For the past year, no matter where I go, if I have to give my name to someone they always ask me if it’s spelled with a ‘K’ or they just make that assumption and start looking for a K. Hello, some parents use normal spelling when they name their child!

In the past, my biggest problem was asking people to not put the ‘u’ in my name. Sometimes people would actually spell my name like Courteney Cox. Now I’m battling a Kardashian. My birth certificate reads Cortney and my death certificate will probably say Kourtney. If you open my grave you’ll see me rolling in it.


I absolutely love Scandal, so each week I’ll post a recap and my thoughts about the current episode. That means yes, there will be spoilers.

This season we have the same cast, except for Stephen (Henry Ian Cusick) who has moved to Boston with his new wife Georgia.

Season 1 ended with a major cliffhanger, where we find out Quinn Perkins is hiding her true identity. Episode 1 of Season 2 jumps right into this storyline and we find out what Quinn is hiding. This season opener is tense and it definitely has a few ‘I didn’t see that coming!’ moments. So, here we go:

Season 2, Episode 1: White Hat’s Off

In each episode Olivia tackles a new case for a client, so I’ll start with that first. It’s mostly background noise anyways. So, a young, single politician likes to have sex in his office. One of his romps is videotaped with a hidden camera and a gossipy blog has warned that the video will be posted on their site in a few days. Huck hacks the site, grabs the video, and Olivia’s team releases it. This gives the politician a chance to spin it with the media on his own terms. Crisis averted.

Very early in this episode we find out Quinn is really Lindsay Dwyer. Several years ago she went through a bad breakup and she allegedly mailed a bomb to her ex’s job. It exploded and killed her ex and six of his coworkers. Now it’s a few months after the end of Season 1 and she’s sitting in jail with David, the U.S. Attorney, hell bent on giving her the death penalty.

Quinn/Lindsay claims she’s been set up. All she remembers is waking up in a hotel room in DC and finding a stack of official papers with her new identity on them: Quinn Perkins. She didn’t mail a bomb, she didn’t murder anyone, and she doesn’t know who created her new identity.

Now Olivia swoops in to free Quinn from the murder charges. At first I assumed that Olivia wanted to help since Quinn did work for her, but as the episode goes along it seems Olivia has an ulterior motive here (of course, this is Scandal!). Olivia tells Huck to check the security cameras around the hotel building where Quinn ended up- she wants to see who took Quinn there.

Huck checks the cameras, and we find out what happened that day when Quinn assumed her new identity- Huck was standing outside of the hotel building and watched her walk away with her new ID! Then he got into Olivia’s car and told her that Quinn has taken everything that THEY left for her. So in this episode, Olivia wanted Huck to 1) find out if there’s any footage of him near the hotel building that day, and 2) destroy the footage so no one finds out he was there.

Why did Huck and Olivia turn Lindsay Dwyer into Quinn Perkins? Are these two directly involved in the bombing? Hopefully those questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

Now we’re looking at President Fitz’s problems. His wife, Mellie, is pregnant and she has big, Texas-size hair in this episode. I tried to ignore it but her hair took up half of the screen. Anyways, she calls their child ‘America’s baby’ and she is using her pregnancy to boost his presidential ratings. Fitz is tired of his wife being a political machine and he snaps at her. Mellie tells him that she knows he misses “her” and we know who she is referring to. So Fitz calls Olivia and those two have a sappy moment where they talk politics but we know what they really want to talk about.

Alright, now here’s the kicker: David, the U.S. Attorney, is coasting through his case and he’s sure that he’s nailed Quinn for the murders. In fact, Olivia and her team also knows that Quinn is about to go down. Olivia makes a phone call and simply says ‘We are going to lose’. We don’t know who she’s talking to. The next day, the judge drops the case and now Quinn is a free woman. Everyone is shocked, David promises to find out how Olivia pulled it off and even her team is baffled by the news.

Woo hoo I am so glad Scandal is back! I can’t wait to see how this plays out. Olivia looks very shady, and I wonder what Quinn plans to do now.

What do you guys think about this episode? Anything I left out or mis-interpreted? Let me know 🙂


I always skip the Emmys. I don’t watch enough TV shows to actually give a damn about who wins in each category. Also, I don’t watch alot of shows when they are currently airing. Mostly I wait until a series comes to a complete end and then I marathon it.




John Shearer/Invision/AP


Congrats to the great, scene-stealing Ms. Jessica Lange, who took home a trophy for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Miniseries or a Movie. If you didn’t catch American Horror Story during its first season run, HURRY UP and watch because the new season starts on October 17th! YES!


Animefest 2012

Animefest 2012 <— my set on Flickr.

I had a blast at Animefest over the Labor Day weekend. I went as Officer Jenny from Pokemon, and my sister showed up as Yui from K-ON!.

In this album I have tons of photos from the Pokemon photoshoot, and I also found the Avengers, some Black Butler and Samurai Champloo, The Lorax, Carmen Sandiego, Soul Eater, PONIES!, and more!



To say Joe Biden is kooky is an understatement. I voted Obama-Biden the first time and I plan to do it again a second time (yea, I said it!) but I wish Joe would grow up a little bit.

I get the impression that Joe is having a little too much fun in the White House. ‘Gaffe’ is practically his middle name and he seems to enjoy being the President’s right hand man and being in the room when big topics are discussed. He doesn’t shoulder much backlash and he relishes the cheers.

Anyhow, Joe was in Ohio on Sunday night and a biker girl decided to get up close and personal. Joe leans in and probably says something corny while the biker on the left is thinking ‘This is ridiculous’ and the guy on the right is trying to figure out what the hell is going on:

Biden at Cruisers Diner in Ohio on Sept. 9, 2012. (AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster)

Read the story here.


Every now and then I’ll post some celeb news, and here we go! I woke up super early this morning to do some work for my day job and I found out that Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are newlyweds! Thanks Us Weekly!

This totally dashed my hopes for a Reynolds-Johansson reunion. Hey, in Hollywood it’s completely normal to divorce and get back together again.

I don’t know much about Blake. I know she was/is on Gossip Girl, she dated Leo DiCaprio, and then she met and started dating Ryan during the filming of The Green Lantern.

On a side note, I like Ryan so I’ll pretend The Green Lantern never happened. 😦

The only other thing I know about Blake is that she loves labels and she loves name dropping the fancy pants designers that give her stuff. Good luck with that Ryan!


Running time: 1 hour, 18 minutes
Cast: Curtis Snow
Director: Damon Russell

Snow on the Bluff poster

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, head over to Netflix right now and watch it! There’s a debate about the truthfulness of the events in the movie, and some people consider it a mockumentary of thug life. I’m not sure one way or the other, but I do know that I enjoyed the movie and I highly recommend it.

The entire movie takes place in The Bluff, which is a high crime neighborhood located in Atlanta. Three perky college students drive through the area looking to buy drugs, and they eventually meet up with a drug dealer who needs a ride to his house so he can provide the drugs. Once he’s in the car, he robs the students and takes the camera that the passenger was using. The drug dealer, named Curtis Snow, hands the camera to one of his friends and begins to capture the every day life of surviving in the hood.

Screenshot from Snow on tha Bluff

This movie shows fights, shootings, drug deals, turf wars, absent fathers, struggling mothers, and the general acceptance of The Bluff residents with their hard life. Violence is a normal occurrence and fear is a constant emotion, but no one seems to think that there’s a better life that they should be living. Curtis recounts a memory from his childhood when he realized that yes, drugs can be bad but drugs can also support your family.

We see Curtis run his drug operations with the same tenacity and foresight as the CEOs of top Fortune 500 companies. The main difference is, the CEOs don’t worry about bullets whizzing past their heads and they don’t live with the understanding that death will come sooner than later.

Although this movie is quite depressing and just flat-out sad at certain moments, I did enjoy watching it. I truly feel this movie is something that I will always remember for it’s high energy and brutal honesty. If you set aside an hour or so to watch this movie please come back and let me know what you think about it!


Howdy everypony! I hope you all enjoyed the holiday weekend.

First, I want to give my condolences to Michael Clarke Duncan’s family. He died at 54 years old on Monday, September 3rd, and CNN has a nice photo gallery of the friendly giant.

I spent all last week working on a cosplay for Animefest. A-fest was August 31st – September 3rd, and I had a blast as Officer Jenny from Pokemon. Later this week I’ll post all of my photos from the anime convention.

I also have a couple movie reviews to post, and it’ll get really nerdy around here once I start posting some anime-themed articles that I’ve been working on.