Scandal is my favorite TV show right now, without a doubt! Season 2, episode 3 is perfectly named Hunting Season and we see Olivia Pope tackle a major Big Brother-type scandal. Then Olivia gets into a lover’s quarrel with President Fitz as he pouts and rages when an ex-boyfriend briefly comes into her life. Mellie gives Fitz an ultimatum, and Quinn stands up to a snarky Abby.

Ready for some spoilers? Let’s go.


This episode’s scandal kicks off when a lowly government employee named Artie hides out in Olivia’s car. She gets in the car, he scares the crap out of her, and eventually he reveals that the government is spying on all of the American citizens. Phone calls are being tapped, emails are being read, and the government has cameras watching everyone. The whole set up is named ThornGate, and Artie shows the proof to Olivia and her team.

Artie is afraid for his life, and Olivia has Huck watch over him. She then decides to go public with the information. First she confronts an old boyfriend, Senator Davis, and he confirms Thorn Gate and tells her to stay out of it. Soon, Fitz and Cyrus find out that Olivia is all over this situation AND Fitz sees a picture of Olivia and Senator Davis together. Fitz gets jealous.

Secret Service takes Olivia from her apartment to an early morning hunting party that Fitz joined. He forcefully tells her to get of the car. Olivia says ‘No’ and Fitz yells again for her to leave the car. Olivia doesn’t understand the major attitude that she’s getting, until Fitz threatens her with treason for harboring a fugitive (Artie). Then he tells her what he’s REALLY mad about: He thinks she’s messing around with her ex, Senator Davis. They share a passionate kiss, then Olivia breaks away and tells him ‘I’m not yours!’

So Fitz goes home to Mellie and gives her a huge icy shoulder over dinner. Let me tell you, Fitz was being a huge dick throughout this episode. Mellie confronts Secret Service and finds out her husband, the freaking President, met with Olivia. Mellie is pissed. She storms into Fitz’s office and gives him an ultimatum- never see Olivia again, or she will wreck his career and use it as a launchpad to move her political career forward.

Meanwhile, it turns out Artie is a shady rat. He goes into the kitchen and starts over-cooking a grilled cheese sandwich which causes the kitchen to fill up with smoke. While Huck tries to get rid of the smoke, Artie steals back his copy of the ThornGate software, crawls through the bathroom window and gets into a mysterious black car that’s been waiting for him.

Y’all know Huck isn’t going to take that. He hunts down Artie, takes him down with a tranquilizer dart and takes back the copy of ThornGate.

Throughout the episode Abby kept making smart ass comments about Quinn, like calling her ‘Lindsay’ and making jokes about Quinn’s secret identity. Finally at the end of the episode Quinn has had enough, and she gets in Abby’s face and tells her ‘I go by one name, and it’s NOT Lindsay!’ Then Harrison tells Abby: ‘I’m Quinn, bitch.’ YES!

Then, in a WTF moment, David the US Attorney in the Middle of a Breakdown appears out of nowhere and hits on Abby. Then these two get naked and have a romp in bed. Oooookay.

Ready for Episode 4? Here’s the preview:


So, what did you think of the episode? What do you predict will happen in Episode 4?


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