Another week, another episode. Here we go!

This week Olivia Pope & Associates tackle the death of Pastor Marvin Drake. Mrs. Drake reported her husband missing and Olivia and her team found him naked and dead on top of his mistress, Anna. He’s a big boy too, and the whole team moved him from the hotel room where he died with Anna and placed him (fully clothed) in his bed at home with his distraught wife. The wife agreed to say that he came to bed late and when she woke up he was dead.

Throughout the episode Anna threatens to reveal the affair and the son that it produced if her demands aren’t met. Olivia sets her straight and tells her that as the mistress, what she really wants is to be a part of the Pastor’s legacy- after all, she did spend 15 years with him- but it’s the wife who is officially and rightfully part of her husband’s life. Anna agrees to $6 million and an invitation to the funeral. It was very, very interesting to see Olivia reason with another mistress.

Speaking of which, President Fitz and Olivia start having late night phone conversations. Fitz calls her from his office while she’s in bed. Is it just me, or is this a really bad idea? Why would the President call his mistress from his freaking office? I have a feeling someone is watching that phone line.

David, the U.S. attorney, is still fuming about his case against Quinn/Lindsay being struck down. His boss notices the anger and forces him to take a vacation. David goes home and focuses his energy on finding a connection between Quinn, Olivia, the judge who threw out the case, and anything else that he can grab onto.

Mellie makes it clear that she has forgiven Fitz for his relationship with Olivia, and she asks him to forgive her for trying to force his hand on the Sudan controversy.

I’m getting worried about Abby because she clearly does not like what’s going on. Whenever the team is confronted with a problem Olivia disappears and then comes back and simply says ‘It’s handled.’ Abby wants to know how Olivia is getting breaks in these seemingly impossible situations, and now her frustration is mounting because she isn’t getting any answers from Olivia.

I think the Quinn / Lindsay storyline will go along for the entire season, but in the upcoming episodes we’ll probably see Fitz get confronted for calling Olivia late at night. I think Abby and Olivia are going to have a very dramatic confrontation soon, and poor Cyrus always seems overworked but I can’t wait to see the next obstacle that he tackles with President Fitz.

What do you think about Episode 2? Any thoughts about what will happen in Episode 3?


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