric therapy and humane treatment. Sister Jude tells him to scram and focus on diagnosing Kit. He barges into her meeting with a mother and father who are concerned about their son being possessed and killing their animals.

Dr. Threadson and Sister Jude meet with the son, named Jed, and something is clearly wrong with him. He has his body twisted in a strange position and he starts speaking in a demonic voice. Sister Jude recommends an exorcism.

Lana tells Grace that she knows a way out, but Grace isn’t buying it. Lana tells her that Kit cannot go with them.

Shelly comes onto Dr. Arden but he is disgusted and pushes her away. Shelly reveals her husband had her committed after he found in her bed with two men.

Dr. Threadson is appalled that Monsignor Howard wants him to be present for the exorcism. Jed is tied down and the demon takes over his body again. The exorcism begins.

Dr. Arden has paid a naughty call girl to have a romantic dinner with him. She looks a lot like Sister Mary Eunice.

We go back to the exorcism and it’s not going well. The possessed Jed throws the priest across the room, and that causes the room to clear out. Sister Jude goes in alone, and the demon inside Jed brings up Sister Jude’s past- while drunk driving she hit and killed a young girl. We also see that Sister Jude was a sexy, flirtatious, and promiscuous woman.

Lana and Grace attempt to escape but Kit tags along. Grace says she won’t leave without Kit, so Lana screams and alerts the staff that Kit is trying to escape. Kit is beaten to the ground and Grace is carried away.

It appears Jed has been rid of the demon but his body is lifeless. Sister Mary Eunice falls to the ground inside of the room.

Dr. Arden has the call girl dress as a nun. In his bedroom she discovers photos of girls tied up and possibly dead. He angrily tells her that she isn’t going anywhere, and orders her to lie on the bed. She bites Dr. Arden and escapes.

Back at the asylum, Dr. Arden asks Sister Mary Eunice about her fainting spell after the exorcism. She is lying on a cot and she isn’t wearing her habit. Her hair is loose and she’s wearing a simple white nightdress. Dr. Arden seems to have some lustful feelings towards her. She stares him down as he walks away, and it appears that she may be possessed now.

Sister Jude has a meeting with Lana. Kit and Grace are then brought into the room to receive their punishment. Kit takes all of the blame, along with all of the lashes meant for Grace. The episode ends.

– – – –

Wow! That’s alot of action packed into 45 minutes, and I enjoyed watching all of it.  I’m really interested to see what happens next week with Sister Mary Eunice. It wouldn’t surprise me if she’s able to seduce Dr. Arden and wreak havoc in the asylum. I’m also hoping we’ll find out what is in the forest, and why Sister Mary Eunice has to feed it every day. On a lesser note, if Teresa dies in the next episode what storyline will the show create so we can continue to see the asylum and Bloody Face in the present day?

What are your thoughts about Episode 2?


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