Running time: 2 hours, 15 minutes
Cast: Jeremy Renner, Edward Norton, Rachel Weisz
Director: Tony Gilroy

If you’re looking for an awesome action-packed summer movie, you better find a copy of The Avengers online or run to the theaters and catch The Dark Knight RisesThe Bourne Legacy won’t fulfill your action needs!

The Bourne Legacy poster

All of the Legacy posters have the same tagline: “There was never just one.”

Here’s the movie in a nutshell:

1. Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner) is a member of Operation Outcome, which is a team of agents with enhanced mental and physical abilities.

2. Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) is in the background of this movie. He’s running around New York and exposing the Operation Blackbriar and Treadstone Project. So, the Cross storyline and the  Bourne Ultimatum storyline are playing out at the same time. No, Damon doesn’t appear in this movie. We just see photographs of him as Bourne in the CIA case files.

3. Because Bourne is causing serious damage, some CIA guy named Eric Byer (Norton) decides to eliminate the Operation Outcome agents before that is exposed to the public as well. Cross is too smart for that, and Byer begins to hunt him down.

Jeremy Renner and Edward Norton


This movie bored me to tears. The biggest mistake is the lack of action. This movie is over two hours long, and I’d say there were only 2 or 3 action scenes. It mostly consisted of Cross running very fast and jumping from roof to roof. He did very little hand-to-hand combat, and the big climax of the movie was a motorcycle chase (yawn).

Excuse me, but didn’t Jason Bourne kick a dude’s ass with a magazine in one of his movies? How bad ass is that? Legacy completely avoided any type of confrontation and fights.

This movie also made Rachel Weisz seem like a bumbling idiot, and it was really awkward when it was implied that a romance was growing between her and Cross.

I don’t blame Renner for this mess of a movie. However, I don’t think he does well as a leading man. Just my opinion, but I think Renner is better as a supporting actor (The Town, Mission Impossible -Ghost Protocol). I know people will say ‘What about The Hurt Locker?’ I didn’t think of Renner as the runaway star when I watched the movie. It seems like the excellent directing, writing, and editing of The Hurt Locker gave people the impression that Renner has the charisma needed to carry a film.

I’m hoping Renner doesn’t continue this Bourne franchise. If Matt Damon won’t come back (and with Legacy out now, it doesn’t make sense for him to return now) then let this franchise end with three great movies and one mediocre movie.


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